Stella Dimoko Police Officer Who Killed Kolade Johnson Has Been Dismissed And Set To Be Prosecuted....


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Friday, April 05, 2019

Police Officer Who Killed Kolade Johnson Has Been Dismissed And Set To Be Prosecuted....

Inspector Ogunyemi Olalekan,the police officer behind the killing of a Nigerian youth Kolade Johnson,has been dismissed.

Mr Olalekan is the one in White

Olalekan was found guilty after an orderly room trial that started on Monday.

Kolade was killed by a stray bullet when operatives of the anti-cultism unit of the police command stormed the area for a raid at Onipetesi, Lagos-Abeokuta road on Sunday March 31st.

Olalekan and Godwin Orji, a sergeant, were identified as suspects who carried out the shooting by the police force.

Lagos police spokesman, Bala Elkana, said on Thursday, in a statement, that only Olalekan was found guilty.

“The Orderly Room trial commenced on Monday 01/04/2019 and ended on Thursday 04/04/2019.
“They were tried on three count charges: (1) Discreditable Conduct (2) Unlawful and Unnecessary Exercise of Authority and (3) Damage to Clothing or Other Articles contrary to Paragraph E (iii), Q (ii) and D (i) First Schedule, Police Act and Regulations, Cap 370 LFN 1990.
The trial started with the reading of charges and taking of plea.

“Five witnesses testified.
At the conclusion of the trial, the first defaulter, Inspector Ogunyemi Olalekan was found guilty of Discreditable conduct by acting in a manner prejudicial to discipline and unbecoming of members of the Force by shooting and killing Kolade Johnson;
Unlawful and Unnecessary exercise of authority by using unnecessary violence, by using AK 47 rifle on the deceased in total neglect to the provisions of Force Order 237 on the use of Firearms.

“The Adjudicating Officer, CSP Indyar Apev awarded the punishment of dismissal from service and prosecution to the First defaulter.

“There was no evidence linking the second defaulter, Sergeant Godwin Orji to the shooting, he was therefore found not guilty and discharged and acquitted.”

Olalekan, according to the police, has been handed over to the criminal investigation department for prosecution in a conventional court.
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  1. Replies
    1. See his useless rotten stomach, how can a policeman be this fat, useless and indisciplined?? very unfit scum.
      Watched a video of him panting like who wants to die and talking thrash.

    2. Nobody is shouting or insulting tribe now, but if it was an Igbo man that did this, you will hear all manner of rubbish been said about Igbos. Some will even say he has been used for ritual and all that. It may even cause a tribal war between the two tribes involved.

      Now a tribal man killed his fellow tribe and those tribal bigot have all gone silence.

      Kolade, may your soul find rest and your killer be brought to book.

    3. Teejay you are VERY SILLY, I repeat YOU ARE VERY SILLY.
      For bringing tribe into this very delicate and sensitive issue. Is there anything you ever think about except trying to bring up ethnic and political divisions.
      How much has it earned you. A young man lost his life in the most callous way and this is all you can say.
      YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WALAHI. This is the height.

    4. Teejay it's not every time you pen your silly thoughts down.

      This is the height of your stupidity. Just get out of hear.

    5. Beds and roses thank You, Teejay shut the fuck up!!! You don't always have to comment.
      You have nothing to say? Run along. Mtscheewww

    6. But Teejay just said the TRUTH! The whole thing would have been tribalized if an Igbo man did the shooting!

    7. BED & ROSES, I won't respond to you the way I would have love to, so I won't sound uncivil. Let me ask you few questions. Did the young man just die? Wasn't someone who killed him out of wickedness? If it was the other Igbo man with him (Orji) that did this, will the narrative have been the same? Maybe you don't follow trend on this blog to have seen how your people respond to issues, for they are always too quick to drag others down over things like this. I will draw your attention the day your people will start throwing tribal insult on other people because I know they will definitely do that.

    8. Swag and Dainty T, I wasn't expecting anything different from you guys and so wasn't surprised either by your respond.

    9. Teejay you can never accept when you are wrong. Everybody mourned this young man together, Nigerians has a whole felt the pains of this boys death, its still fresh.
      What you wrote up there is very insensitive. There is a time and place for you to say certain things. But this is wrong.

    10. Teejay you lack wisdom..what has tribe got to do with this...most you talk???

    11. Teejay apologies, but honestly this isn't the right time to be bringing up tribe, the poor boy just lost his life. His body is still cold in the morg, its painful.
      I don't know your upbringing. But the way I was brought up I don't know who is Igbo, hausa, Edo or whatever. We judged people and made friends based on who the person is and your heart. In my group of friends there's Yoruba, Igbo, there's TIV. I never felt or knew the difference. It was until I became an adult I started seeing ppls hatred for eachother based on tribe.
      We have to do better so we don't pass such mentality to our kids. Outside Nigeria, we are ALL Nigerians, no one cares of your tribe.

    12. Anonymous 13:21 if you read well, you will understand that my comment lies squarely on the man who took the life of that young man. I felt bad for his action and also mourned with the family for such loss.

      How is my comment insensitive on a post where the killer has been unmasked? You are saying this now because Orji was exonerated from this. If it was Orji that did this shootings, this post would have gotten over hundred comments. You don't need to be told what the comment would have been.

      When Evans the kidnapper killed his victims, was it not here it was turned to a tribal thing? They called the Igbo tribe criminals and kidnappers. Is that one where lives were lost not sensitive as well?

      So sorry to disappoint you, I wasn't wrong in any way with my comment above and owe no one apology for that. Whoever don't like it should deal with it. I am out of this post.

    13. Teejay even if ure right, like swag thought u don't always ve 2 pen down ur thoughts its most times not needed. Get it right next time.

    14. Teejay you are out of line, people are trying to correct you and you are still arguing.
      aleast Beds apologised to you, least you can do is accept you are wrong.
      But as usual, you know it all. This your ITK attitude wont get you far.

  2. They should be given capital punishment as well. Wicked people that has been causing so many pains.

  3. Not just dismissed him like that, they should also jail him, remember the case of offa robbery and there was a police man. Even in jail, he can bribe his way out.

  4. Stella your bvs are the truth

    That anonymous on the other post who was at the station an solved Orji of all blame...

    Kpele o inspector. Your sins have found you out

  5. the indisciplined ones are always the set sent out on field operations in nigeria...

  6. Just dismissed? He should be hanged to serve as a warning to other policemen that think they can pull a trigger anyhow.

    1. They will charge him to court. He can't be tried as a police officer so they had to dismiss him first

  7. That's because they're ruthless

  8. He should be killed as well. Simple!

  9. In response to Teejay's comment. Have you stopped to think that some members of the deceased are in this blog and all they want is for us to comfort them at this trying moment. Please learn to read and digest before commenting, what you wrote up there is insensitive. Be


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