Stella Dimoko Tuesday Spontaneous Post...


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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Tuesday Spontaneous Post...

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Beautiful Morning to everyone.........

April is ending today and if you are reading this and have only troubles,may your troubles end with April.....

Another BV mailed me that she has been pregnant for some years but that her cryptic pregnancy will end soon.....Seems the babies can only be brought out via CS since they are hiding.........Abeg i don't know what to believe but i am shocked to my toe nails......I don't want to disbelieve anything yet.

So how many more Blog visitors are 'Cryptic pregnant'?.....

I asked that someone should compile results of the in house gists and send me the winner for the Easter egg promised but nobody did and the PA was not available you guys always want it easy all the time?It doesnt work out so..All the supposed eggs are gone!!!

Have a nice day and Kisses!!!


  1. Good morning beeveeleonsπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

    When did police patrol team start to impound goods mostly Ankara.😏😏.. See them just shouting okrika, okrika inside our ears.

    Na so dem seize me, driver and goods oooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
    Mistake wey driver do be say; e asked them for #500 charge pereπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    Dem delay us yesterday eh, I think say na joke before; next thing I hear, "Oga shey make we carry them go station" πŸ™πŸ™

    Station bii tii bawo..😫😫 na so fear catch me ooo.. I don start to shakeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    The driver just dey do agidi anyhow, e no wan give dem any money..
    Them use us paa small ooo, i had to sort them eventually. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— ..

    Got home 3am..πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
    We thank God for journey mercies..

    Just didn't know when we can't travel with wrapper again ooo..πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    1. It is well. Why will you shake. Did you steal the clothes. Good you sorted them out. That is the country we are in.

      Next level wickedness

    2. Lol funny i swear. But you should have known how it is with our Nigerian police system na

    3. That's business for you, thank God all went well

    4. Stella Amen! The enemy tried in April. So many trials and so much illness. I bless God for perfecting my healing as I step into the new month by His grace. I thank God for life. Blackberry God be with you as you have a successful procedure. You are one of those that make this blog rock!

    5. Police is your best friend ola.may God cont to strengthen your relationship.πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

    6. Ola pls nor Dey shake or show fear in front of Nigeria police oooo,some go take advantage of your fear and start to intimidate you......God continue to guide our going out and coming in always bro

    7. Just did a scan and it’s shows Tubo ovarian abscess .. hvs shows numerous pus cells .. has anyone been in this kinda situation ... I’m 25

    8. Babe u have to talk to your dotor on whst these things mean and your next line of action.
      Seriously, i have never been in this situation.

      May God grant you perfect healing, Amen!c

    9. Celebrity party and cooperate first grade Ok gowns 07084714754 @theokclothing30 April 2019 at 10:32

      This is sad, God please help this country. Please settle down and start sales, customers are gonna come in their numbers in Jesus name. Amen

  2. I used to think Silence is being foolish, but not true.
    Silence and sense to stay off from drama will earn you happiness...

    Good morning lovelies 😘 😘

  3. Feeling so alive today. Who's on the same page with me. Thank you God for the gift of life...... when ever I see another breaking of the day,I say thank you lord...... I just say thank you lord. Good morning family.

  4. We thank you Lord,for another opportunity to see a beautiful day! That,our eyes can see and our legs can move is a testimonial of your goodness!
    Thus,this morning, we,thank you for your protection, as we go about our daily business. Give us the sensitivity to know,how and when to avoid calamity! Lord!,may we not be victims of circumstance!
    We will not be at the wrong place at the wrong time!
    I pray for every traveller,plying the roads today, the roads,which you journey on,is safe. Safe,from accidents, safe from kidnappers, safe from armed robbery, safe from ritualists.
    You will go and meet your family in safety! You will go and meet your loved ones in safety!
    Whatever is the reason behind your travelling is successful!
    Lord! Thank you for the being the advocates of those accused and being incarcerated wrongly!
    Thank you,because,just like you released Peter;their chain of torment is broken! They are released, safe and sound to their families!
    Touch the heart of their captors, tormentors, let there be confusion in their camp!
    We remember Leah Shuaibu,we know,you have not forsaken her. I use her as a point of contact to reach out to other families, we know nothing of and their stories not heard! Do your thing sweet Holy spirit!
    Thank you,because we will surely testify,of your goodness and mercies in our lives! Amen!

