Stella Dimoko Thursday Spontaneous Post....


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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thursday Spontaneous Post....

#thrusdayisalwaysthrowback #sunnylovelydayahead #atallatallnaembadoh #wastedthewholenight #didntstopdancingjustchangedpartners #omgomgomgomg #natoday

Good Morning lovely people.......

Hope those with hustle are at work already?E no easy but we must keep pushing because to hustle better pass to thief..........

Yesterday i ask for the person wey make comment inside boredom eliminating post to contact me and two Ladies contact with similar stories and both claiming to be the one that dropped that comment and just as i was gisting the Angel who asked me to look for the person ,a third claim came in...............E dey tire person and the Angel no fit take the drama so she don move and don gift the pay to someone else..........


Those pipu way wan advertise for in house news make una send in una advert...........with photo wen be ya own of course..........

Make una have a great day!

Catch Kiss!!!


  1. Good morning beeveeleonsπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    Abeg ooo I wan ask one sphycological question?

    Why be say ladies quick dey call man STINGY? After requesting and the said man refuses to grant/give them..

    1. Na psychological abeg. Which kind spelling be thatπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    2. Are you stingy?πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Tell them you are a business man.

    4. I remember how Sexy Daddy once held sway here.How's you,oha soup and cow 'blokus' all over SP comment section.
      I can't stop laughing .Some things just never stop being funny.

    5. tbabe, leave him o, later they will say it's autocorrect. Yinmu

    6. Pls my people, I need help. I'm having terrible pain in both breasts and it's been 6 weeks I had a MC. The pain is unbearable, I've used hot press, cold press and painkillers but non is helping. I'm not lactating though. I've been to the doctor and was asked to take painkillers. Pls is there anything else I can use?

    7. Throwback Thursday. I just remembered our old bvs. Pls show face and show some ❤️ to us. If u are angry with us (our mouth can send someone to exile pls forgive us and show love to us today.
      St. Frank oil
      Chick Felix
      White diamond
      Salt E
      J. Baby
      La Effizy
      Ms Gemini
      Money maker
      Dr. Agwwoturumbe
      Ewu love
      JayEm “Agrodice”
      Miss Mae
      General’s wife
      Posh baby
      Sabongids ora cutest
      Gbogbo big girls
      Jay Moore
      North Dakota siobttan
      Wide eye
      Irene Bernard
      Sexy boocoller
      Enigma. G
      Amaka hundeyin
      Pipi lee
      Sassy maruche
      Dr okechukwu
      Navi honey
      Mama nnukwu
      The baddest
      Queen Arabella
      Genny la-baby
      Beautiful & gifted
      Aunty gwegwegwe
      Samira hall
      Nzube izzu
      Mon Ami
      German juice
      Bee 10
      Chi exotic
      Rolex chick
      Pepper Ose oku
      Ed Dreamz
      Potable viv
      La Katie
      Sisi eko
      Okija wife

      Pls if u hear ur name, kindly show some love.

    8. @Fitplushappy, you must be a jobless person to know the names of so many BVs like this.

      Is it that you take a note and paper and compile names when people comment? It's like you people have no life outside this blog. Na wa.



  2. Thank you Lord for the gift of life. I'm alive and healthy today is by Your grace Lord. Guide and direct my path for in thee i put my trust. Blessed morning to everyone.

    1. Why are humans so full of deceit and wickedness?? You didn't make the comment and then you go claim you did? And that's how they blocked the blessing of the true owner..

      Wicked souls!! Na wa

    2. I tell you some people are just so wicked , they just deprive the real person from getting the money.

    3. Greed and wickedness over someone else's give away. From the time of Cain and Abel we have been wired to covet what does not belong to us and even kill for it. Stella and her givers are trying to do their best and truly want to help and yet they keep getting frustrated at every turn by liars and 'thieves' on this blog.

    4. Very wicked people, how on earth would somebody claim another person's comment? This is not fair at all. May God save us from all these heartless people blocking another people's blessing upandan.

  3. II Chronicles 7: 4.

    If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sins, and will heal their land.

    Draw closer to God and God will draw closer to you. No situation God cannot change. No sickness He can't heal.

    Let us crave for God, the time of His second coming is near.

    Good morning. Beautiful Thursday morning to you all.

    1. Good morning dear. Thanks for the word, its edifying.

      Good morning SDK and BVs

    2. Good morning Flamingo. God bless your you.

  4. Good Morning ❤

    Glory to God. Today is the last day of our prayers in MAY! You can still key in for the last hours...God is still in the business of wonders and miracles. Hallelujah!!!!

    Day 16 of MAY

    Join us 12pm & 12am NGT and pray ur problems out for a mighty turn around.

