Stella Dimoko Mrs Dee's Corner - Traumatized By Jungle Justice...


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Friday, April 05, 2019

Mrs Dee's Corner - Traumatized By Jungle Justice...

Anyone who lives or grew up in Aba knows it used to have the highest rate of jungle justice in Nigeria. 

 Even if someone playfully points at a person and shouts 'Onye Ośi !!!' thief thief!!! the person would have been set ablaze before they confirm what the the person stole or that it was just false alarm.

It was more rampant when Ikaba/Bakassi boys were in charge of security in the city. They had their office then in Bakassi where shoes were made and sold and each time I passed their office hawking my wares and saw them with their machetes and bullets strapped to their bodies, I was always filled with terror and almost peed and pooped on myself.

Sometimes I would see them drive past in their van with alleged criminals who were to be slaughtered at the burrow pit. Everyone would troop out to see the battered and almost lifeless bodies of these young boys who would be screaming and crying because they knew they were about to die. The sporadic gunshots into the air made my fears worse. For days, I would be miserable and sore afraid. The faces of those young men always played back in my head.

On some nights, when my mum served us with eba and soup, the fear I felt made me unable to swallow the food.

At night, as I laid on the long bench which was my makeshift bed, I would stare at the unpainted walls of our room for hours before I would fall asleep.

Till date, I don't linger wherever I see people gathered. Once I notice there is a ruckus, I quicken my pace because I don't want to relive those memories.

*I am against the Brutality that comes with Jungle Justice,especially when the person is roasted alive...This is one of the reasons i can no longer eat Suya as well...


  1. Since the ALU 4 I have promised myself never to watch any kumhle Justice nonsense. I don't even peep where people are gathered.

    1. That alu 4 messed me up mentally. I'm done with jungle justice videos. God help us

    2. I never watched the Aluu 4 video.
      Ant bring myself to watch such

    3. Stella this one you don't eat suya, we're you told they roast the cows alive? 😂

  2. After them roast and toast them, them reduce Amu robber?
    Them reduce akwuna hoeing?
    Them reduce drive past snatching of handbags?
    Them reduce kidnapping; no be all the retired and jobless Bakasi boys dey do the kidnappings?
    No be them be the political thugs?
    Except Baba God save someone from sin, all those human effort na vanity o.
    The shame be say, na state government employ those people like in Onitsha then and na House of assembly pass the laws.
    Shame to the polithieves!🤢🤢🤢

    1. Anonymous it really help ooh. I wish Stella will post, I would have share the story of how Chiejina and Derico terrorised Anambra and it environs precisely Onitsha before they met their end. Those who grew up or had lived in Onitsha then knows the story very well.

      Today, you can count your money at night even at Upper Iweka. All those who left Onitsha to Asaba all came back and can sleep with their eyes closed.

    2. @TJ
      So kidnappers and robbers no dey Onitsha and the east again?
      No be for that Asaba them kidnap Okonjo Iwuala's mama?

    3. @14:54 I didn't say so, what I mean is that, there is relative peace in those volatile areas now unlike before.

    4. Really teejay so its okay to take a life you didn't create? What happened to handing them to the right authorities? Do you know how many innocent people have lost their lives thru this process. So its killing dem that will bring relative peace abi? Indeed

    5. 18:06 maybe you didn't understand my comment very well. Let me ask you this question? The people that killed them weren't they empowered by the law? Remember Bakassi boys was formed through act of parliament by the state house of assembly. So isn't that law itself catching up on them? Those that judges sentence to death what would you say about them?

  3. I experienced this. I grew up seeing lots of dead bodies on the streets, sometimes daily or weekly. Vultures feeding on human flesh on our way back from school. I'd seen a man burnt to death, another beheaded all before I was even 10.
    God forbid my children experience this.

  4. So many innocent people lost their lives as a result of false accusations. My mom told me how she went to church one evening, during offering, she had gone out to put her offering. Coming back, she started looking for her phone.

    The children sitting on the same seat with her about four in numbers have all gone out from the church, and that made her believed they have stolen her phone.

    She reported to one of the church warden and luckily he knew one of those children. This are people within the age bracket of 15-20. He went to the house of the one he knows very well and met the other three there. They were asked and even threatened but the children stood on their ground that they didn't collect any phone.

    Mom left them, came back home, opened the house and found the phone on the table. She was relieved. After a while she became worried for aaccusing those children falsely.

    The next day at church she started looking for the children to beg them but she couldn't identify them.

    Please be sure before you accuse someone of a crime. Assumptions are too dangerous and can kill the people we tend to portray as guilty when they are not.

  5. We pray not to be victims, ALUU 4 still comes to mind. I remember ndi Bakassi, chai!! They dealt with people

  6. Someone tried to rob close to where I used to workout. He had gained entrance and stabbed the security guard on the head but he didn’t know they were two. They overpowered him and gave him the beating of his live. Passers by joined in and beat with with anything they could find. He kept groaning from 5 thereabouts till I finished my workout and was leaving. I saw him lying there looking like a beast he had been disfigured. I’m sure he didn’t make it. I can’t forget that.
    I also regretted watching the Aluu 4 video. How humans can beat their fellow humans to that beats me.

  7. Who is this one again?

  8. Has Bakassi boys been demolished..

  9. I can't stand the sight of jungle justice , i run as fast as my leg can carry whenever i witness it but in order words, when you encounter these thieves on operation, you won't bait an eyelid watching them get burnt.


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