Stella Dimoko Medical Student Ends His Life After Failing His MBBS Exam


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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Medical Student Ends His Life After Failing His MBBS Exam

Uzakah Timi Ebiweni, a 300 level medical student of the Niger Delta University, NDU, has allegedly died after plunging into Amassoma River in Bayelsa State

He started giving hints via his WhatsApp stories by initially posting a candle light and then changing it to the picture of a candle with its light blown off.

Ebiweni, took the decision to end it all after failing his MBBS exams. It was gathered that out of the 169 students in his class, 50 failed according to reports


  1. I saw this early this morning and was wondering what is really happening in the Nigerian institutions. There should be a proper orientation on the youths and adults as well on the need to seek help and open up for assistance when they start developing strange feelings about life. The rate of suicide is getting on the high side. So unfortunate he chose this path. May his soul find rest.

    1. How is this the fault of the school now? People normally fail MBBS exam, it's not unusual. When you finish orientating the students on whatever, will you follow them home to their abusive parents? Shebi it's on this blog a BV said her cousin committed suicide cos of how verbally and mentally abusive the father was to the young man. Didn't we read of a university undergraduate (I think in first year at a university in the North) whose suicide note mentioned her mother being the cause? Orientate youth or preach as long as you like but suicide rates will continue to rise as long as greedy, abusive parents aren't called to order.

  2. What’s happening?
    Is it such a terrible thing to fail?
    People have failed severally and still held their heads up high.
    This is heartbreaking.

    1. Nigeria is one hell of a place. I graduated from the Dept of Microbiology in University of Lagos with a 3rd class and it was hell for me, during my undergraduate days, no one to counsel me. I even went to the department of counselling or student affairs or something like that in Engineering block "Dept": for where 😏, no one even advised me let alone follow my case up and I couldnt tell my parents what I was going through.
      As far as I was concerned I would never make it in life "who was going to employ a graduate with 3rd class into the Banking Industry or Communication industry at that time".
      Luckily or do i say fortunately for me I am British so my parents sent me back to the UK, went back to school, graduated with a 2:1, had my masters and then decided to do ACCA. To God be the glory I am now a Chartered Accountant.
      You can imagine if I never had the opportunity to travel abroad?
      No one to counsel students in Nigeria and its really sad and the lecturers don't even make it any easy.
      Poor guy, may his soul rest in perfect peace 😢.

    2. Awwwwww thank God for you anon.
      Failure is not the end of ones life.
      Some parents and friends don’t even make it easy.
      They brand you a failure and compare you with other children.
      We have a long way to go in this country.

    3. At Anonymous10:49. I am sorry for what you went through but from what you wrote , you can see you were not really science inclined coz you now delved into the social science area and you made it. Sometimes we don’t really know what can work for us if only we push harder. I think that was majorly your case.
      Most people including parents force their kids to read professional courses whereas that kid just wants to do music or dramatic arts which most African parents don’t even want to hear about. And the effect can be drastic.

    4. I can remember my very first result in school. Like 3 carry overs. As i saw the results everywhere became dark and it was I was in twilight zone. People were talking but everything was in slow motion.
      I entered university at 16 and knew nothing at university as I am the first born. Never knew there was even anything like carry over or what GP meant.
      My year 1 results were not good at allllll and I always did well in secondary school. But my parents were never harsh on me.
      No one taught me before I sat up. I started going to libary to read everyday after lecturers.
      I purposely spread out my courses and gave myself extra year so I could finish with 2:2.
      No one looks at your extra year it's the grade you finish with that matters. And even if you finish with 3rd class. Life won't end. You can always do a 2nd degree later with your own money if need be.

  3. This is definitely 'parental pressure' and fear of disappointing them. African parents have a way for making you feel worthless when you do achieve the height they want you to.

    He's soo young, he already saw himself as a failure and decide to end everything. Suicide is never the best way out still.

    Sigh. Please if your guardians or parents make you feel worthless, run away from home and stay far from them instead of killing yourself.

  4. Shame, not meeting to societal and family expectations , heartbreaks are some few causes of increasing rate of suicide by youngsters. Infact, not meeting to one's own expectations causes a kind of withdrawal from one's self too although it could be masked by constant laughter and a sense of happiness on social media . it takes a lot of will power and God's grace to pull through this phase of life.

    Well RIP to the young man.

  5. The rate of suicide is becoming alarming. To fail is not a disease. Government should really look into a way to help the youths.

  6. Aside feeling sorry for his parents and siblings, I really wonder what will make someone commit suicide cus he failed an exam, so many people left medical school because they failed and they've made it in life.

  7. As long as there is life, there is hope.
    If he believed in himself, he would have become a medical doctor at anytime.
    It's never too late. What is too late is when one has LATE attached to his name.

  8. What's all these. Is it that the youths of today have been made to believe that no is not a word and failing is not a real thing? Things happen, people fail, plans don't go through, suck it up, pick up yourself and try again. This is maddening.

  9. Read the news last night and all i could do was to give a head shake.whay a pity

  10. God help us in Nigeria,suicide is the new panadol,so sad a lot of people are going thru so much secret battles that they can't share, it is well let's all be kind to one another.

  11. It's high time we start holding people accountable for th I incessant suicide by mostly the youths.
    sometime ago, I heard one of the managers in my office was telling his subordinate(who was already down due to the problems he was having with the management) that if he's sacked, it may be the end of him due to the countries economy and the unemployment rate. I asked him what he stood to gain from such advice and he said he was just enlightening him about the society we found ourself.
    I had to tell him the truth; that he's one of Nigeria's numerous problems. And that's the truth. What if the guy wasn't emotionally strong? He might have plunged to his death and people would blame him for being a coward. Right?