  5. I just wanna take a nap in a different country. 😧😧😧

  6. The Pastor's wife chronicle.
    The best approach is to draw the lady close to you (not to your house) and show her extra love. Be a mother and confidant to her & not her friend.
    Show her so much love that she will feel guilty to have anything to do with your husband.
    There are some other set, who want your husband. Who will sit and open their legs wide or wear seductive dressings, etc. You still can't hate them, but must apply above principle too, while you draw your husband closer.

    All counselling sessions of female, make sure you are there with him or someone is there with him.

    You have no right to chase anyone out of church. Either by your words or attitude. But the church destroyers and satan in diguise, can be prayed out of church.

    Fulfil your wifely duties to your husband and stay attractive to him always. While you dress modest, your dressing must be top notch and stand out. Keep Him all round attracted to you.

    If your husband is an adulterer, then, there is a BIG problem. You have to intercede for him, for the sake of the church, God's children & God's name not to be tarnished, while you talk to him continously and if our of hands, report him to the church authority.

    Being a Pastor's wife is a huge cross to carry. I Pray God give you the grace to run this race to a perfect end.
    Pray ceaselessly for God always.

    Madam, I would love to talk to you more. So, pls contact me.

    1. It is well o.
      Who then prays for the woman not to catch feelings???.

    2. Lol. When something never happen for ya front, e dey like film. Lol @ she will feel guilty. If the girl is an agent of the devil, nko? Or you think they only exist in Mount Zion films? That's how pastor's wife will open door to her own destruction in the name of drawing her close. And when anything happens to here, we will be here posting

    3. I like you ma'am. So much wisdom in one post.

    4. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  7. I've had some weird experiences.I meet a guy the first day, we connect and exchange numbers but they never call after that day.This has happened thrice and I'm wondering what this means

    1. You should have called the 3rd man to ask him whatsapp...
      This things ladies do dont always work out for all ladies, destinies differ, take the bull by the horn, im not saying ask him out outrightly.... shebi he said "can i have ur number?"

    2. It's not ordinary. Talk to God in prayers and fasting.

    3. When you meet them, just act as if you don't Care. Na Dem go dey rush you.

    4. Act as if you don't care is what I did and my husband nearly left cos he believed I didn't send. This man even told people I don't like him at all. He proposed exactly a month after I said, "I love you". We got married that same month.

      You people should keep playing with men's emotions, oh. After you pretend finish, na you go cry.

    5. There's a reason we have a brain. I disagree with praying bout them other contacting you (anything could've happened). Which one is act like you dont care when you really do & are dying to hear from them. Na wa!

      Babe, call them to check on them, casually. Don't be desperate about it. If after the first call, they don't reciprocate, there's no harm in trying second time.
      Just don't come off as desperate.
      Allow wisdom to guide you.


  8. 'When you shit, as you first sit down, you’re not fully in the experience yet. You are not yet a shitting person. You’re transitioning from a person about to shit to a person who is shitting. You don’t whip out your smartphone or a newspaper right away. It takes a minute to get the first shit out of the way and get in the zone and get comfortable. Once you reach that moment, that’s when it gets really nice.
    It’s a powerful experience, shitting. There’s something magical about it, profound even. I think God made humans shit in the way we do because it brings us back down to earth and gives us humility.

    I don’t care who you are, we all shit the same. BeyoncΓ© shits. The pope shits. The Queen of England shits. When we shit we forget our airs and our graces, we forget how famous or how rich we are. All of that goes away.

    You are never more yourself than when you’re taking a shit. You have that moment where you realize, This is me. This is who I am. You can pee without giving it a second thought, but not so with shitting. Have you ever looked in a baby’s eyes when it’s shitting? It’s having a moment of pure self-awareness'.

