Stella Dimoko Former CJN Onnoghen Found Guilty By CCT And Sacked.....


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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Former CJN Onnoghen Found Guilty By CCT And Sacked.....

The Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) has found the former Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Walter Onnoghen, guilty of breach of Code of Conduct for Public Officers.

Reading the lead judgment, the tribunal chairman, Danladi Umar, ordered the immediate removal of Onnoghen from office as the CJN and stripped him of all offices earlier occupied, such as the Chairman of the National Judicial Council (NJC) and also the chairmanship of the Federal Judicial Service Commission (FJSC).

The tribunal also ordered the forfeiture of the five accounts which defendant failed to declare as part of his assets and the money in those five accounts.

Earlier, the CCT held that he has the power to try Onnoghen on charges of breach of code of conduct for public prosecution.

The tribunal said it was trying Onnoghen as a public officer, not as a judicial officer.

Hence it said there was no need to first refer the charge against him to the NJC.

In two ruling on Thursday, tribunal’s Chairman, Danladi Umar dismissed two motions by Onnoghen.

The first challenged the tribunal’s jurisdiction to try Onnoghen when the allegations against him had not been presented before the NJC.

The second asked the tribunal Chairman to recuse himself from further sitting on the case on the grounds that he had been charged with demanding bribe.

Umar, in the ruling, said the he has been absolved of the allegation that he demanded bribe from a defendant.

He added it was impossible for the Chairman to step down from a case, because where there is no Chairman, there is no tribunal.

The tribunal Chairman also held that the CCT is not under any supervision of any body, including the NJC and therefore, not subject to the directive of the NJC.

Umar reversed the tribunal’s earlier judgment in the case of Justice Sylvester Ngwuta on the grounds that its finding in the Ngwuta case was based wrong legal principles and narrow interpretation of statute.

The judgment in the Ngwuta case had upheld the Court of Appeal judgment in the case of Justice H. Nganjiwa, to the effect that any allegation of misconduct against a serving judicial officer must first be referred to the NJC.

‎Umar is currently reading the tribunal’s judgment in the substantive trial.
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  1. chei...sorry oh.
    according to the chief wailer,this script was already perfected before CJN was born.*lafs*

    chief wailer,you and your department of wailers can go offer free visit to make sure he is good and fine.please offer free weekly massage too.see wetin wike dollars don cause*joking oh.

    next level (1-0) dubai strategy.

    after buhari's victory at the tribunal,APC should file criminal charges to jail atiku for hacking INEC with fake results.

    1. Teejay is coming for you

    2. And Teejay too will be serve with the truth that he hates.

  2. What a way forward..!!

    He should sit up and hustle hard.. There's hope..


  3. He has resigned already so their sack will hold no water. APC and witch Hunting na 5 and 6

    1. Blessed princess witch hunting how? Is onnoghen PDP member.

      See let us always put sentiment aside and see the real fact and issues going on.
      I'm not a buhari fan neither am I atiku supporter.
      But we shouldn't always let our love for one and hate for others cloud our judgment.

  4. It has to be read by a Danladi and he has to be sacked. Of course.

  5. People with jagajaga understanding of politics have been again shamed.

    Some of them full here. We told you this man is gone, but you let sentiment to cloud your judgment. This is part 1. Atiku is next.

    1. Adsega ose tell them the truth Atiku part 2. For as many that we see truth and call it lies shame on them.
      More of Ognohen we go.

  6. Buhari himself and most, if not all, political office holders are guilty of fraudulent asset declaration.
    They did well by finding out Onnoghen. Their own judgement is certainly coming too, they can't escape it.

  7. This was exactly the case Tinubu had years ago and he was discharged and acquitted (not declaring some assets) same as Saraki and was also freed, so why is Onnoghen's case different? He would definitely appeal it.

    1. Because there was no merit in the cases against them. Onnoghen already admitted false declaration of assets due to forgetful. That is already against him from start. So run away with your narrow argument used in defending criminality.

  8. I have come to understand that some Nigerians celebrate criminals irrespective of the kind of crime they commit. Once the person belongs to a particular tribe or party, then he/she is been witch- hunted even if the evidence against such person is glaring. I hope that one day, we would unite against those trying to ruin our future and our generations to come.

  9. The sentence is way too harsh for false declaration of assets. Why strip him of his previous positions held? Anyway, I know he will definitely appeal against the ruling to the court of appeal and most likely win the case or get a lesser sentence.

  10. I don't believe any justice served!!
    I don't know him but im 95% sure THEY ALL DO what he is guilty of,d people that knows know why his suffering came early😴😴

  11. I’m yet to see Teejay and his likes with their jagajaga analysis.

    Do people like Teejay think govt will sue someone without consulting with lawyers or Atoney General for advice? Something will be clear like eczema on a black skin, Teejay and supporters of corruption will argue blindly

  12. I still dey laugh ooooooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Where are our SDK beer palour SANs? Na the politically and constitutionally illiterate praise singing followers who think you know 'jack' about anything you say here I pity. I got tired of educating folks here hence I just ignore. More is coming...... that looser Presidential candidate will face greater disgrace for his foolishness. Brace yourselves for more heartbreaks......

    1. SANs like Teejay... Atiku that submitted petition with votes only for PDP and APC. Some states have higher votes than registered voters by 10k. Yet, wailers still cheer Atiku on and if he loses, they will say the script has been written at the back of their hand.

      Yeye people

    2. Why not face your own comment instead of chasing Teejay upandan? Rubbish. There is freedom of expression, we are not in North Korea.

  13. We all know the ending from the beginning,how i wish other pending court cases will be fast as this one.


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