Stella Dimoko Eleven Year Old Girl Confirmed Pregnant After Alleged Assault


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Friday, April 26, 2019

Eleven Year Old Girl Confirmed Pregnant After Alleged Assault

An 11-year-old girl has been confirmed to be four months pregnant after she was allegedly raped by one Frank and his friend, now at large in Ovwian Community in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State.

A copy of the four months pregnancy test conducted by Jobire Medical Diagnostic Laboratories on April 18 was obtained by DAILY POST on Wednesday.

It was learnt that the girl kept quiet and did not report the rape incident to anyone at home until her own mother noticed pregnancy symptoms in her.

This development made the mother to take her for laboratory test wherein it was confirmed that she was pregnant.

DAILY POST gathered that the girl was allegedly accosted by Frank and his friend on Saturday, January 26th.

They allegedly threatened to stab her to death if she dares raised alarm just as they dragged her to a house and ordered that she remove her clothes before Frank raped the girl while his friend who stood by the door in the house to watch.

It was at the time the laboratory test was released that the girl explained to her parents how the incident occurred .......

A statement signed by the Victim’s inlaw/surrogate father, Mr. Michael George and Comrade Israel Joe, a human rights activist, demanded that the suspects be immediately arrested and prosecuted by the Police.

“We have heard how the parents try to hide the suspects from facing justice. The prosecution of the suspects and bringing them to justice in line with the law is our paramount call.”

They also said that the Ovwian Community leaders do not have the rights to settle the matter.

They also warned that if they insists or prevail on the police, they will also be charged for “compound felony.”

The Burutu Area Commander of the Nigeria Police Force, ACP Ikiriovbe Marvellous Pule said, “Yes, it’s true. I have sent a report to the PPRO. Please, liaise with the PPRO for the report.”

Contacted, the Substantive Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Onome Onovwakpoyeya said, “For now, you cannot call that rape. A rape case is that which is reported within 48 hours and with medical report.

“It’s just sad that the girl is underage.”

So if you do not report an assault within 48 hours and with a Medical report,it cannot be considered an assault by Law?Even if the assault comes with proof of pregnancy on a minor?

On the other hand,If it happened in January,it cannot be four months............
January 26th was a Friday not Saturday...This story has some holes in it though..I hope she is saying the truth.


  1. Omg. This is bad.

    Frank and co you will never see good in your life. God will reject you all in goodness.

    I pray they are caught

    1. Nigeria law is an Ass. In a developed country, a person can be charged even 50 years after and these ones are saying it has to be 48 hours even with a physical evidence like pregnancy. I pray this happens to them.

  2. I don't get what that police PRO is saying. The child is a minor for crying out loud!!! If she were to be his daughter will he say the same thing? mtchewww

  3. How many rape cases are reported immediately?
    Most times rape victims keep to themselves out of shame and fear of being stigmatized.
    Reporting later than 48 hours should not be a problem.

  4. Even if it is not rape, what of having sex with a minor? Isn't that an offence? Poor little girl ☹️

  5. Too bad...may God punish the rapist.

  6. That police man is a bastard... God will punish him.. Nothing good will even happen to him... He will die a slow and painful death.. Ah ah. What nonsense is he saying.
    Bia Stella which one is Jan 26th was a Friday and not Saturday. Does it matter. A child that has gone through this kind of Trauma and you are there contemplating the day. Smh for you. Sometimes your comments amaze me. You are a Mother.

  7. So many people have been assaulting this poor girl, it's evident that other men broke her before Oloriburuku Frank and his accomplice friend.

    heartbreaking news. Broken future

  8. Franck you and your friend will never see children of your own, why rape another person’s daughter.

  9. Sex is what that will destroy this world

  10. So because a rape case was not reported means it's not rape? Wawuu colour me gobsmacked 😱. What won't we hear from the mouths of our supposed protectors.

  11. May God punish those bastard that raped this Minor... may they never amount to anything good in their misrable life.

  12. I hope her parent find solution to that pregnancy then relocate her to another area....I feel sorry for the poor girl

  13. Two grown ass men threaten an 11 year old with a weapon and rape her and then get her pregnant?? Does this girl have no male relatives to do the needful?

  14. Our Nigeria Police are not helping matters. Imagine their mindset. Lord take control.

  15. That is not the law Stella. It isn't and has never been our law. Rape can be reported and prosecuted even after 10 years. All that is needed is proof!!!!!!!!

  16. This is Really Sad ooo 11years old girl kaii where did She wanna start from, why didn't She speak-up on waooo

  17. This is wickedness,Why now.

  18. I assume that this cannot be terminated legally at this point so her parents and the authorities MUST make sure she goes for antenatal and MUST stress to her and her family that on know account should be go into labour
    She will need an elective CS
    Labour at this age will most likely than not be associated with cephalopelvic disproportion. This could cause fetal demise, death of this innocent young girl, fistula, severe hemorrhage, infections

    After the baby is born decision on how he/she should be raised must be tackled but for now they must ensure this CHILD doesn't go into labor to avoid catastrophe.


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