    LMAO. Nothing could be truer than this!

    This is an excerpt from Trevor Noah's autobiography "Born A Crime". You can get it on book app.

    Malaria be dealing with me for days now, Mr Noah be keeping me entertained, my Bible be keeping me going, Lumiere's dishes be torturing me, I ate her peppersoup 3 times in my dreams (not spiritual o, I thought of it a lot before I slept).

    A comment I read yesterday left me in tears. Someone wrote about her sister's friend posting her not flattering coffin pics on the internet and how she cried when she read people's comments. Oh how I cried. The world is cruel!
    Good morning everyone.

    1. Are coffins supposed to flatter people?
      She shouldn’t let that bother her.

    2. I don't shit tho. I poop glitters 😁😁.

      I didn't get the last paragraph, you said coffin pics. How??

    3. Get well soon. I am still thinking of those dishes since yesterday

    4. Good morning Castle, get well soon. Have you rounded off your story? Wanna know if I missed it...

    5. Her sister's corpse was brought back from abroad and another horrible make up was applied making her face look so scary. Her friend took the picture and uploaded on net.

    6. Get well soon,Castle.

    7. Hello castle.
      How is my baby.

    8. Hahahahah....castle nwanne m, I can relate in that baby's shit oo. If u see the way my baby keeps her face u will laugh and roll on the floor. She would close her eyes a little, relax her head, lift her bum bum small and then start to release it....I laugh eeh.

      But on the one coming into the toilet and relaxing before the shit, that it's true except if u having afo osisa( purging), u will just dropping immediately u sit down.

      How's our baby Windsor? My regards OK?
      As for Lumiere...I have started jumping her adverts. I will just scroll up without looking, that her peppersoup of yesterday really gave me the works.

      Let me go and look for the book and download... Revor Noah is that SA guy right?

    9. Thanks Orire, Princess, Jessi(no I've not my dear), Tenth (she's fine thank you). God bless you.
      I believe you Perxian @ glitters πŸ˜‚
      Mhiz A, you know... πŸ˜‚. Your baby knows the game πŸ˜‚
      Baby W is fine dear.
      Yeah Trevor Noah is the South African guy. Please download the book, you'll love it. I'm on the last chapter.

    10. Get well soon dear.....Abeg who is the Lumiere?online peppersoup? Will she deliver to you....pls Lumiere get in touch with me if you see this

    11. oh ok. Get well, darl. 😘😘

    12. Get well soon dear...take care of ursaf

    13. Get well soon dear castle. How is mini-castle?😘😘😘

    14. Awesome read.I thoroughly enjoyed that novel.
      I love Trevor Noah.He is so funny and he is the best at copycats and accents.

    15. Lucile she's an online food vendor, go back to yesterdays ihn and see her dishes, her meals are also very tasty, I've ordered for her coconut rice before, it was really really nice, yes she delivers to u

      Sorry dear castle, get well soon

  9. Holla everyone!!!!!!
    Good morning!!!!!!!
    I pray we all have an awesome Tuesday
    I've got two major tests today, imagine a lecturer telling students he loves seeing people fail, like seriously???? The Lord is our strength tho πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

    1. The results will be favourable. Just read your book and be confident. Good luck

    2. You will not fail. All the best.

  10. Good morning ❤

    I pray for everyone going through a rough phase in their lives, that you will not be put to shame, you will get that job you will find that woman/man you want to settle down with. Your business will flourish, you will get good grades. You will find happiness and comfort. Amen!

    Through our collective effort not minding our diverse locations we all will be praying together at 12am and at 12pm each passing day till mid MAY (16th)...Starting from 1st MAY.

    Before saying a prayer u have to read a psalm πŸ‘‡πŸ½ which speaks to your problem/plight.

    Powerful Psalms to read...

    Psalm 22 Misfortune away.

    Psalm 57 Fortunate in all things.

    Psalm 62 Holy blessing.

    Psalm 72 From poverty.

    Psalm 34 High pple receive you.

    Psalm 36 Against libel.

    Psalm 32 To receive grace,love and mercy.