    Before saying a prayer read a psalm πŸ‘‡πŸ½ which speaks to your problem/plight.

    Powerful Psalms to read...

    Psalm 22 Misfortune away.

    Psalm 57 Fortunate in all things.

    Psalm 62 Holy blessing.

    Psalm 72 From poverty.

    Psalm 34 High pple receive you.

    Psalm 36 Against libel.

    Psalm 32 To receive grace,love and mercy.

    Psalm 28 To reconcile with your enemies.

    Psalm 44 To make yourself beloved.

    Psalm 61 Make your home lucky.

    Psalm 40 To free yourself from evil spirits.

    Psalm 48 To strike terror in your enemies.

    Psalms 6.2, 91 Healing and Deliverance.

    Psalm 113, 128 Conception.

    You can read these psalms any where, any time.


  5. I had a dream overnight at intervals. At first, a woman whose child I was teaching home lessons gave me a #1000 note in that dream. This is someone that sometimes add to my monthly salary in real life. Later, I saw myself among some people I've not seen before but they're my acquittance in that dream. One of them wanted to buy a fish, she begged others for money but they said they didn't have. She came to me and I gave her #500 note. She bought some fish for her son she was backing, and bought some more, and bought some for me too(I did not ask her to). When I saw that she was buying fishes worth of #500, I told her that she should not finish the money because I wanted to use #200 for tfare back home. So, she reduced the quantity she bought for herself. It was apparent that she wanted to take some home to cook. I woke up scared because my mom always says its bad to give out money in the dream, but my acts of kindness in real life always give me away even in dreamland. Please Bvs, should I be worried?

    1. Don't be afraid. In real life in dreams God helps and provide for His children. AMay your goodness brings you joy. May no enemies used your goodness for bad Amen

    2. I wouldn't worry if I were you. Giving and fishes are very symbolic in the bible. The dream is simple. Someone blessed you and you blessed someone else too. You even gave advice sef. It means good things will come to you and you will continue to be a blessing to others. Get ready for your miracle.

  6. Don’t underestimate any act of kindness, no matter how small you think it is. Every act of kindness is a seed. All seeds will grow eventually and produce a harvest for you to reap the reward. Never tire of doing good and a bountiful harvest of blessings will be yours! ‬The harvest might not be today or tomorrow, but it shall surely come.

    I'm outtie

  7. Good Morning people of Sdk. Mean! Being an entrepreneur, you’ll realize 7am is too early to be awake.

    Sleep by 4am wake 7-8am, leave home 10-11am to avoid the office rush hour traffic ����‍♀️����‍♀️

    Hope y’all doing great

    1. Congrats girl. May God bless your business amen

  8. How can three people lay claim to a post that was made just once? Na wa. May God heal our land

    1. I expected it to happen.

    2. World people na.
      Money wey de for ground, na everybody get am na

  9. I woke up in a joyous mood ��������������������������������
    Happy Thursday and have a good day.

  10. Good morning everyone.

    Its very funny how Nigerians take undue advantage of freebies😁😁😁

    So more than 3 people now claiming they wrote that post? Na wah o,the poverty level is damn serious.

    Have a good day BVs

  11. Good morning lovelies

    Heya,if the person bin get I. D now, e for better
    Lol.... My pidgin dikwa serious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Momma, they say time heals all wounds.... It's 7months today you left us and we miss you so very much. Continue to rest in peace.

    1. Thanks Bee Momma, you are breaking legs on Saturday πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. May her soul continue to rest in peace.... Amen.

      Those anons that contacted Stella, una no try at all, this is wickedness

    3. Let me take space here, Olori. I'm not happy. So two other people came to claim someone else's blessing? That's wickedness now. That's unfair. The poor lady would have been happy and thanking God for blessing her only for greedy souls to rob her of it. Chai. I feel sad for her cos that comment touched me when I read it that night.😒

    4. May she continue to rest in peace.

  12. My phone rang, Femi was calling. He was my colleague at the supermarket where I worked. We managed the toiletries/ household items section. We worked shifts, one worked 8am-4pm, the other took over 4pm-11pm. He'd told me on Friday he'd be attending an event the next day, and so begged me to cover him while he worked the following week Saturday. Wasn't bad, I accepted. Why was he calling me on a Sunday morning? I silently prayed he wouldn't ask for more. We worked on Sundays too 1pm- 10pm, no shifts. One who worked this Sunday will stay home the next. We had two attendants for every section.
    Was Femi calling to beg me to cover him that day too? Joker! Lord knows I won't!
    Wouldn't you? I asked myself. Deep down, I knew I could never turn him down if he asked. He was a jolly good fellow who had helped me out so many times, the best colleague one could ask for and also my only friend at the shop.

