Stella Dimoko Sacked Chief Justice Of Nigeria Onnoghen Rejects Conviction And Files For Appeal


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Friday, April 19, 2019

Sacked Chief Justice Of Nigeria Onnoghen Rejects Conviction And Files For Appeal

Justice Walter Onnoghen, the suspended Chief Justice of Nigeria, who was Thursday convicted on six counts bordering on false declaration of his assets, removed from office and barred from holding public office for ten years by the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), has appealed the judgment of the court at the Court of Appeal.

Onnoghen’s lawyers filed the appeal moments after the court convicted him in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city.

The federal government was listed as the only respondent in the appeal filing made available to the media.

Onnoghen said the CCT erred in law when it dismissed his application challenging its jurisdiction and thus, occasioned a grave miscarriage of justice, adding that the Tribunal erred in law when it dismissed his application seeking the chairman to recuse himself from further proceedings on the ground of “bias”.

The embattled justice however, sought an order of the appeal court allowing his appeal and that the CCT lacked the jurisdiction to entertain the case. He also asked the court to set aside his conviction as well as discharge and acquit him, among other prayers.
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*Discharge and acquit him?


  1. He wants to further deepen his humiliation.

    In developed countries, once allegation of this nature is made against such a figure as Chief Justice, the honorable thing to do is resign. Or you do like Peru ex president

  2. Dear Adesega is this a develop county? Why don’t you also say in developed country power is 24/7 , jobs are available and human rights are observed. You people always pick the wrong things to say @ the right time.Have you seen the charges about him? EFCC has been spreading millions of $ on social media that he stole, but now no body is talking when the actual figure of less than $50k and €50k was the actual figure in his account. For a chief judge of Nigeria with his allowance and salary that is a fair amount. Nigerians that are in support of eve Ik should wait and see what will evil will happen to them.

    1. If this is your argument, what was the CJN’s excuse for not declaring the five accounts with foreign currencies? Forgetfulness? He already erred on that and shot himself by doing such. And it seems you didn’t follow the details on how much he has in the accounts.

    2. Anon 12:28... As the issues unfold, we will tackle them one by one. This is about a convicted CJN. When other issues are posted here, and I have the time, I will react correctly.

      The tribunal that convicted him know what they are doing And I have long seen this coming. So bcos other things are not in place doesn’t mean we should ignore the little progress we are seeing in the war against corruption.

      Only time will tell the story of PMB. But for now, enjoy the show

    3. Did you not also hear that a key witness in the matter that works wit CCB said investigations on the form was not done by CCT. From ur statement is clear u have no idea about government or public service. If we go by declaration 90% of public servant are in soup. This is not a corruption case as the government is making it look just to hang the CJN. So because you forgot to put salt in your soup while cooking makes it coat for the owner of a house to fire you? Forgetting to declare is not a crime but an error and if found, investigations will be made to see if the nine declaration was to hide corrupt money. That is how it is done plz be I formed.

    4. I’m not a lawyer or a judge. Maybe you are either of the two, I don’t know. But what just happened is that, the convicted CJN defended himself and he was convicted. So whatever defense you raise in his support here cannot be stronger than what I believe he must have done to defend himself. And yet, he got convicted.

      He has appealed the ruling. So let’s see what will happen

  3. There are no honorable people in positions of power and authority in Nigeria!

  4. Until a very harsh punishment is meted out on these looters, embezzlement of public funds would never end.

  5. Pa. Onnoghen should count himself lucky that no prison time was snapped on him. We play too much in naija.


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