    Psalm 28 To reconcile with your enemies.

    Psalm 44 To make yourself beloved.

    Psalm 61 Make your home lucky.

    Psalm 40 To free yourself from evil spirits.

    Psalm 48 To strike terror in your enemies.

    Psalms 6.2, 91 Healing and Deliverance.

    Psalm 113, 128 Conception.

    You can read these psalms any where, any time.

    Mountains will move for your sake this MAY if only u believe and stay clear off SIN.

    @Ify .O
    I got ur mail...God's got you covered. Amen

    Let's go πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼


    1. @G n M, More GraceπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    2. Are u a pastor.
      I saw u wrote God's divine a same time you asked one time of been married to a prayers.
      Pls why can you not include new testament.
      It is a good thing though cos prayers is the key.

    3. Amen I really need this..
      Goodmorning everyone

    4. Well done GnM. God bless you.

    5. Thank you so much dear
      I must try and join this prayer.

  11. Hi Stella!
    Hi everyone!!
    Congrats Sandy yo!
    Couldn't catch up on so much. I have missed this blog

    All I need now is a big tight hug!
    Have a blessed day people

  12. I appreciate God for Life, been stooling all night, I am so weak but very much alive.
    All this na inside mensuration oo

    1. If you are drinking apart from water, stop.

    2. If you can buy ogi, some call it akamu or pap, 50 naira own missed with drinking water and take it. Don't boil it , just ordinary water. You will be fine.

      Sorry oo. You will be ok

    3. Sorry.flagyl and limothin or tetracycline.but if it is diarrhea then you need antibiotics

    4. U should be taking oral drip too...constant stooling is very bad oo. Get a satchet of oral drip from the pharmacy...its only #50, mix it in a bottle of big Eva water, just keep taking it small small. Remember it shouldn't last more than 24 hours, so ry and finish it before then. It will help to replenish the electrolytes lost during the stooling. Ordinary water is good but oral drip is better.

    5. oh! thank you all, I appreciate big time. I am buy pap right away. God bless you all.

    6. Mixed. Habi na hungry dey worry me

  13. Happy Tuesday people.
    Any news about BV kelechi?
    These cryptic pregnancies scare me .
    Have a blessed people ✌🏿

    1. Cryptic gini.imagine preggy 9 months talkless of extra months.gosh.reading it yesterday,i was shocked!pastors and doctors have really used to gain money.

  14. I just read that Toyin's daughters birthday post and i can't even believe that anyone would say that dressing is age appropriate!!!! For a 14 year old?? In this kinda world that we live in?? Wow!!!

    May God forgive us all..... There are better pictures for the internet abeg, please being a teenager is already hard enough, let's protect our kids as much as we can!!!

    Good Morning!!!

    1. There are days i really do admire the Arabs.

    2. They say it's how all children abroad dress, oh. The girl is dressed like a victim of child sex trafficking but Nigerians want to form exposed parents lol.

    3. That's how people dress here oo both young and Teens. especially during body cares.....

    4. Lucile darl..... That's NOT how EVERYONE dress, esp teenagers and not everything should be for the public eye, she's just 14 for God's sake!!

      Even if she wanted to wear skimpy skimpy, there are other not so 'Sexualizing' ones she can wear biko!!!

  15. If you can't take the heat then be mindful of what you post out there.
    Posting a child pix and cursing out everyone that commented because of their opinion is actually stupidity.
    Go and buy sense please.

    I so wished this public holiday was on Friday😞,weekend for make sense.

  16. Up and grateful to God for life..
    God is Awesome
    God is too faithful to fail
    In Him I trust..

    Good morning all..

  17. Good morning lovelies

    Thank you Lord for the first quarter of the year,I pray the next is more favourable to me and mine in Jesus name.

    Hmmmmmm, this cryptic it real???
    I don't think there is any difference from the one they do in PH. Because I don't seem to understand how it works.

  18. Failure is something we’ve all experienced. Just because you occasionally fall to the ground does not mean you are defeated. But if you stay down & don’t get back up, life will keep pushing you to the ground. Your setbacks are a test from the Almighty. Pick yourself up. Move on!