    "Hello Windsor".
    "What is it this time, Femi?"
    "Please I need your help, can you come to my house? ". He sounded like he was in trouble.
    "Your house? Why? Talk to me me. What happened? ".
    "Please come, I can't say it over the phone. I need your help now".
    "OK, send me your adress".

    I dressed up, he lived in Kubwa, I was at Gwarimpa. I texted my boyfriend, he said I should wait until the end of mass(he was Catholic and already in church) to drive me to the place but I could not waste any time. Femi needed my help and fast.

    I got to his house, he lived in one of the self contained apartments in a block of flats. He opened the door.
    "Come in".
    I entered and looked around. He lived well, most of us did. We made so much money from tips.
    A girl stood by the corner of the room arms akimbo as if ready for a fight. Beside her was a gas cylinder and a DVD player.

    "What is it Femi?" I asked.
    "I don't know what to say. I feel so ashamed". He replied.
    The girl hissed. I turned and took a good look at her. She was tartly dressed, not exactly pretty but had a big chest.
    Femi had a beautiful girlfriend, she's been to the supermarket a few times.

    "Just tell me whatever it is". I said in a calm persuasive voice.
    "I don't know how to say it". He answered.
    "So what am I doing here? You won't tell me on phone and still won't tell me here. I'd better go then" I turned to leave.
    "OK wait please." He sat on the bed, his head in his hands.
    "Last night, I went to the club with some friends. I got drunk and this morning I woke up to her beside me". He explained with tears in his eyes.
    "So what's the problem here?" I asked, still not getting it.
    "She's asking that I pay her for the services rendered or she'll go with my cylinder and DVD player."
    "What services?" I asked bewildered.
    "We fuck. Two rounds." The girl replied in a shrill voice.

    1. Complete the story already castle!!! Lol, you are such a good writer😊

    2. Lol @ we fuck...gbese re ooo

    3. Lol, this just calm me this morning as one of my you know just threatened to cut the call on me

    4. Coman finish this story already..chai

    5. "Last night, I went to the club with some friends. I got drunk and this morning I woke up to her beside me"

      Lol,as your eye don't clear to see her beside you,you must pay,so try negotiating with her pls.

    6. Bring it on Castle. πŸ˜€

    7. Eeeyaaaa Side chick, sorry babe.

  13. People wicked. How can you claim you drop the comment when you did not. Even if you have a similar story, the instruction was for the person who drop the comment. Some of you are petty thieves. Repent now!!!

  14. The biggest coward IS a man who awakens a woman's love WITH no intention of loving her.....Bob Marley!

    I don't know why people can't just be honest? Why lie to gain sympathy? Stella,think and choose wisely,I only pity the real person. May God's judgement fall on liars. I am not a saint but I like to be honest. HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY!Even if you are given millions,because you aren't honest about it,you won't know how you spent the money.
    Good morning all

  15. "I don't remember any of that". Femi countered.
    "You no go remember nau, when e dey sweet you, you dey shout. Now you no remember. Just pay me my money as we talk". Her voice was so loud, the neighbors could hear.
    "Talk what? We never discussed money. ". Femi retorted quietly. He never spoke pidgin, we teased him about it. He was an English graduate from a prestigious university, awaiting his NYSC.

    "How much is the money?" I asked her.
    "Ten thaasan. Na our agreement be that".
    "You're a bloody liar. How could you say I agreed to such amount?" Femi protested.
    "See Oga no lemme vex. I go break things if you no pay me my money or allow me carry your propty. Na my business I dey do".
    "Calm down" I begged the girl. I called Femi aside to the kitchen.
    "Femi what am I doing here?"
    "Windsor, I don't have money, not even a farthing. I spent everything last night. Please help me out, do you have any cash? Beg her, she'll listen to you. I don't want her to create a scene or go with my things. I'll pay you back, I promise" He pleaded.
    "I have only two thousand and some change for transport". I said.
    "Yes, beg her to take it"
    "She said her money is 10k, how could she possibly settle for 2?"
    "She will. Just try please"

    We went back to the room.
    "Erm, please I'm sorry for everything. My friend was drunk and not in his right senses last night. To make matters worse, he doesn't have money. So, I beg you to accept this 2k from me. We're really sorry".
    I'd never done this before. Here I was negotiating the price of rounds of pleasure I never participated in. You see life?

