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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Nigerian History

Alhaji Shehu Shagari never had a First Lady when he was Nigeria's President....

from Nigerian facts on twitter.


  1. Wasn't he the first democratic president that was overthrown in 1983? Hope I am right on this. Now, I know and understand better about how crazy and power tasty those who overthrown him were and still are now after over 36years.

    Nigeria is truly a joke of a country.

    1. Yea Perxian, I saw that after reading. Sometimes one is been carried away you know.

    2. You must be very young to ask who he was. His Ministers started the corruption saga. The flew our money in cash to London for birthday, weddings and naming ceremonies. ASK ANYONE WHO IS ABOVE 50 TO TELL YOU WHO ADISA AKINLOYE WAS, WHO ALHAJI DIKKO WAS AND WHO WERE DABOH & TAKHA?

  2. well he sure had too many wives and didn't want to have issues with who to be the first lady.

  3. Back then all the wives of the president did was to follow their visitors to the airport. It was Mariam Babangida that changed the game with the tales of First Lady.

  4. The first of obasanjo's clueless presidents, so much damage was done to the economy through massive looting by members of his party during his time, Nigeria was only lucky that crude oil was still a hot commodity at that time, he was too weak and clueless to control the looters just like the other presidents that obasanjo imposed on Nigerians.


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