Stella Dimoko Nigeria Has The World's 3rd Lowest Life Expectancy According To The UN


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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Nigeria Has The World's 3rd Lowest Life Expectancy According To The UN

Nigeria has the world’s third lowest life expectancy rate of 55 years, the United Nations (UN) has said.

In its new report released yesterday, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said the life expectancy of an average Nigerian in 2019 is only better than those of people in Sierra Leone, Chad and the Central African Republic.

The three countries have respectively 53, 54, 54 years as their life expectancy rates, the report states.
War-torn Afghanistan has 65 years; Somalia has 58; and Syria has 73.

The report puts Nigeria’s current population at 201 million. The report also states that the total fertility rate among Nigerian women has dropped from 6.4 in 1969 to 5.3 in 2019, this means an average Nigerian woman gives birth to at least five children.

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  1. Is anyone surprised?

    The healthcare system in Nigeria is a bloody farce. Teaching hospitals performing surgeries with flash lights.. Doctors treating cancer patients with anti-malarials. Women in labor dieing in ER cos of carelessness. Blood going bad in blood banks because there's no electrical power. SARS killing the rest.

    Nigeria is a giant sham.

    1. Forgot boko haram, Banditry, funalis/herdmen killings, buharism killings etc.

  2. Suffer head dey naija too much *sighs*

  3. What have there wicked politicians done to us?

  4. Meanwhile you'll will be shouting "Giant of Africa" at every chance you get!! Always insulting other nations, meanwhile your own country is sh*t!! Mtchewww!!

    As for the 201M population, did that include the millions of Nigerians that are in Europe; North America; Asia; Australia (often times, illegally)? What of those hiding out in Ghana, pretending to be Ghanaians and even renaming themselves Ghanaian names like Kofi/Kwaku and such?!

  5. I follow you for this one,especially the Nigerians hiding in Gbana as Ghanaians

  6. This is the fruit of corruption and greed. All the money looted from the coffers of the nation could have created a better life for all. So many African nations that don't have oil nor Nigeria's land mass are developing and making strides while Nigeria just lag behind. Yes, there are many billionaires and even the richest man in Africa is Nigerian, but how does that affect the life of the average person who had to fight to get 30k naira a month for minimum wage, a paltry sum to say the least. Civil servants who have not been paid wages in some places for almost three years and pensioners who have not received their benefits in ages. Of course the life expectancy is low, more than half their life the average Nigerian is hungry, and when they do get food to eat it's foolishness. People have to be hunting strange wild animals to get the taste of meat exposing themselves to strange contaminants. Electricity is nonexistent so even the packaged food poses a risk because everything spoils quicker. Life in hell seems less risky than living in Nigeria.

  7. It is ridiculous the total nonsense this u.n get to write about This Nation every time and the most sad thing about it is how most of the Nigerian people; that are suppose to be faithful and uphold Her honor anytime, anywhere are the ones trying to justify why the rubbish up there should be true to them . Whether you believe or not.... No one can predict or knows your life expectancy but God. There is only one reason why you and I are in the land of the living today and will live to a fulfilled age and that because The One who gave life to us and sustains it... has spoken so!!!


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