    "2 wetin? Wetin una think say I be? I no be cheap ashawo o. I dey do my runs for town, big clubs like Xtacy and Beer barn my cheapest price na 20k. I just pity am because I come Kubwa. I no dey do cheap runs". She said shaking her body in a distasteful way. I looked at her cheap clothes, everything was not more than five hundred naira. I'd been to Beer barn with my boyfriend and this girl looked like a help to the goddesses I saw there.
    I switched to pidgin.
    "Babe, I know say you na big girl and the money too small but please na wetin I get be that".
    "I no go take am lai lai," She shook her head vigorously.
    "and una dey waste my time, I dey go church."

    We begged and negotiated and begged oh lord. She finally agreed to 4k. I called my boyfriend who'd just left church and asked if he could bring 2k to Kubwa. He was there in 15minutes. He waited outside while we settled.

    When the girl left, Femi turned to me and said,
    "I'll never forget this, thank you very much. You're the only one I could call, my male friends will make jest and not help, my girlfriend will break up with me".
    "Mtchewww, just pay me back on Monday. Yeye guy".
    He patted my hand.

    I told my boyfriend some lie when he asked me, never told him or anyone. Well, until now.

    This happened in 2013. Femi paid me back, 4k and then some. We worked together for a while until we moved on to other things, then lost contact.

    Guess who called me on Tuesday evening. He said he called someone who called someone who gave him my number. He's married with a kid and works in a good organisation in Lagos. We laughed about this story.
    "The most amazing thing, Windsor, was that you never judged me. Send me your account details".

    Now that's real talk.

    Good morning Stella and BVs.

    1. Wehdone Windsor,i totally enjoyed this,i am a huge fan of your about the you and Chuba story? Please take a column on the blog,you can write spontaneously on your column if our landlady agrees.You are a huge talent with a golden heart,may your ink never run dry

    2. Awwwww, you saved Femi
      You must have forgotten him but he remembered your act of kindness.Nice One.

    3. AwwwwπŸ‘πŸ‘. Nice story Castle.
      How far the alert nauπŸ˜‰

    4. wow, i thought it was recent.
      life and its twist.

      Good morning Windsor

    5. Aww. This is lovely. I love your writing and you are a very talented young lady. When you are ready, you need to write a book. We will help you with the publishing process getting a copyright and intellectual property lawyer. When Stella makes a public appeal for me, I will respond directly to her.

    6. Awwwwwww!!!! You are good person castle, and you are reaping the rewards. Enjoy!!!

    7. Awwwwwwww

      I knew it...please dont ask me what lol

    8. Awwwwww.. Is good to be good

    9. Nice story, weris my share?😎

    10. Nice story.Femi is a good person who never forgets a kindness done to him.
      I strive too, to never forget a kindness done to me.

    11. Castle love, God bless you more.

    12. Wow! a movie i watched rescently taught me to be kind and have courage. These virtues are priceless but very rare. Windsor can we chat pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Lol@ Bigbanty. I know..
      Thanks a lot Zainab. 😘
      Anon 9:47, I truly appreciate. I'll do. 😘
      Pumpkin and Funmiyoo, take it πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Thanks all 😍

  16. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ no be small kind ntor.I just pity the right owner of the comment

  17. Please I want to send a parcel of 10kg to Germany from Nigeria..

    What courier company is the cheapest to send it with

    How long?


  18. My bf doesn't call me but prefer chats. I was sick,he couldn't call me which he later apologized. I feel sick again,he promised he would call but still never did. He said he was not having airtime. I didn't believe him. I had to use another line to flash and he called back three times even when I misses the calls. what I don't get is why he blames me by saying I have anger and trust issues? why shouldn't I be angry? of course every sane being would be. You don't call me except I ask you to. You either blame network or airtime but you're on calls with some other peeps. I have complained over times but nothing changed. At times I kept mute so I won't get angry,you come promising to change which never happens n yet you tell me you love me? how please? what kind of love is that? why making me sick when I ought to find cover? why should you always lie about everything and say I have anger issues when I talk about things you do which hurt me. I only talk about it but you blame me for all your fault
    How am I wrong?

  19. A woman with bad breath; nothing could be more nauseating. Very few women are free of this malaise.

    1. She must have really did a number on u.

    2. Woman Woman Woman!!
      Is that all in your head? Pls your life doesnt revolve around women & their issues, try solving other mysteries, there are millions of them infront of you.

    3. Ogbeni dont even go there! Men take the croen when it comes to bad breath biko
      Everytime women this, women that yet you go wan die ontop toto.

    4. You know this mint for fresh breathe called MENthol was for a reason ba?

    5. is well with u.

    6. Ceaser, God loves the woman that dumped you. Either she already serves Him, or someone was praying for her not to make a mistake. Either one, He answered. Else is that how a precious female that God took time to create would have ended up with you frustrated lizard that thinks it has class? So this is what a nwanyi ibem would have ended up with? It's not random luck that she got away from you, I need to know what that woman did to turn the mumu button of God to make Him not rest till He had delivered her from your clutches.

