Stella Dimoko Judge Dissolves 6 Year Old Marriage After Wife Alleged Hubby Violated Her Frequently


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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Judge Dissolves 6 Year Old Marriage After Wife Alleged Hubby Violated Her Frequently

What a horrible story!!!

An Oke-Bola-based trader, Olabisi Adejola, has pleaded with a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, Oyo State, to dissolve her 16-year-old union to her husband, Paul, because he is too s#xually active and often rapes her.

Testifying before the court’s President, Chief Ademola Odunade, Obabisi, a mother of three, said that her husband might snuff the life out of her if the court did not separate them because he usually rapes her.

“My lord, I made up my mind to call it quits with Paul because there is no peace in our marriage.Paul often subjects me to untold brutality in the process of sleeping with me.
If he does not succeed in raping me, he beats or rains curses on me.
Paul is forever requesting for s#x and I fear that he might turn me into something else if I don’t leave him.

“In fact, he is a terrible drunkard and even quarrels with our 15-year-old first child.Paul never fends for the children and I, let alone showing concern about their education.

“Due to his irresponsibility, I have moved away from Paul’s home since March 4,” the News Agency of Nigeria quoted her as saying.

The defendant, who earned his living as an entertainer, consented to the suit but denied the allegations levelled against him.

Paul, a resident of Oke-Ado area of Ibadan, however, submitted that he was pleased with his wife filing the divorce suit because she was a dishonest partner.

“My lord, Olabisi made up her mind to leave me because I caught her conspiring with thieves.

“A gang of armed robbers have been keeping stolen money and other items in her custody and I complained bitterly about it.

“Before I returned home on that day, Olabisi had packed her belongings.
In addition, she is a wayward wife because she sometimes left home for three days fornicating around.

“It is not true that I don’t cater for the children.
Also, I have never forced Olabisi into having s#xual intercourse with me,” Paul said.

Odunade held that there was no more reason keeping the union since the duo have expressed their interest to separate.

He, however, awarded custody of the three children produced by the union to Olabisi and directed Paul to pay N12,000 monthly for the children’s upkeep.

The Arbitrator also ordered Paul to be responsible for their education and other welfare.
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  1. Replies
    1. You see this life eh!When I am here sexually starved and complains hubby doesn't shoot me frequently.

  2. Wrong marriages everywhere

  3. This one tough ooo

  4. 12k Monthly for 3kids ok oooo..may both Parents Find peace o...

  5. What will 12k afford? This lady is left with 3 kids for God's sake!

  6. 12k for 3children. How will they survive

  7. The Judges need to do more concerning this frugal amounts for children

    It is unfair

  8. I thought it was 120k. Anyway what am I saying? They hardly pay sef. I heard of one that was told to pay 5k monthly and he hardly pays.

  9. 12k, that is way too small to cater for 3 kids o

  10. Stellz honey, do you know under the Nigerian Criminal Code, a husband cannot be accused of raping his wife, even when the act is the stuff rape is made of, he cannot be criminally liable? Shocking, right? Any other man, yes, a husband, no.

    I remember a case where a husband forced himself on his wife, "fortunately" for her he hit her and left bruises on her face and body, he was brutal! I used "fortunately" because that was the only way she could seek criminal action against her husband. He couldn't be charged with rape by virtue of their marriage but he was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, which carries a penalty of 3 years. She insisted she wanted him locked up.

    We had to focus more on the injuries she sustained and played down on the rape and made sure the word "rape" was never used. During cross-examination of the lady, the husband's defence counsel actually tried to use the marriage as a defence, claiming "rough sex" imagine the gumption! We had to remind the defence counsel that he is in court for assault and not rape. Of course, while the matter was pending at the magistrates' court, the lady filed for dissolution of marriage at the high court.

    It was a very nerve wracking case. The lady's family hired us to prosecute as private prosecutor on behalf of the state, so we got the A.G's fiat to prosecute because the police prosecutor would have bungled the case. Do you know that in course of the proceedings, the magistrate called for reconciliation 3 times? He knew we had a good case but was reluctant because he didn't want to convict the husband. He had no choice at the end but instead of 3 years or 18 months imprisonment, the husband was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment. Crazy times! This was when I was still actively practicing criminal law. Oh! The craziness I had to deal with on daily basis! Jumping ship was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The sanity, tranquillity and civility I enjoy in my practice now is AMAZING!

    1. I've read about this before and reading it from a lawyer now makes me really sad. When will women be free of these shackles? When?

  11. who do we now believe? marriage is hard work sha!

  12. 12k for dstv subscription.

  13. And our laws are archaic......Imagine getting just 12k for 3 children. Nigeria needs a revamp of the Justice system. Every other sector is backward as well

    1. I think the amount is usually based on how much the man earns. If he earns less that 25k per month, 12k is only fair.

  14. Why do the women always get to keep the children and for how long?


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