Stella Dimoko House Of Representatives Pass Bill Abolishing Discrimination Between HND/BSc Degrees


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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

House Of Representatives Pass Bill Abolishing Discrimination Between HND/BSc Degrees

The house of representatives has passed a bill abolishing the existing dichotomy between higher national diploma (HND) and bachelor’s of science (BSc) degree holders in the country.

The “bill for an act to abolish and prohibit dichotomy and discrimination between first degrees and HND in the same profession” was passed during Tuesday’s plenary.

The legislation, which was sponsored by Ali Isa and Edward Pwajok from Gombe and Plateau states respectively, had been passed for second reading since April 2017.

It seeks to end perceived discrimination against polytechnic graduates and remove the challenges faced by HND holders, especially those in the public service.

Pwajok had said the “discrimination” against the polytechnic graduates “had no moral justification” and that it would make the international community look down on the status of educational institutions in the country.

The lawmaker had said there is “a lot of segregation” at employment level as “those with first degree are placed on grade level 8, while those with HND are placed on grade level 6 or 7.”

He had also said the discrimination reflects in salaries as some organisations pay degree holders N100,000 at entry level, while their counterparts with HND get N70,000.
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  1. 😂😂 these guys...they should focus on the major problems. If there were employment opportunities no one would notice hnd and bsc..

  2. I am one of those advocating for this.

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  4. It's not Abolishing it that's the problem the problem is if companies would effect the change because I still saw an advert from one of this oil companies with stern insistence that it was an opening for Bsc holders alone so Hnd holders shouldn't bother putting in applications.
    I feel there should be a body that checkmates if this thing are being carried out to the later

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    2. Even KPMG does this too, the only job they offer HND graduates are contract jobs for less than 100k.
      This is Good news for HND graduates, that is if it is adhered to by the top companies.

  5. This one no concern The companies/ employers...they will still discriminate.

  6. Nigeria my country, make una table better issue. Mteewwwwww.

  7. The degrees are not the same

  8. Good move
    I hope it is implemented

  9. They are actually not the same. Its like saying you want to abolish the difference between college and university in Canada. HND holders are better suited for some jobs whil BSc for others. The only thing I agree with is if they are employed for the same job, doing the same thing with similar experience then they should be paid the same and be at the same level. But they are not they same type of degree.

  10. I pray they implement his cos for long people have been suffering. Is only n Nigeria that they will create something and still discriminate.

  11. Smhh. Who abolishing help? The employers of labor knows what they want. If they ask u for BSC and because say it has been abolished u submit HND my people na groundnut them go use ham sell las las. This country is a big joke. No respect for the rule of law.

  12. Well I love this but im sure employees don't respect rule of law and may not effect change. The 2 degrees anrent same agreed but in a situation where u both do same job and u even perform better than a lot of bsc holders. And the person that was employed 6 years after your employment and they earn more than you. If one performs well I don't think degree shld be a hindrance to u getting well paid for a jib well done.


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