    7. Lmao!
      This is so funny.
      I think this guy lives in an alternate universe where everybody is from the dregs of society. Else how come he meets the 'wonkiest' people?Could it be a curse?

  20. Beautiful cold morning over here.
    Winter is hereπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    Who saw the pic of that handsome Redeem pastor/choir master that committed suicide? I was so sad after reading the news yesterday😒😒 Some people said he committed suicide bcos he couldn't sort out his accommodation issues,while so claimed he was murdered. Looking at his pics yesterday the young man looked well groomed and well to do. I find it difficult to believe he actually killed himself. He was so full of life. You guys need to see the way he was jumping and dancing on stage. May God God continue to protect his own. I believe a lot of atrocities is going on in this country without being notice. May God rest your soul Mr Michael. A.

    1. Maybe he was being blackmailed.

    2. Even King David, the greatest worshipper of all time was prone to bouts of melancholy and depression. Also church people are the most judgemental and can be the least helpful. Appearances can be deceiving. May God rest his soul whatever the cause of his death.

  21. At times I wonder why God doesn't answer prayers even after many years. What people go through and still die at the end of the struggles

    1. Thats cus theres no God.
      Theres no higher being.

  22. Ranting in anonymous mode isnt the best, get an ID

  23. Ehen.......yesterday’s chronicle poster, you have lost your husband.
    That thing you said, killed him.
    All of a sudden, you like the small dick now?
    You think he doesn’t already feel terrible with the size of his dick?
    He didn’t creat himself.
    He may be small there but from what you said, he’s a good father and husband.there are some whose husbands have yam like dicks, but are useless on other aspects.
    You can’t have it all in a package.
    May God help us control our mouths before it ruins us.

  24. Xp ,where are you?

    Una good morning.

    1. See Ass licker🀑🀑🀑

    2. Anon 9:22 Find one to lick yours na πŸ’πŸΏ‍♂️
      Abi crocro full your ass?

    3. Shebi one "anonymous" said she went to Europe? Maybe there's no MTN network there😎😎

  25. Wittle is a small p*nis.  Wittle is another way to say little. Wittle mean small, tiny, little. Wittle means childish cos it's a word used for kids and by kids, often mispronounced for little.

    1. You have alot of time in your hands Perx, i admire that.

    2. It's enough abeg, wittle, little, pittle, mittle, whatever.

    3. I just like Perxy. I don't know why. Just keep being you baibay.

    4. Me too @ 9:41. She just too real.

    5. Love you Castle Windsor, Shooter Gyal, Anon baibay 😚😚😚

  26. How to cook beans without palm oil? Tips?

    1. I enjoy mine with groundnut oil

    2. Replace palm oil with blended tomatoes. If you aren't told, you may not be able to tell that there is no palm oil.

    3. Just boil the beans. Make you no put oyel. That's all.

  27. Good morning bvs...badass weather, i could gbensh all day if only hubby was around

  28. A beautiful morning to you all lovely people of sdk lΓ  familia!

    OH Stella, you are now very creative with the BEP.... And it is lots of fun reading people's comments.
    You should do more of this fun and creative post, (especially during weekends) it is actually very relaxing and funny too.
    Tuale to you Stella Dimoko.

    BV mummy MAA, of course I will love to go on a date with you. We'll talk about us, our kids and life in general and then, go have some more fun 😘😘

    This blog is one of the most entertaining blogs online..
    No dull moments with you Stella but please, do not fall for those fake celebrities trying to lick your big backside... They are all scam trying to make you not do exclusive on them. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Stella, we your fans and BVs live for the exclusive and every other thing on this blog. Please, keep them coming.

    Wishing you all a fruitful day...
    The weather is shining and smiling ☺ on me today. Thank you Jesus.

    1. Bee10, asslicker using style to shade Olori on SP yesterday. Olori, that is good for you too since some customers are better than others. No equality in dealing with customers.

    2. 10:16
      It's not what you think
      All my customers are equal.
      Y'all worth more than gold and I love all my customers.Bee 10 is my very good friend.

  29. Good morning Stella and Bvs.

    See people claiming what is not theirs. I feel sad that the right owner of that comment didn't get to be gifted. May heaven smile on you again, dear anonymous.

    May we never know a better yesterday and God visit each and everyone of us in a special way,today, Amen.

