Stella Dimoko Reality Star Gifty Places A Curse On Those Who Allegedly Stole Her Things At The Airport


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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Reality Star Gifty Places A Curse On Those Who Allegedly Stole Her Things At The Airport

Reality Star Gifty who arrived the country a few days ago,says she lost some of her luggage to airport thieves...


  1. I feel for your daughter things...but plz we don't have your time tonto time we get now

    1. Emmy yayo,bet y??😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Now I believe when people call you fish brain,you can't go to the appropriate place to report.
    I would have supported you if you reported to the airport authority and nothing was done.
    And why didn't you insured your luggage and the content.
    I have insurance for my clothes, shoes,bags ,jewerries etc...
    I don't live in Nigeria so pls don't come for me.

    1. Anonymous 9.46 your brain is empty seriously. I think u re the fish Brain here ode.So she need to insure her travelling luggage from where pls? Don’t u know such stealing happens when airport workers offload luggages from flight to luggage carriage?Are u sure u have been out of the country before because ur comment sound stupid. Even overseas if your luggage go missing there is a limit to refund. You can’t even get 100% refund back. Some of you just comment without applying common sense. This issue has been happening in Airport for more than 20yrs.
      Stella let me know look for my comment.

  3. Tips of traveling
    Never you check in jewelries, money or document i'e why you have 7-10kg as carry on bag
    Always lock and wrap your check in bags

  4. So the bags were not locked. Fifty, do you get a credit alert every time you tell a dumb lie? Or you're just content with the attention?

    1. Like u don’t know they now open locked bags from the zip.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Not trying to be insensitive but this could be one of your gimmicks just to trend as usual.

  7. Happened to me before now I've learnt my lesson to use my hand luggage for anything flashy.
    And paddlock my box. Those people are pure thieves.

  8. Are you sure those things were stolen at the airport.?
    What if they were removed right from where you were coming from?
    It is rare for stuff to be stolen at Airport these days as there are CCTV cameras oo everywhere and multiple agencies working. Is it at offloading point from the aircraft or putting them on the carousel which are spining, where?
    The time frame is short for theft to occur. But if the bag came torn, it may be possible for those guys to pouch some stuff sticking out. Even this is difficult as not one person offloads in a flight. They are many.
    I know this as i had an experience. I arrived from Uk and did not find my Jewelries packed in a small case and one perfume. My bag was not cut or damaged. I went back to the airport to complain. They took me to their CCTV room to see the process of that day and the flight on question. After 2 days I had a call from London that i forget them in the room. A pillow was placed beside which made me not not to see. Though this case may not be like mine. It's just an instance.

    So my dear direct your matter to where you are coming from or someone around you. It may even be right under your nose in Nigeria.

    Was your bag damaged?

  9. Fifty welcome,we have noticed that you travelled and came back.oya take a seat at the back,we were discussing Tonto before you interrupted us with your noisy arrival

  10. How come this has been happening for years and NOTHING has been done to stop it?

  11. This is how my Aunty came in from USA empty handed for her father's burial and was making noise that they stole all the things she brought for the burial at Murtala mohammed Airport. Whoosaiii!!!
    It was a fat lie ooo. Nothing was stolen joor. It was to save face as she has been there for donkey years without sending any money or anything back home. And village people were waiting for her.
    See as people were cursing airport workers. But deep down in her heart I am sure she knew nothig was stolen.

    Me sef did that elah to my colleaques. When i went back to work after my vacation they all
    expected gifts. Na so i bobo them that my hand luggage was left unattended at Airport and was carried away and I couldnt locate those(security) office that took it and my flight was boarding,

    Seee lies. Na so they give me breathing space ooo

  12. nonsense. i just bought shoprite chocolate. me that i came back from exams with 20k to survive on before they pay salary. mtchew


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