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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Wordless Morning Post....


  1. Seems this man is high on ondo weed. Is marijuana even legal in Nigeria ?
    This man is going to breed alot of drug/weed addicts in his state.
    Can't you go into cocoa or rubber planting ? Why weed ?

    1. He will export it.
      Nigeria will be known for oil, gas and weed.

    2. shut your ignorant mouth...are you aware weed is legalized in some states in America? you can go to some pharmacy and buy with prescription. so this will be good for export. some health supplement for pain has properties extracted form weed. my dad takes one of such and it helps with his back ache. they remove the one wey dey make dem high sha. we dey even yab the oldman say e dey codedly take

    3. You too shut your addict mouth up. Junky must you abuse to respond to my comment.
      Who doesn't know there is medical marijuana that is dispensed for pain management for people. I'm not an illiterate like you.
      But unlike America where it can be accounted for to an extent and used medically in proper centres. Nigeria doesn't have that. It will be grown for export but what happens to the left overs or it getting into the hands of gullible youths.
      California state has the facilities to manage a dependency epidemic if the case arises they have centres, Ondo state doesn't.

  2. Same topic of discuss on your view now.

  3. What a wawu😀😀😀😀😀😀

  4. you want to spend money on cannabis while your hospitals are in a mess. No good roads, no power, doctors are paid peanuts and you are here talking about cannabis. You never say wetin dey worry you.

  5. This governor has foresight, unfortunately i doubt our lawmakers are forward thinking people.
    He's being mocked and made fun of, but if we were in an ideal country where the use of cannabis can be properly regulated, this is a revenue generating venture.

    Countries have made the use of marijuana legal, while some restricted it to be used strictly for medical purposes, all the same it is generating revenue to these people(taxable revenue for that matter).

    If only States will stop getting monthly federal allocations so that Governors will have no choice but to become innovative, and actually start thinking outside the box on how to generate income internally...they have all just become lazy, waiting for money from the government.

    1. He doesn't have any yeye foresight. That idea was first brought up by Sowore but they laughed at him as talking rubbish now the governor has seen that he was actually making sense and decided to implement it

  6. See a man that sees the world market trend, but ignorant and short sighted people will bury this vision.

    Weed, grass, ganja, banga, igbo, cannabis what ever name you call it, is a huge industry. Just think of just one outlet. To the pharmaceutical companies alone, you can go wrong with the revenue it will bring.

    All they have to do is to a good feasibility study, ways to control smuggling, was to preserve it in different forms before export.

  7. There is nothing wrong with medical marijuana. The only clause is that marijuana is still illegal in Nigeria. There is nowhere in the world that this herb isn't abused. The only viable solution is to make it scarce to obtain.

  8. No one should blame him let him try


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