  30. Just imagine some people because of 3k HIAN

  31. Holla!!!!!!
    Good morning everyone!!!!!!
    It's too bad that there are not a lot of honest people
    Why will the others lay claim to that comment knowing that they did not post it
    It is well sha
    May we all have a blessed day😘😘😘😘

  32. Some people sha, bcos of 3k una wan claim poverty. Stella the original poster said her name is Iyabo, let them send a pic of them holding their birth certificate with Iyabo boldly written om it, also a pic of Mama Ehi holding Ehi's birth certificate.

    Good morning people.

    1. Why you gotta drag Ehi and her momma into this?? They didn't ask to be mentioned. πŸ˜…

    2. hahahahhaha
      why do I find this funny? lol. Good morning to you too.

    3. Your comment is hilarious to me, but I quite agree with Perxian, no need to mention mama Ehi.

      Good morning bvs.

    4. Yeah ,she can be traced with these information

    5. @miss aboki, the thing pain you sef as it's paining me. Very annoying set of people.

    6. It's rather late sef. The money has gone to another person.

    7. Beloved I will give her the 3k if they provide the details and the original Iyabo is identified.

    8. Nawa for my fellow Bvs. Is it not better you come out openly like me to ask for giveaway than making another person lose his or her Blessing? I pray help finds the real owner soon.

    9. Miss Aboki
      That iyabo may not even be the rightful owner of the comment, I have experienced something like this before.
      As for that proof you seek, be ready to see plenty Iyabo's and Mama Ehis holding birth certificates. How much will it cost to print one in a business centre?
      I laugh in Isoko hahahahahah

      The poverty in our land that makes them to sell their own babies, tell me what they cannot do for money.

  33. Those people claiming comments they didn't drop just to get a giveaway, you guys are d real devils, heartlessness, no wonder...

  34. I might just end it all by Sunday
    Bought the rope yesterday..I can't continue like this I think I just need to go and rest,love you guys

    1. Huh 😳😳😳😳😳😳
      Make sure you go to church that very Sunday.
      You have no idea what I have been through, but I am hopeful.

    2. We love you too but please hang in there. Don't kill yourself. Your miracle is just by the corner. You will come out strong. Please take a sharp scissors and shred that rope. Tell devil that he has failed over your life. HANG IN THERE

    3. Dear anon, pls dont do it! Life is hard i know but think of the good days ahead. Pls dont do it

    4. Poster, relocate!
      Change of environment does wonders

    5. Jesus Christ loves you. We too love you. Don't allow the devil to deceive you that it is better you end it. It is straight to hell fire. Let's tell ourselves the truth.

      My dearest please hold on. Just know help is close by

    6. Please don't do it ...remember mourning endures for a night but joy comes in the morning.
      Hold on for your morning of joy

    7. Where you'll end up will be worst than where you are now so don't even think about it, please. You are faaaaaar better than most people your age/status/level but the devil will not let you see it.

    8. Hello dear, you are such an amazing person. You are loved greatly and please do not let the devil have a good laugh over you. Let me tell you my story and it might encourage you to be FOREVER grateful to God.
      I love you dearly!!!

    9. There was a time I tried to commit suicide, I survived it. Next time I was really pushed and I actually got the knife ready. I was going through hell and thought suicide was the easy way out. Today I love life more than I can imagine. Life can never be rosy as we want but there is more to life than you think. Suicide is not an option but I can guarantee you solution is at the corner.

    10. I empathize with you and want you to ask yourself a question. Though out your years of life, is there something or someone to be grateful for?
      Please answer sincerely, it could be the tonic you need not to end your life.

    11. 8:22 let's hang out sometime before Sunday if you're in Lagos. I'll choose the location and bills on me, deal?

    12. Or contact Stella to reach side chick

    13. Please anon, don't do it. I wish I can tell you my story. I've been through hell and back. I lost everything I ever had. Life savings, relationship (3 years, he married someone else and I found out a little before the wedding), jobs, brother who was a first class product, father. I suffered, really suffered. How I graduated from school is still a mystery. Life was no longer worth living, and yes there were times I thought about giving up... Still I persevered. Things are beginning to pick up now, I'm not there yet, but I'm taking life one step at a time. I beg you, please don't end it. What's the worse that could happen? The worse is the sky falling down, and this won't affect you alone. When all hope is lost, and your back is against the wall, then your breakthrough is just around the corner.

    14. Please don't do it. It will be the worst mistake you have ever made in your life. Six months from now , you will look back, smile ,laugh and thank God for his awesome blessings. We love you alot. If you need to talk to someone, I am here to listen. It will surely end in praise. Cheers

    15. True,

      Change of environment will do you a whole lot of good.

      I can't enumerate all the things I have been through @ age 23/24 but I totally bless God for a supportive family and the gift of resilience.

