Stella Dimoko Timaya Talks About What Fatherhood Has Taught Him And Does Not Regret Being A Baby Daddy...


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Saturday, April 06, 2019

Timaya Talks About What Fatherhood Has Taught Him And Does Not Regret Being A Baby Daddy...

Crooner Timaya may be a baby Daddy to two women but he has no regrets......

Life experiences before becoming a father may have taught Timaya series of lessons that have shaped his perception about life; but none of these experiences taught him valuable lessons about love and patience as much as fatherhood...

Speaking to Showtime in a chat, he admitted that fatherhood has taught him so much about love and patience.

“Fatherhood has taught me a lot about love and patience.”

He added that though he bore his daughters out of wedlock, they have been a source of his biggest blessings in life.

“Not at all, fatherhood has not deprived me of anything; it has been one of my biggest blessings.

Contrary to thoughts that he may have regrets for having children out of wedlock, he confirmed otherwise.

“I have no regrets; everything has been a lesson and I’m grateful for them. I can’t think of anything I’d change if given the chance to go back in time.”

Speaking further, he emphasized why it is important for parents to understand their children, trust and guide them in their career decisions.

“I think it’s important to understand your child and then trust and guide them with their decisions”, he said.

Not only did the ‘Bum Bum’ crooner reveal what fatherhood has taught him, he also revealed what stardom has taught him.

“Stardom has taught me to stay true to myself, understand my purpose; because when I do, it gets a bit easier to navigate through all the stuff that gets thrown at me”, he concluded.

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Love me some Timaya!!!


  1. Princess intelligentsia6 April 2019 at 17:19

    Chronicle of a baby father.

  2. Single daddy in “wizkid’s voice”

  3. Ride on Timaya. Nothing do you. Divorcee and baby-daddyism na the same table. E no dey kill. Na talk people go talk.

  4. Hey Timaya, I guess your eyes don clear small. Remember when you told Phyno not to marry but should get girls to have his children outside wedlock right?
    Your girls are precious and they teach you patience and all worth not. You know how you love them and would be there to protect them even after you have passed on at a very old age. That's the feeling right? I am a father and I feel same more.

    Sadly, I hope you dont watch your daughters helplessly as you have made your baby mamas' fathers watch. I hope you dont watch your precious girls get pregnant outside wedlock and the baby daddies come here to tell us what they have learnt from fatherhood. You would wish to kill any dick that will dehumanize these your little Roses.

    I'm not a saint but do unto others what you love. Karma can be mean bro.
    Someone did that to my sister. Married her, put her the family way and boom 1 year after they separated and got divorced later. He was hitting her.
    He took my niece bcos he's got influence and got married just almost immediately. 10years down the line and till date he hasn't birthed any child. Karma! Now he is protecting his daughter who's my precious niece. I don't wish her evil bcos of her father's evil upon my lovely sister who's her mom. My dad has been helpless same way you made your baby mamas' fathers. It is painful bro.

    The thing is we all get served by Karma in a way or two.
    So Timaya pray your Karma comes with few pepper else you will cry had I known. & then you will feel the pain you inflicted other men.

    Pray Timaya bcos your Karma isnt as far as 20 years away from you.

    Yours Truly,

    1. God bless you Josh

    2. I love you Josh

    3. I lost count with the number of times I read this. You see I married a man who has a child out of wedlock and he carries with him a big burden in his heart, I can see beneath his beautiful heart how pained he is anytime he talks about what led to the birth of his child. He is so full of regret and wishes so much he could undo his wrong.
      Now back to Timaya, I'm utterly disgusted that he would utter such rubbish and feel so right as to the fact that he's had all 3 kids out of wedlock, he's speaks as one who feels he's done those women a favour by making them baby mamas. The likes of flavour & davido have all been blessed with Daughters. I wholeheartedly pray that the sins of the father will not be visited on those innocent girls.
      I'll like to see them grant interviews in future when they've all tasted a dose of their own medicine.


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