Stella Dimoko Horribly Dilapidated State Of Court Buildings In Aba....


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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Horribly Dilapidated State Of Court Buildings In Aba....

The Court in this photo is known as the Red Cross Building Located at Pound Road Aba, Abia State. 

This building is so dilapidated that the Magistrates no longer sit in the court which has a court room upstairs and another one down stairs.

The roof is blown off and when it rains the courtroom is flooded.

In the past the Magistrate who sat there complained of mosquitoes biting her legs during court sessions she had to wear leggings in order to sit.
In fact she brought her own standing fan to ward of mosquitoes because the Court surroundings is also very filthy.


  1. Court room! As in courtroom? It is well.

  2. See what they have reduced our courts to.
    There are a lot of court buildings like this....I think it’s disrespectful you can a judge/magistrate sit in a court like this?
    One day the building might collapse on him/her.
    It’s a pity anyway.

  3. Mere looking at this building is enough to give someone skin infection.

  4. Nothing in Abia is working. I pray my dreams come true so I'll get my parents out of that godforsaken city.

    1. Amen.My dad won't leave for anywhere else.I grew up there but hate to visit the town.

  5. Enter your can justice be in this type of place. Hmmmmm

  6. Nigeria my country,which way

  7. Nawa oh. Akwa ibom has really tried in their court rooms oh, Even magistrate courts, Ac will just be finishing you talkless of court rooms. Common for gen to spoil and judge was sweating anyhow, he quietly ask for everyone to adjourn oh and off he went

  8. This doesn't look good at all ,I'm sure one or two of the govt authorities would have seen it ,but definitely ignored .God forbid it collapses during a court hearing, then you'd see them putting up emergency measures,going about their eye service care. Mtchwwww!!

  9. Abia State and Imo State needs God’s intervention because their rulers has done more bad then Good.

    Worst states of the South-East.

  10. I don't know why ALL Governor's is in Abia State are not doing anything

  11. That building should be condemned. Can you imagine going to school for almost a decade, working years in your field as a lawyer and then the glory of making it to the level of judge to come and work in a place like that. You must wonder if they hated you why you were appointed and sent there.

  12. Hey!! Even Mental health Hospitals nor suppose look like this.
    What is the problem in Nigeria?
    How can a Judge be proud to work in a place like this?

  13. Hope they blames it on Tinubu and Buhari


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