      I would have gone anon on this but I need you to know this isn't from just a random commenter.

      I lost my marriage at age 23 for a flimsy reason and at that point, I prayed to be hit by a moving vehicle. I prayed for death and to top it all, I was financially, physically and of course emotionally traumatized.

      My dad(God bless his soul) signed me up for a PGDE in a different state and it did a whole of magic.

      I made new friends but most importantly; I was engaged day in day out.

      I graduated with a first class and just about to kick start my masters. Even though I am trusting God for the finances because I am currently the bread winner after we lost our dad, I have come to appreciate and love life.

      Great miracles have happened in my life and that of my siblings that I wouldn't have been privy to if I ended it all.

      I'd advice you change your environment, set targets and rely on God to see you through.

      I have lost count of the number of times I wet my pillow case with tears ; I still do occasion ally but my heart is filled with joy now.

      You will survive ; you will

      No one has it all rosy.
      Carpe diem

    16. Please stop threatening everybody with suicide, the world is hard enough abeg.

      We all go through ish, have the mental strength to dust yourself up and rise above your struggles. I just hate the fact that being suicidal/taking your own life has become almost trendy...that people now make a show of it.

  35. Good morning kings and queens.
    Happy wedding Anniversary bosslady.
    more of God faithfulness and unending unending blessings.

  36. Took some days off from work, having enough of my time and doing a lot of visiting things.

  37. A blessed morning toy pple.

    This is the reason why going anon to make comment is not too good at all,see wat it has caused and for those who was claiming wat was not theirs', make una continue God dey shaaa...

    For those of us,going to our diff offices in a public transit,always caution the idiots called drivers, while on earth will a driver see a fuel tanker been taped by Fire fighters and u still went ahead,trying to pass through that taped area..what a pity,he ended up causimg wahala,the whole passengers were burnt to guguru except the driver,conductor and a pregnant woman who escaped in that bus..18passengers..this is unfair..Still crying cuz i have a friend who lost his life dia.

    I was at the shop when the info was sent to happened two days ago at isolo very close the were the memorial grave yeard is(bomb blast victim)

  38. City chocolate16 May 2019 at 08:29

    So yesterday after reading my Bible, I went to fetch my phone to browse a little before going to bed. I saw 2 missed calls but didn't know who it was. So I decided to call the number back but the person wasn't picking up. After a minute the number called and said "Hello good evening, Are you city chocolate". I thought she was asking of a confectionery. So I told her my actual name. And she said "Aren't you a bv in SDK" So i recollected saying oh yes I am. She called to encourage me concerning what I posted on BEP on Tuesday. And i was like OH MY WORLDπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š. Love truly lives here.
    I want to say a big thank you to Stella for this wonderful platform and also to Bv Chocolate for going to extra mile to reach out to me. I really do appreciate you. God bless you darling 😘😘😘😘😘.
    Least i forget, your​ voice is breathe taking. Hoping we get to meet or hangout someday πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. May the favour and our divine helper locate us today in Jesus Name Amen.
    Have a great day ahead

    1. Thank God for you. It will end in praises. Just be strong. It doesn't matter who puts you down what matters is God has pepared a table for you r

    2. My dear be strong, it will end in praise

    3. City chocolate16 May 2019 at 10:45

      @Yori Your, Amen. Thanks dear
      @Beloved SDK 😘😘😘
      @Blessed Princess Amen

  39. Morning people. Morning sickness no gree me see road..can't think of anything to have as breakfast,tired and so clumsy but its all with joy. Keep thanking God for this gift.
    Please can one feel her baby at 3/4months? I have sensations regularly in my stomach.πŸ’

    1. Yes dear, fatal movement is felt from 4months .
      Congratulations! You will carry your baby to full term ijn.

  40. That's y to get an ID is important ..ntoor too as Stella said.
    Ladybugsis 😎😎😎😎😎

  41. When you claim misfortune, set back, loss, poverty, etc.,you're indirectly cursing yourself. Big curse.
    This is to the person claiming to be mama Ehi's neighbor, and to all others who do same when it's giveaway time.

    Good morning. Carpe Diem!

  42. Good morning good people. How can 3 persons be claiming same post on BEP? I tire for world people. Good the angel gifted someone else. Let the 3 ladies be claiming fire. Have a beautiful day my people.

