Stella Dimoko Crooner Seyi Shay Says Living In Nigeria As A Woman Comes At A High Cost


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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Crooner Seyi Shay Says Living In Nigeria As A Woman Comes At A High Cost

REACTING to the story of some women who were arrested in Abuja nightclubs and paraded as prostitutes, singer Seyi Shay (Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua) says that living as a woman in Nigeria comes at too high a cost.

The singer elaborated more on the issues by highlighting on the recent of some women being paraded by the police accusing them of being prostitutes.

“About 3 weeks ago, police raided night clubs in Abuja, arrested 30 women, and accused them of being prostitutes. Last week, they raided more clubs, and basically kidnapped women that happened to be on the road, adding 70 more women to the list.”

“Some women were let go because they could prove they were married, others were extorted and let go, and the most unfortunate were raped by the men who are supposed to be the enforcers of the law.

“Living as a woman in Nigeria comes at too high a cost, and it is time for our leaders to understand they cannot continue to turn a blind eye as our fundamental human rights are abused and trampled on repeatedly. Many have marched and protested, and we refuse to be silenced. We are demanding immediate justice for the abuse and assault of these women, and the reformation of the police force.”

Seyi Shay is presently preparing for her London show tagged ‘Seyi Shay Live In London’.
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  1. Its a lie....If you respect yourself and stay away from ungodly places you'd be fine.

    1. Really? Does that justify the harassment?

    2. You are a proper idiot. So fundamental human right of movement has been abolished in Nigeria. Everybody must be what you want them to be. You people are living in hell.

  2. Any woman wey dey outside her house for 12 midnight nderi come dey "club", no be
    fork she dey share?
    Ajuju n' ese okwu?
    Na we ladies dey decide whether fork
    go happen. If the brats wey una dey call
    men commot for midnight come drink for club but no lady show,
    no be door keyhole im go fork?
    Ajuju esebego okwu?
    Naija girls close una legs stay for house and no dey waka waka for midnight like abani di egwu
    No be today Naija police begin arrest and fork midnight women.

    1. Hahahahaohobohoho I laff in urhobo

    2. Jeeeeeez. Enough with this "fork, fork, fork" talk. Ah ah!!!

    3. @Candy

      Enough of fork?
      Sorry inugo, make I change am;
      spoon, spoon, spoon, knife, knife, knife, plate, plate, plate...
      As if you and all Naija girls get any other preoccupation?
      Ajuju n' ese okwu?

    4. I just confirmed that you are a bastard cretin. You havent really bothered me so far.I just read your comments,shrug and pass. But for you to type this crap,you be animal.

      Its on now, Gba aka chelu m

    5. "Any woman wey dey outside her house for 12 midnight nderi come dey "club", no be
      fork she dey share?"

      Stella, at some point you need to put a leash on this fool. This is rape we are talking here and it had the guts to blame the victims. Why let a comment like this stand? What is so wrong with going to the club? When did it become a reason to be raped by the people whose jobs are to protect and serve?

      Some of us went out to protest against this, so it especially disgusts me that I'd come to a place like this to find that victims are being shamed and blamed just so a fool could get a minute or two of attention. This is just so wrong!

    6. @Anonymous 10:18. There was nowhere she justified rape. You chose to understand what you wished to. She was addressing the arrests.
      I think the problem is that a lot of you do not understand her pigon language. Did you see "brats called men?" Do you know the meaning of

  3. I even clubbed last night,nothing dey happen.

    1. @Fan
      When something come happen, no forget our Chronicles o
      We go read am like that.
      Pharisee. 😝😝😝

    2. You? Clubbed? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      Chai club houses don suffer 😂😂😂😂...see mgbeorie see clubbing.

  4. the way she wrote "and the reformation of the police force" got me laughing.

  5. So if you go clubbing with your husband nko, so they'll just enter and arrest anybody they see abi...misplaced priorities! Smh
    Ndi uchu!

  6. Some women do not get what she is saying because they don't go to nightclubs so they feel they are safe. They do not understand the magnitude of what is at play here and how it may not affect them today, but how it may very well affect their daughters down the road. Today nightclubs, tomorrow hair salon, next time women's retreat at a hotel because they must be prostitutes why they are at a hotel with no male kin.


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