  19. Yaaay it's raining here!!
    Beautiful morning to everyone,may our hustle pay either the devil likes it or not.

    Grateful for the gift of life.

  20. The anonymous that called out castle yesterday went too far,even though I have had a fair share of castle terrible comment I tried as much as possible to just sit back and just look on.

    I do understand that everyone can't share the same opinion and that's life but when you go too far with your your side opinion without even thinking if it is going to hurt the person and behind your keypad you feel great and happy that you have said something wonderful.

    Anonymous the only thing I dislike you did was going too far too cos after you said what you did yesterday there is know different between what you did and what you claimed castle did too.

    The other dat castle said something terrible to me I almost went into depression cos I was like life shouldn't be this hard now,you dont know me and I dont know you, but do you know what I did I kept quiet without even replying and I had a peace of mind after I tried letting everything she said go.

    Castle I dont hate you or angry my point is we shouldn't just always bash people anyhow here because we have the liberty to do so.

    Let us always think if what I'm about to say to this person was been said to me will I be able to take it.let us all do to others what we can do to ourselves,if you know what you can't take what you are about to do to others then dont do it cos it doesn't worth it.

    I know I will be crucify for this but you know what I have grown a thick skin towards cyber bully and SDK BV bully.

    Good morning beautiful people

    1. E don pass youre still bringing it here, do u have work at all?

    2. You people worry too much about stuff people say to you....people you don’t even know and might never meet in life.some of these people that come here to spew nonsense and talk down on people are actually keypad queens and Kings.. Nothing for them o .
      The fact we all are here to drop our opinions don’t give anyone the right to bully another.
      Mind your tracks.
      It’s good you grew a thick skin.
      Never let anyone’s

    3. Is this stupidity or what? Kini gbogbo rubbish eleyi? I ignored yesterday but not today. I'll copy and paste the comment and my response on IHN. It's like you people want to use my name and shine on here. Can you refer me to my comment that nearly took you to depression? If you don't, then watch the wrath of God descend on you.
      What do you witches take me for? So I shouldn't air my views like everyone else because I'm Castle who lives on giveaways?

      For your information, my daughter and I have been doing just fine. I'm a born hustler, I'm not lazy, so your giveaway adds no impact in my life. Rubbish.

    4. Or are you the guy we scolded the other day? Is this your comeback? Shame!

    5. Honestly some people are very insultive.
      I don't know about castle.i have not really seen that of her but the way some people attack opinons is terrible

    6. Who doesn't know this is castle. Keep generating controversies on urself just to gain sympathy.

    7. Castle you might want to look up that word "hustler" before using it next time

    8. Castle I'm not fighting you now....oya come help me do my make up this morning cos I dey prepare go work, so I will know you are not angry with me.
      I dey wait you ooo castle and I dey reason which cloth to wear maybe gown or skirt and blouse come help me

      I love you castle

    9. 9:21 you're stupid. I don't write nonsense, and incoherently too.
      9:39 whatever it means I don't care. At least you got my point.

  21. Happy belated birthday to Baby Korede of yesterday's IHN. She is so beautiful with a lovely name. Thanks to those who replied me on Cryptic Pregnancy post. I learnt from the post. I wish all preggie women safe delivery. Lovely day to every every. Good morning.