  43. Ashawo work follow for hurstle oh

    1. Every hustle na hustle. If thieves can pray to God to bless their hustles why will ashawo not pray for better customers

    2. Yes, but so much risk is involved

  44. Beautiful Thursday morning,good morning all.May the good Lord bless us.Have a great day.

  45. So sad this morning, as we have a baby who is unconscious in our hospital, the whole situation will break your heart. Please a word of prayer for this baby and her family,heard the mum ttc for 8years before she got her
    Up and thankful

    1. Oh God please heal that baby.

    2. Father Lord, please immediately don't take this baby away. Jesus take over.

    3. Dear lord, stretch your healing hands from above and visit the innocent baby & her family. Complete the work that you started in their lives in Jesus name, amen!

    4. Oh merciful Jesus, I trust in you, please grant the baby mercy and healing

    5. May the healing hands of God locate her in Jesus name , amen
      More Grace

  46. Lovely morning Stella and Bvs...

    Do have a blessed day everyone.

  47. Stella I think I saw a comment yesterday by the poster of the comment, and I even congratulated her, please don't lol the help go past her, I really would have also helped her too, nawa for some bvs o, that's how some people inherit someone else's curses, why claiming what is not yours? and to think they are ladies, na so poverty don suck una reach

    1. How are you sure the comment was posted by the same person. Some people are devious.

    2. Castle that's another angle o. Why are people so wicked ehn. God dey

  48. Good morning bvs, this is not good at all the real person has lost the chance of collecting his or her gift nawahoo that is why is good to comment with your id,there is no shame to beg if you do not have only God knows what you are passing through, no matter what bvs may say about you, so feel sorry for the real owner,the anonymous really needs that gift. May God bless our hustle today , Stella for creating this blog, putting smile in my face every day,God bless you real good.

  49. Good morning Stella. A beautiful day to you. God bless you

  50. When they tell people to have I'd they refused because they are used to causing people on this blog. What a shame that the original woman that made the comment will not receive. When they say Nigerians are problems to themselves, they will abuse people. See how useless the others came to eat what they did not sow.

    May God never allow the devil to truncate your helpers Amen. Truncate.

    Good morning all. Its a beautiful day. Let's enjoy it Amen.

    Shame on all 419s

    1. Is ID an entitlement to heaven? Anybody begging in anonymous mode is not ready to receive and that's what you should just say and walk away.
      May God help all that are in need.

  51. Join me in thanking God for adding another year to my life..HBD to me

  52. When Stella posted the inlaw thingy,hmm I was too busy to comment that day..don't EVER I insist EVER allow anybody you know live with their in-laws oo, I did for good 6yrs and the story is a very long one..I even sent in a chronicle to Stella few years back about it. after much prayer,fastung , crying and all, we relocated, got our own apartment, BVs you won't biliv, when I visit them now which is very rare, they treat me with so much respect,that I feel so shocked, me that even their housemaid was given the authority to disrespect me at will at their house, if I talk they will all insult me! Oh my I went into depression, I thank God

    1. Lol when I this, it's like I'm being unreasonable.

    2. Kudos on moving out. The truth is, sometimes see finish tends to enter all these arrangements.

  53. O Allah, on this day, make me love goodness, and dislike corruption and disobedience, bar me from anger and the fire [of Hell], by Your help, O the helper of those who seek help.

    Ramadan Day 11.

  54. Good morning lovelies 😘😍

  55. Good morning all....
    To the anon for 3k.
    Don't get an id
    Pls ride on with anonymous

  56. Good morning guys!!
    I trust we all woke up feeling πŸ’―% today.. If u didn't, cheer up cos God loves you... And so do I.

    Some questions have been weighing on my mind for awhile now... I dunno where else to ask them...

    Pls why do I feel that single ladies are under a subtle pressure to have a car and earn a 6 figure salary in order to meet and to have a successful relationship with an ideal and mature man??. This is in addition to the other basic requirements to be a fashion (make up), demon and kitchen Slayer ..
    Pls am I the only one who feels this way?

    Stuck at home cos I can't find my house keys.... Searched for more than an hour
    .. will resume after I rest Abit...and press phone(on SDK)small I cannot coman kill myself jor.

  57. Stella with pigin English this morning. lol

    Good morning bvs.

    May we have a great day

  58. May enemies not claim or inherit good things meant for us. Amen

  59. As soon as I saw that post Stella made, I knew more than one person will run there to claim it. For the real person who made that post, I pray that the God of favour will locate you right where you are. At the end of the day, favour is what a person really needs. Money can finish or be devalued.



    1. Do you see what happens in the spiritual? Are you God's secretary?

    2. God Bless you

  61. Bv Michaaka Foods yesoooooo. I am in Lagos. Thanks in advance. BV Firstlady are is everything? It has been awhile

  62. This is for the 3k annon: if what you narrated actually happened,you need to pray seriously. I hope you understand what I mean by 'pray seriously'.

  63. Good morning everyone.
    Raining seriously here.
    I know my redeemer lives.


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