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Friday, April 19, 2019

Mrs Dee's Corner - Empathy Related ISH

Life has a way of using the fuel of our pains and loss to steer us to paths that will help us make a difference in those areas we hurt the most. 

 From the little kid who lost a loved one in the hands of negligent doctors resolving to be a compassionate and dedicated doctor to the orphaned child who was moved from house to house, never truly experiencing love and acceptance vowing to take in as many kids as possible into her/his home and giving their lives meaning.

Some may not end up with career choices that give them the opportunity to showcase their humane side, but they make up for this by volunteering to work for charities and carry out projects that they have always been passionate about.

What pulls at the heart strings of one person may be seen as less important for another person.

For me, I have always had a very soft spot for widows,the fatherless and orphans. My mum went from one harrowing experience to the other after the death of her husband and this has made me partial to their plight.

My classmate and friend used to talk about helping pastors in rural and remote areas. According to her, her dad was always transferred to villages to pastor a church of less than twenty members. After years of sacrifice, hunger and pain to build the church to a point where he'll begin to benefit, he'll be transferred to another remote area again to start afresh. For this reason, they were never quite settled and struggled always to make ends meet.

 Although I sympathised with her, I couldn't show empathy because I've never been there and I didn't fully understand.

Everyone is compassionate about something.....

*I am deeply compassionate about being an 'Angel' to people in need if i can afford it..........This is my passion,this is one of what i live for!!!


  1. I have a great compassion for the needy, I'd always be of help whenever the opportunity to do so comes

  2. Am passionate about widows and those that don't have. May God Almighty bless us to do this

  3. Stella it shows in your acts. Godbless you. My mum own is on another level,sometimes I wonder if she is actually human.

  4. I'm so compassionate about helping people in need as this gives me inner peace. I just wonder why i still don't have to give and people keep coming to me for help since i can't help them i'm not a happy person at the moment.

  5. I just realised i have a special kind of compassion for people living with down syndrome and Autism, I'm going to adopt them much later in life, God help me. don't even know how to go about helping them right now.

    1. Smile at them and their parents/guardians/care givers
      They face a lot of shunning, nasty comments
      Your smile shows support

      Volunteer at their institutes , programmes

      Give assistance where you can

  6. I'm compassionate towards those in need especially women
    Btw nice write up

  7. stella ur blog is an all-rounder. everything under one roof. God bless u tremendously


  8. I'm compassionate about children who are being maltreated or sexually abused because I was abused as a child

  9. I am compassionate about giving scholarships.It took me ten years after secondary school before I had the opportunity to finally go to the university. All my classmates at that point had graduated,done their Phd, most had gotten married with kids.

    Soup kitchen for the homeless because I had experienced hunger pangs and homelessness while growing up. So i hate seeing people being hungry.

    Run an orphanage, take kids who hawk off the street.

    Altruism is my cardinal trait and am also an empath.I cry when i see people suffer even though I don't know them. I avoid tragic videos or scenes for i dont watch them.
    I know am on earth to ease people's burden with Christ's help. So help me God. Amen.

    1. Same with me, I can't watch movies where people suffer or cry over their dead loved ones, it makes me cry with them, don't know why, though I have lost my closest sibling--a brother and my husband too. I don't know if it has anything to do with it. It gives Me joy to be able to help in any little way I can, though not much cos I am very 'rich' at the moment

  10. I am compassionate about kids and teens. I love being with them and protecting their interest. I love rendering helping hands to less privileged. God bless me, I want to do so much more

  11. Am passionate about educating youths on the need to being vocal in case of sexual harassment, assault, cos I was raped by a family friend @12 & I wasn't vocal about it, which result me been send away from home by my brutal dad when he discovered am pregnant after the rape incident, alot really happened it even change my life dimension, if I called his threat of killing me if I mentioned his act bluff, I believe things would have been different now, but I thank God for everything

    1. A warm hug with a "I am very proud of you "


      GOD helped you get to this point



  12. Stella God bless you and your act of kindness, I am compassionate about youths going astray and leading a reckless life that can affect them later in life. I try to advice them and advice them whatever way that I can, I was stubborn in my own time and didn't listen to advices, it affected me later in life and I'm trying to come off it by the grace of God not there yet but better than before. I thank God for his blessings.

  13. I find myself being compassionate towards me severely mentally deranged folks. In my neighborhood I feed a particular one in such dire condition. I once asked my mum about him and she said he was once a renowned musician in the city who did a jazz that backfired. At some point in our lives we might do bad things to others that we are sane doesn't mean we all have clean hands. I have never done jazz and can't remember deliberately being evil to anyone but that doesn't make me better than him. Besides, innocent people are victims of insanity too. Something in me tells me God allows this not to spite or shame them but to make something better out of them at the end of the ordeal.

  14. I am compassionate on single parenting,and on widows... until you walk in the shoes of others, you do not judge them


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