  22. Good morning. Happy end of the month to everyone

  23. She killed my friend! A good man. The most gentle guy I've ever interacted with. He took very good care of her until things went downhill for him. It was at that point she got a very good job. It signalled the beginning of his misfortune. She ridiculed him. Brought in men. Kicked him out of the house. Tried to turn the kids against him- that didn't work though(God bless those kids). We lost him last week. He consistently had a high BP. He eventually caved in to death. I never believed anybody could humiliate their loved one just because they aren't doing well anymore. A guy that strove so hard to give you the good life.
    Listen brothers, NEVER EVER go the extra mile to please any woman. The moment the good stuff isn't coming anymore, you'll face the greatest ridicule of your life. The truth is, most women are with their men because they haven't seen what they consider a better option. The moment they do, a guy they hitherto professed undying love to, begins to irritate them. At that point they begin to openly disrespect and humiliate him. Are these the sort of people you should kill yourself for? Young man, save your money. Invest your money wisely. Plan your tomorrow. Don't ever allow yourself get broke while with her. You'd be digging your grave. Remember, nobody usually cares about an old broke man. Plan your tomorrow. Any woman putting pressure on your finances should be discarded. There's nothing special about her. It's still breast, pussy and buttocks. Nothing more. It's everywhere. You can get it anytime. The point is, don't make any goddamn woman your priority. Be irresponsible with women. That's the best way to keep them in check. Don't show any form of weakness. Don't hit them either.
    Rest in peace bro. We'd surely miss your gentility and mature interactions.

    1. While I sympathize with you on the loss of your friend. You can’t use the action of a single woman to condemn the entire female world. I’m sure your friend also made some mistakes, you can’t hear one side of the story and make judgement. Life is too short to hold up such bitterness. I wish you healing and love.

    2. Yaba left escapee30 April 2019 at 08:43

      "The truth is, most women are with their men because they haven't seen what they consider a better option".. #Truth.
      Ceaser, your deep rooted hatred for women begs the question, do you love your mum?
      RIP to your friend.

    3. RIP to your Bros. It is well with them and comfort to you all Amen.

      You need to see a doctor before you die on hatred of women.

      God loves women more because they minister to His son and followed him to the end of His time on earth.

      Your hatred will just be your undoing. r

    4. Pls keep quiet.shut ur stipud mouth.
      I know countless women who stood by their huby through thick and thin.
      And they survived.
      It is about the person not about male or female.
      A female will come and talk about this same story with reverse.u better stop been bitter .

    5. Ah my dear this is too much. I do sympathise with you on the demise of your brother but please don't generalise. Our prayer should be God give me that which is mine and take away that which isnt mine. Your brother married a bad woman.may his soul rest in peace.

    6. Tenth, the guy is grieving. Time it down. That was too hard. Don't add to his pain pls? Not now.
      People, let's be sensitive.

      Caesar, sorry for your lose. May God comfort you all the bereaved. And may you find a love so pure that will make you realise, some women are angels.
      It's well with you all.

    7. RIP to your friend.
      Not all women are like that.
      Your friend was just unlucky.
      I had a similar experience but that didn’t make me generalize or even mistreat the other guys that came after him.
      I know you are hurting, just take things easy.

    8. Your bitterness will be your undoing. This story is probably fake, cooked up to evoke pity and inspire fear. If your bitterness isn't cos of your childhood, you must have met a bad woman cos deep down you are not a good man. Women do all sorts and go the extra mile for men they love everyday and we don't hear anything. But you're not even ashamed to be spitting your poison on a blog owned by a woman. Tueh!

    9. Sorry for your loss, May He be granted eternal rest..

      Once you tangle yourself to a deceptive possessive human, such unruliness is bound to happen.the perception should be neutral here, irrespective of the gender.

      A candid human is exceptional and rare thats why we got to search inward and avoid being daunted by the illusive outward glow.
      Beneath lies the quality. When we get quality, everything then fits in to spell out the SPECIALness

    10. Will you shut it. Do you know how many women are going through shit but still keeping up.
      I saw my sister 2 days ago and she looked fresh and fat. Only to be told her husband now works in another state.

      Peace of mind she has now cos the husband is an educated psycho.

    11. Your piece of writing is annoying. Because a particular woman default in caring for her love doesn't mean all woman are the same.

    12. Why do you hate women?

    13. Please get lost! Change your MO. It's boring already.

  24. Wishing everyone a lovely day.

  25. ISAIAH 6:1
    In the year that king Uzziah DIED I saw also the LORD sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.

    Whatever that need to die for your HELPERS EYES to be OPEN to see you will die urgently in the name of JESUS...Amen.

