Stella Dimoko Reality Star Gifty Sends Memo To Her Monitoring Spirits


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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Reality Star Gifty Sends Memo To Her Monitoring Spirits

Cryptic Message Queen Gifty Powers has come again........


  1. If we give so much attention to our enemies - both imagine and real - , what time would we have for ourselves and our friends too?

  2. Stop posting this idiot on this blog. Namsense!

  3. I think too much attention is beginning to affect this girl.
    If she is so fearless then she should just come out straight and call people out, if not, she should just let us be.

  4. I want to learn this nyash to one side Instagram posture. I'm always standing like a pole in all my pictures.

  5. So a monitoring spirit will even be wasting their monitor monitoring fifty that is busy monitoring people so she can shade them

    1. 😂😂🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️na real waste their monitor
      Dont mind the chief Monitoress
      How she take know if she ain't monitoring !!!

  6. This girl is just an air head!

    I wonder why she's always going on and on about her imaginary haters.

    Pretty babe that can't write properly, can't punctuate or use uppercase letters correctly..... She tries too hard to stay relevant.

    If only the time she spends on IG can be invested in self improvement...

    1. Gbam !!!
      Key word SELF IMPROVEMENT!!!

  7. She and Uriel wanted to pepper tboss by gossiping about her. Infact it was so bad that these two ladies mocked tboss with their comments to each other. Now gifty and uriel are not in good terms. Who says u can build a rship based on a common enemy. Gifty is the worst human being to have an alliance with. Uriel now hails tboss, ofcourse gifty shades uriel everyday.


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