Stella Dimoko Herbalist Kills Pastor Who Visited Him To Boost Church Attendance ....


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Monday, May 13, 2019

Herbalist Kills Pastor Who Visited Him To Boost Church Attendance ....


An ex-convict, Sina Adeoye, has been arrested for killing one Pastor Emmanuel Ogedengbe of a Cherubim and Seraphim church, located around Agugu area of Ibadan ,Oyo State .

3 years ago, he was arrested for being the ring leader of a dare-devil six-man gang of ritualists cum human parts seller in Oba-Ile, Osun State , and sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Pastor Ogedengbe had, on Sunday, May 5, 2019, asked his church member , Sola Adebayo, to accompany him to Adeoye to help him boost his church attendance as it had dropped seriously.

According to Adebayo: “It was when we got to Oba-Ile that I realised we have come to a herbalist's house and I immediately asked him what we were doing there. .

He told me that these suspects were his friends and that they have been friends for like 8 years. Few minutes later, I was told to wait and they all left with Pastor and it was when I started calling his number without any response that I started having a second thought. .

I later escaped in my car. They chased me to Osogbo-Ikirun expressway before they went back and I rushed to the nearest police station.”
The police later mobilized and arrested Sina Adeoye, Fatai Tirimisiyu and Baba Alawonle who confessed to have slaughtered the Pastor and shared his vital body parts.

But another scenario played out, when one Sadiq, the son of the prime suspect, Adeoye, came to the police with a big bowl filled with human parts suspected to be some body parts of the deceased.

According to him: “My father told me to keep this bucket and warned me not to open it, lest I go blind. But since I heard that he has been arrested, I see the need to bring the bucket to the police so that he can open it.”


  1. Some white garments can fall hand o...

  2. "Brought the bucket to the station so he can open it". Lol
    Which kain akoba adaba pikin be that one.

  3. I was talking to a friend about how surprised I am that these white garment churches always have lots and lots of members, no matter how new or ugly the church is.

    Like for example, my church 'foursquare' that has been in existence since when I was little is still just managing the not so many members it has.

    Same thing can't be said about one white garment church, that opened their branch almost directly in front of my church. If u see members ehn, fear will catch u. The building is even an uncompleted building but that didn't seem a problem

    My friend then explained to me that, most churches u see that just open up and have members just trooping in and out in large numbers are probably not clean. That they must have dipped their hands in one fetish thing or the other. I didn't think this was the case but with this ehn, I'm beginning to think again.

    I won't say I pity the pastor tho. I guess it was time for his exposure and punishment. You can deceive man but not God

    1. My name is Joy too from Benue. I attend foursquare gospel church too. What branch are you??

  4. He was arrested 6 years ago and was released. Which way Nigeria?

    1. I tell you oooo.... human part deal, yet he got just 3yrs!!! They are now expecting him not to go back into that same crime or even be worse. Tueh!! !

  5. I have been saying that people should run away from fake Pastors and their fake prophecies. Most of the Pastors we have today migrated from native doctor. They just added table, white cotton and olive oil

  6. I won't comment on the slaughtered devil cos these days, lots of devils are taking on the title 'pastor' as their pseudonym.

    My concern is on why a ritualist will be given a 3yrs sentence after conviction.

  7. So in this Nigeria the leader of a daredevil gang of ritualists and human parts dealers was arrested, charged to court and sentenced to only 3yrs imprisonment??? Or was he sentenced to 30yrs and he escaped after 3yrs??
    This is so heart wrenching. People who were arrested for loitering spend more time than that in prison for crying out loud!
    How did I even become a Nigerian in the first place? Where someone spends 3yrs in jail for a capital offence, gets out and continues from where he stopped because after all, nothing will happen..

  8. oh mehn! This is judgement day for the wicked.

  9. He made his bed, may he rest eternally on it.

  10. Na wa. So many evil going on in this country. I have one pastor on my Facebook. When he started his church was in Igando and it was kpako. Today he is in Lekki with a mighty building and lots of members. Haa just 2 years, how did he do it?

    May God open the eyes of His Children to know where they put legs.

    Just like the Bible said not every Altar is cleanf.

  11. So snake dey swallow snake too? Hahaha, white garment no be today I don know say na fake church all of them be. If I begin download white garment, eeeh, all those nonetity masquerading as 'I relocated abroad' will be relocated back to their bases. What is the difference between white garment, babalawo and ritualist? No difference. A bigger snake swallowed the smaller one, so members over to you.

  12. Hmmmm!!!!! Things are happening.
    May God continues to expose and disgrace fake pastors all over the world.

  13. If what the witness said was true and the pastor said he had been friends with the ritualists for either years, does that mean he used to do the same as them. Which normal person would be friends with ppl who do such diabolical acts unless they were one and the same. Going to church is not by force, If these preachers are too hard to trust then commune together at home and praise your God in peace. These scammer pastors want tithe and offering money and they will do anything for it because it is free money.

  14. 3 years ago, he was arrested for being the ring leader of a dare-devil six-man gang of ritualists cum human parts seller in Oba-Ile, Osun State , and sentenced to 3 years in prison.

    GOD...WHO DID WE OFFEND IN THIS NIGERIA!!! JUDGE SENTENCED A RITUAL KILLER TO JUST 3 FUCKING YEARS! Of course he will come out and continue his trade naaa!

  15. What will be the hope of the coming generation, how will our life be, how selfish will it be then, when a person known for being the leader of a dare devil(can u imagine Tue dare devil for that matter) been sentence to 3yrs in prison.
    Some body will now brake in and steal just #5000, he will now be sentence to 20-30 yrs in prison.
    Nigeria wake up, the mighty men are falling, those who want to judge godly are not in power, who are in power are not ready to serve Nigeria as they have promised to do.
    Divine intervention is d next option we have to choose, let's call upon the person who owns everything to deliver us from this end time sign.
    Because this is ridiculous...


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