  26. Good morning lovelies,do have a great day.

  27. Good morning all. God is love.

    Let's keep that in mind. PUSH.....
    Pray until something happens. Don't give up on yourself because your miracle is just a stone throw.

    Have a beautiful day all.

  28. My 10th wedding anniversary is in May. Tnk u Jesus for everything u Av doing. My prayer is God shd giv me anoda wonderful baby to top d anniversary. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  29. I take care of the bring in money like five times in a full year.weekly and not monthly.
    I have begged money for us to survive.yet you can hardly say thank can hardly encourage me.too proud and filled with never want to got extra mile.i will cook you will be asking for the biggest meat.i don't know how to be stingy .i can not cook for just me.i try to hide the shame.i lie to friends and family every now and then and yet you are rarely appreciative.
    Every bill i act like it isnfrom you.very insultive.all you know is you did not greet me when you woke don see me finish.are u for real????.
    I greet you almost every day.bu their are days i am tired.
    It does not Dawn on u.
    My mom grew up with such crap here i am doing same.
    I know you are trying to make some deals but it has not come out.this is 9 good years of carrying the family annoying.marriage is a scam if no will say you don't cheat nor drink nor smoke.soooooo.should i be applaud you for doing things for your own health.
    Cos of ordinary gas head i almost got burnt last night.the stew i was cooking poured everywhere around to 12 midnight cos no money to cook on time.
    You went and sat in the sitting room watching gotv i paid assistance.nothin like how can i help let us do it will say u are expose men u are annoyance is at least it will not kill you to sweep once in a while without been told.
    If i am down u should be able to help.
    Just help out once in a while.for all the years i have endured never ever have u don breakfast in bed.i am tired
    I know soon the deal will come cos God has smiled on you on this but no matter the money u have i learn u are egoistic and ungrateful

    1. Sit him down and tell him al lthese.
      A man that acts this way when he's poor I hope u are not expecting him to change when the deal has been brokered and he now has money?

    2. Na wa ooo.
      Why not communicate.
      9 years is not easy o.

  30. Good morning everyone,the month ends today,thank u lord for april,May please be good to me and my children.

  31. Countdown starts today. I’m tendering my resignation at work in 2weeks. Flight booked, Airbnb booked, Itinerary drawn up, but I can’t believe I still feel anxious.

    To relocate and leave my friends and family, boo included, is hard and exciting at the same time. I always enjoyed traveling, but I guess traveling for fun and shopping is different from a permanent move. I think of all the things I’ll miss, my job, my colleagues, my friends. I love my lie here.

    I don’t know how exactly I’m feeling, I’m happy and sad at the same time. I never really believed that I would ever want to relocate permanently, I was the hopeful Nigerian that believed things will change.I guess I have just become jaded.

    Canada be kind to me.

    1. Congrats. Just go with the flow and succeed

    2. Abeg i need that ur boo contact.

    3. Congrats to you. Connect me to the job na

    4. Congratulations. Many people are on queue to be just like you. You are lucky.

    5. Thanks. I will be fine last last. Na the cold i dey reason sef, all my trips abroad before now were during the summer.

      The only time i had to attend a work training during the winter in the UK, cold almost finished my imagine how Canada cold go be, that's why i delayed till spring like this, but even at that. I feel the way i usually feel when i'm resuming at a new school.

    6. It will be good to you, just believe and congrats on your big move.

    7. lol..Anon 9:44 take am easy. I no dey leave the boo for you na.

      Relocation no mean say the relationship don scatter, Boo has started the process i did too.

    8. Awww.. Congratulations!
      Canada would be the beginning of greater things for you.
      I key into your PPR testimony and declare that mine shall come speedily... Amen!

    9. Awww, congrats madam objective.

  32. Good morning BV's
    I really need to unburden my heart.

    I graduated from school like 9 years ago. Our HOD in school then was very terrible...He forced alot of girls in my class then to sleep with him (esp people who had issues with their results). Infact he was so bad that we organized a class prayer against in him then, because one of my friends had a small issues with her a course and she rewrote it but the result never came out and he demanded to sleep with her before he could help her out and it was also the course he taught us. She had to spend extra 1 year before she could go for service.