    Lecturers should do better, most of the suicide we have seen in these past few days have been mostly students. Nigerian lecturers have a part to play as well as our parents. This needs to stop now.😢😔

  12. I have a friend that failed mbbs twice, he was withdrawn too....he finally switched to another Dept, graduated and is now done with his masters. Youth suicide shouldn't even cross our mind, what's really happening?? is it that our parents are pressurizing us or what?? we ' friends too, check on ur friends, read meaning to their social media status/posts...when my friend failed his mbbs d first time, he didn't call or tell us, we got info that result has been posted, since he wasn't coming/ picking his calls, we knew there was a problem, we had to split to look for him. pls let's look out for one another. To whoever it may concern, suicide should never be an option... WHEN THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY!

  13. This is heartbreaking!!!!
    What's happening to our youths..

    Youths committing suicide as If they are drinking water..
    Father please come and rescue our youths from evil thought of committing suicide..
    Parental pressure everywhere..

    Too bad.
    Rest in peace dear..

  14. It's worse at the medical post graduate levels. What people don't understand is that for 'Doctors', your life is almost defined by these exams... You pass, you move forward, you don't, you remain in that spot while life goes on. It's a terrible situation and one of the unspoken reasons y Doctors are migrating so much, to areas where the term *Humane* is attached to your training.

  15. The pressure and tension is everywhere - home, workplace, school, church, peers, etc.

    Yesterday I got home feeling down and depressed (i am 7 months pregnant) and all i wanted to do was cry my eyes out. Hubby came home looking unhappy - office complain, economy, alot of things to be done and the fact that we would be spending about 100k every month (for 7 months) for his treatment. He got angry and told me he needed me to be me and make him smile. I told him same. He bought me ice cream which gave me some energy and he tickled me. Then I though, so you want to kee yoursef abi? How about this man who loves you scatter and your daughter? I had no choice than to be happy for them. We are in in together right?
    Truth is at some point we all feel sad, like a failure and all but not all has the 'grace'to push ahead. The very reason why YOU should be NICE to people cos that mean word you say to them could be their last push to commit suicide.

    May his soul rest in peace!

  16. I'm greatful to God for the family I come from. I had to transfer to another department in my 400lv,on getting to 300lv I had issues that I could not cope with so I had to withdraw from uniben. My parents supported my decision. Now I'm a graduate.
    Parents please be supportive of your children even when you are disappointed in them don't be too high handed on them. R.I.P

  17. The way I'm nursing the notion of gulping down one bottle of sniper.. it's the tiny straw of a therapist keeping me on..

  18. I m going to blame his family for this. I failed . twice sef.

    Today i have been a dr for 7 yrs making millions every month.

    What made the difference?My family dey behind me gidigba.

    Rest in Peace to my junior colleague

    1. Enough with blame games please. We need to cut our parents some slack. yes we should be better than them but they tried their best. Who told him his parents were not there for him?

  19. Young ones, Let parents read things like this to make them aware of the pressure they are putting on their children unconsciously. This could open a dialogue / communication to express how you really feel. I am sure parents too are feeling the pinch from paying fees and dealing with everyday hustles. It aint easy on both sides (parents / children). but communication helps a lot - RIP young man.

  20. I do not know why people should blame others for the responsibility of s stupid entity. Are doctors the richest? I was once a medical student. Someone after passing 1st,2nd,3rd,4th and final MBBS,on the day of swearing in as a doctor, was disqualified till date.He is still alive and doing well.some many have been withdrawn, yet heaven never loosed. To me,he is compound stupid and ignoramus and buscamus for such a devilish act.

  21. I do not know why people should blame others for the responsibility of s stupid entity. Are doctors the richest? I was once a medical student. Someone after passing 1st,2nd,3rd,4th and final MBBS,on the day of swearing in as a doctor, was disqualified till date.He is still alive and doing well.some many have been withdrawn, yet heaven never loosed. To me,he is compound stupid and ignoramus and buscamus for such a devilish act.

  22. Ask some of the most successful business ppl they will tell you that they failed many times before finding success. Look at some who were late bloomers, Julia Child, Tolkien, Susan Boyle ..etc. Not everyone's glory come early in the morning, sometimes it comes well after sun down. The race is not for the swift or the sure, but for those who can endure to the end. No point ending your life because of a disappointment, disappointments will always show up in life. Don't compare yourself to anyone else your journey is your own.

  23. Stella, his parents have always been harsh on him. He was used to hearing his father call him a useless and all sorts. He was afraid to face his father when he failed out of medical school. Parents should be supportive.


      If na lie make the parting for your nyash gum together?

  24. Failure is not the end of the world.
    Failure is the beginning of a second journey armed with the experience gotten of the previous journey.
    This country is a hard country to live in courtesy of the ravenous wolves that have hijacked it, so nobody should be blamed for failure, people should only be encouraged.

  25. What a way of dying. Parents be wise. May his soul RIP

  26. This has shown that most of this youngsters aren't growing under the influence of their parents. Some of this slay Mama and over busy Mothers cant even explain the emotional and mental state of their kids especially in their formative years,reasons for their isolation sometimes. Some parents lash out on their kids for failing instead of been their support system. Sorry to say this but it's true. Growing up they told us that Exams is never the true test of knowledge because for every exam or subject you didn't pass, you still know lot about the course. Hence we pick and try again sometimes we regroup,laugh about it as we prepare foe the resit. May God help our Kids. I feel so BadThis is sad


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