Stella Dimoko Former Beauty Queen Dabota Lawson Sends Memo To Body Shamers


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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Former Beauty Queen Dabota Lawson Sends Memo To Body Shamers

Ex-beauty Queen Dabota Lawson has sent you a memo.....


  1. Adanma😘!!! Jelly Sandals, Jelly Shoes & More.... @0803715164918 April 2019 at 14:23

    True talk my dear, na you get ur body!!

  2. Fake body

    Go and Nyash down, better still Nyash up.

  3. Preach preach till you clock 70
    You will then tell us the side effect of loving my body,my body is my body 😏

  4. Is she trying to tell us she got work done?
    I'm also a believer of being comfortable in your body,
    That's the confidence of a woman,
    When I was growing up I was always dissed for being skinny
    I sincerely started hoping to alter my body
    But I'm glad I didn't most importantly child birth comes with putting on some weight ,
    So I'm grateful to God that helped me love myself regardless,
    And even though people still tease me
    I'm rocking my body
    Cos I come first,
    I must love myself .
    And God made no mistake in creating me this way

  5. Coded advert, #biggods will soon start applying to see the naked body.

  6. This naked formerly very dark girl again?

    1. Lmao you have no chill at all
      Formerly very dark girl πŸ™†πŸ½‍♀️πŸ˜­πŸ™†πŸ½‍♀️πŸ™†πŸ½‍♀️

  7. You are proud but still go under the knife....Clown

  8. Isn't she too tall for a woman? No wonder young men are not rushing herπŸ€”

    1. you must be a very short man or woman, certainly not comfortable with your own height . for your information theres nothing like 'too tall for a woman' .

    2. Too tall for a woman?
      So women have a particular height!?
      Tell me something.

    3. Which one is too tall again? Dwarf like you

    4. Too tall for a woman,You wish. I am a guy and Iove tall women

  9. Ken doll come and take your sister from Naija.

    Mao Akuh

  10. The new motivational speech IF YOU DON'T LIKE YOUR BODY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT-issokay< if you want to admit you did some body work- not like we cant tell, go ahead, you dont need all this epistle.Simply post, THANKS DOC. YOU THE BEST-then kuku do small advert for the doctor

  11. Yes the problem is seeking for validations from the wrong source, and in fact any source at all is bad!!! Because they'll make u feel unworthy, undesirable & to look ugly through very hateful comments & negative opinions.
    Girls & women must learn self love & living with dignity at all times & at every stage of their life to block off bullies, negative thoughts & any poisounous mind from affecting their self esteem.

  12. Enjoy your Me alone jere na only you go feel the side effects πŸƒ‍♀️πŸƒ‍♀️πŸƒ‍♀️


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