    He was finally sacked from my school after that year. His great exploits was noised all over the other issues. I can't go into details what that man did.

    I got a lecturing Job recently, I was really excited for the great opportunity, only to discover that he was appointed as the new HOD of my department again. I was so so angry. And he actually reconignzed me. You may say he has changed..Na lie! The first day we met you can't believe what he told me...He first looked me from head to toe and then saw my wedding band and said "That my husband should come and thank him for preserving my purity" you can imagine. Because I wasnt among those who he tried to destroy. He actually reduced my GP according to my course rep then because I refused to pay him.(it is another long story)

    The issue NOW is I don't know how to pretend well...Every other lecturer sees him as 'Godsent'. They practically worship and hangs on his word. He's a smooth talker. But I can't seem to forget his evils while I was in school. How do I pretend?? Others are already seeing me as someone not serious because they keep writing articles and submitting to him and his praising them but I can't stand that Man. It is bad. I don't know how to conceal how I feel about him seriously.πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†

    And they all know he was my HOD oh!

    1. No use your hand pour sand for your garri ooo
      Do ur work and stay on your lane, thank God u were not among those he slept with so no bad blood there.
      As a lecturer u should be able to write articles...thaz one of the quickest ways to grow on the job. Write your articles, attend seminars and conferences and forget about the man. Unless he harrases u, u hae vno case. So just face your job, don't allow your hatred for him to make u slack and remain stagnant. At least u didn't mnetion that he has witch hunted you or refused publishing your article. Just forget about him and face your work...simple.

    2. Make sure u are doing ur job well...maybe he has really change,let him be

  33. Michael okpara university is recruiting for lecturers,admin staff,nurse,physiotherapist, accountant etc

    1. For real?
      I'm in Umuahia maybe I will go and check it out.

    2. Thanks for the news

    3. Its ending second week of June,go to yesterday's punch newspaper too.Wish u guys luck.Miz A I'm in umuahia too,work there too.

  34. Good morning bvs.

    I bless God for a new day.

    April is surely ending with all my problems.

    May today favour us all. Amen

  35. Good morning my beautiful people. May all our sorrows, pains, troubles, depression go away with April. May the month of MAY usher in a new beginning for us in Jesus name, Amen. Have a blessed day

  36. Good morning BVs, have a blessed day

  37. OK. This is just my opinion. You are free to disagree and state your opinion. But pls no bashing. Here I go.. lol
    It seems these days that Christianity as a whole is changing. It seems the Church is becoming more 'worldy'. It's like the Church is competing with the world . I love Christian songs and the lyrics matter to me. But it seems these new generation of Gospel singers are after songs that will sell and blend with the world than actually winning souls. Yes, I listen to their songs, it's lifting in it's own way but lacking that spiritual backing. It's more like a feel good song to me. There are songs I have listened to and if not that God or Jesus was mentioned ,I wouldn't have known it was even a Christian /Gospel song. I don't get. It seems Christianity is more of a thing of the mind. Action does not have to 'speak' for you to know this is a Christian. I went to work somewhere sometimes back and there was this man, with his actions, you wouldn't have known if he is a Christian or not. But alas he was actually a Pastor and many more examples like that. So another question is, are we just Christlike in Church? Are we not supposed to act like Christ in our environment and work places?
    And then all this new dance steps have entered into the Church. Should we allow the world into the Church...
    Just my thoughts o. Feel free to comment. Thank you


    1. Maybe i should take this to in house news?......or you repost it in the comment section of ihn

    2. This is why I only love Rosemary Chukwu and Chioma Jesus Christian songs.

    3. Great Stella I wanted to suggest that you make it a post. Godbless Stella.

      Chinwe Uba

  38. Good morning beautiful people. May God's light shine upon us

  39. Goodmorning everyone
    UNN will not frustrate me o

  40. Good morning House... Blessed day to us all

  41. This year don dey go again #sadface, i never see husband. Thank God for life and my job. Jesus Eseun o


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