Stella Dimoko Judge Dissolves 15 Year Old Marriage After Couple Tear Each Other Apart In Court...


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Saturday, May 04, 2019

Judge Dissolves 15 Year Old Marriage After Couple Tear Each Other Apart In Court...

What a pity!!!!

A woman, Adejola Olabinu, has dragged her husband, Paul Olabinu before Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, seeking that it separate them.

Adejola in her divorce suit accused her husband of irresponsibility, drunkenness and battery. She added that he had insatiable desire for s#x.

She, therefore, prayed the court to separate them and grant her custody of their three children.

She said: “My lord, my husband and I are not compatible. It is glaring we do not understand each other and as a result, our home is always in chaos.
We fight everyday because we are always at loggerheads. He lords himself over me and our children and is in the habit of shouting, dictating and ordering me and our children about in the house.

“He’s a drunk and spends his income on alcohol. He can drink a barrel of beer in a day. I can’t remember when last he gave me and our children feeding allowance or money to run the home. Neither is our children’s education his priority. Any time I request that he gives me feeding allowance, he will get angry, pounce on me and beat me blue-black.

He never ceases to rain curses on me and our children at the slightest provocation, while he’s also in the habit of keeping malice with us. He will sometimes refuse to talk to anyone in the house for weeks. He had once kept malice with me for as long as two and a half months.

Worst of all is his insatiable desire for s#x. He believes his only responsibility towards me as my husband is to have s#x with me. He can demand for s#x anytime of the day, not caring if I’m in the mood or not. He’s also not bothered if our children are around and watching us. Anytime I refuse him s#x, he makes life difficult for me.

My lord, I’m tired of his atrocities, I pray the court to separate us today and hand over our children to me for adequate care''.

Paul acceded to divorce.

In his response, Paul told the court, “I agree to divorce.
 “I’m also no more interested in a woman who is not trustworthy.
My lord, my wife is a slut. She has strings of lovers who call her at unholy hours. Anytime they call, she will rush out of our room to receive their calls and can be on the phone for almost an hour.

On many occasions, she will disappear from home for days and lodge with her lovers in hotels.

We have often fought over her promiscuous lifestyle but she has refused to change. My lord, I fear that she might infect me with STDs.

I felt ashamed when I learnt that some indecent guys in our compound kept some amount of money they stole with her. Rather than show a sign of remorse after the secret was let out, she went irate and fought me and our neighbours.

My lord, contrary to what she said, I’m a responsible husband and father. I have always made my family’s welfare a priority and have never defaulted in my duties towards them.”

Giving his judgment after he had listened to the duo, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, noted that their union had broken down irretrievably.

Ruling, he dissolved their wedlock and gave custody of their children to the plaintiff.

According to Odunade, the defendant should give their three children N12, 000 per month as feeding allowance as from the end of the month of May. This, he stated, must be paid through the court.

Odunade added that the plaintiff must also be responsible for their education and health care.
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  1. I wonder why it is hard for men to provide for their children and it is very common with these people.

    Your own is to knack and bring forth children, while you allow the women to start taking care without input from you.

    Good they divorced. o

  2. Irresponsible men everywhere! I'm sure he's not saying the truth. Thank God the marriage is dissolved. Another woman will soon take over just to be called Mrs.

  3. I know this woman isn't cheating. Its not usual in our society for a woman to ask for divorce. She's apparently tired and frustrated.

    Oloshi Paul is just being insecure and irresponsible.

  4. Your wife is a slut ����
    Thank God she’s left you.
    Some men though!!

  5. What kind of ruling is this? 12k for each child or all the children.

    1. All the children, court awards 4k per child. How is that realistic? Ultimately, the entire welfare resides with the mum.

  6. The man is irresponsible but she had 3 children with him. She kept covering him, even when he was making life miserable for the children. Some of these women get the men they deserve

  7. The same accusation against the women; serial adultery.
    Is it becoming the trademark of married women in Nigeria?

    And for the men, the accusation is always battery.

    1. if serial adultery is the trademark of men in Nigeria then why not???

  8. Everytime, they will always accuse the woman of cheating.

  9. Marriages breaking down more these days I only wonder the negative impact it would have on the children


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