Stella Dimoko World Population Hits 7.8 Billion But Only One Billion Men Are Available...


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Saturday, May 18, 2019

World Population Hits 7.8 Billion But Only One Billion Men Are Available...

According to the United nations first quarter Demography report for 2019,the World population has hit 7.8billion but guess what?There is a'situation' that advises women to be humble........

According to the report,women now account for twice the number of men as they are now 5.6 billion while men are 2.2billion.

The report has advised women to be careful in showing attitudes to any man because out of the 2.2 billion men,1 billion are married already,130,000 are in prison and 20,000 are mentally ill.

That means the World has only 1 Billion men available for Marriage and out of the 1 billion

50 percent are jobless

3 percent are gay

5 percent are Catholic priests

10 percent are your relatives 35 percent are above 66 years!!!


  1. Hmm... That is approximately 1 man to 2 women. This 1 man, 1 wife theory needs to be reviewed. 😎

    1. Married women b fighting for husband, story ! 3wome to a man

    2. I don't know why I am laughing o, when this is supposed to be scary, the Bible is revealing it self o #scared

  2. Rubbish nonsense thinking that fuels desperation whereso the link to the UN Article?


    1. These so called men, are they all Himm,or sheimm come join them?

  3. For real? How come I still see more men anywhere I go

    1. Exactly... Especially around lekki.... I think the article is not accurate.. even the colour of the news paper raises questions...

    2. Ure living in the gay community...U need to move ....gbe bodi

  4. How dare they write such thing.... Feminists won't be happy with this report and their leader is probably preparing a very bogus reply that will trend on Twitter and on every other social media for days or maybe weeks...

    One of those 1 billion men is gonna be my man, time to go hunting lol 😂 😂 😂 😂

    1. @Ms. A.

      I like ya truthful non-Pharisee yarns
      But make I yarn you, no need for hunting 😂😂
      If you don develop yasef, get ezigbo omume, na them
      go hunt you come inugo? 😂😂😂😂😂

    2. You've been married before Ms A, give others a chance. Sex isn't food

  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha very funny

  6. That report is sooo fake. The number of incarcerated men is far higher than that for a start, especially in the US alone. Also the percentage of jobless men is way too high. Another faker wanting to trend.

    1. Nonsense Report.
      What about women in prison?, reverend sisters, women who are your relatives???

  7. The prophecy fulfilled. 7 women will hold on to one man.

  8. Who is writing this wrong information ?

    World population (live)

    Current population
    Current male population (50.4%)
    Current female population (49.6%)
    Births this year
    Births today
    Deaths this year
    Deaths today
    Net migration this year
    Net migration today
    Population growth this year
    Population growth

    There are more men than women in the work 102 Male to 100 female birth .
    Do you know how many girl child get killed and aborted on daily basis based of their gender ?

    1. That ya last line about shooting off girls, na ajuju n' ese okwu? 😢😢😢

    2. The reason you have more men is because of China. Because of their one child policy that has been relaxed a bit, most parents decided to have male children. If you take China out of it, you have more woman

    3. Hi uche even in Nigeria there are more men than women .

  9. Hahahah...this is serious o. Pls they should release the men in assylum and prisons o, and also catthoCa priests should start getting married to save women o

  10. P. Scheherazade18 May 2019 at 11:46

    So what about the stats for women?
    Out of the 5.6 billion, how many are married, related to the available men, lesbians, nuns, above 65 etc???
    All these one sided report development because one female said ‘No’ to the author... or to cause widespread desperation among females.

    1. You smart! My thoughts exactly!

  11. "And it shall come to pass, on that day, that seven women shall take hold of the skirt of one man, saying we will be with you......"". Make I waka, na bibeli talk am oooo

  12. I have already grabed my own copy

  13. That prison one wey them wan write there na 130 million
    But wait ooo
    All the Naija sisi wey dey offload them husband how the go dey go?
    All the Single Naija sisi wey dey wait for Abroadians kedu k' eke si anya anwu?
    No be graveside una dey wait so?
    All the sisi wey dey shoot off male pikins them?
    Ajuo m ajuju n' ese okwu?

  14. The report is real,more men die during conflicts (external and internal) and they engage in more strenuous and dangerous jobs that shorten their (male) life span.

  15. madam i cant marry a man without a car...e dn set o

  16. Do women really need men to survive?

  17. Na for Naija this kain report (if totally correct?) fit cause panic amongst certain groups of women. As for ndi ocha, more countries will just jejely approve same-sex marriage to give willing female citizens a chance at and taste of marriage or a semblance of it. Lobatan. I do not support "gayism" by the way because the idea beats me in every way but it is what it is. That's why I no longer bash baby-mamas who are capable of taking care of their kids alone without constituting a nuisance online. I'd rather support a baby-mama/single mother than a lesbian any day.

    Available options are:
    1. Get married if you find a good man.
    2. Embrace polygamy if your religion and his permit it and he is willing to marry you with his family/senior wife/wives in the know.
    3. Have a child(ren) you can solely take care of if it will make you feel fulfilled if marriage doesn't come early enough for you. As long as you do not pin the burden on other people or resort to perpetual plea for alms or blackmail.
    4. Get your eggs frozen if you can afford it. You can use a surrogate later.
    5. Use sperm banks if you don't want man/child support drama.

    Not all married people are happy and not every single person is miserable. Some had even tasted marriage, divorced and now wish to be single because it gives them more fulfilment. Being single and being alone are two different things. Take your destiny in your hands but never shut out love for it can find you at anytime whether male or female. No cause for alarm abeg. Just weigh your options un life mbok.

  18. Yes oh.. Not every single wonan is lonely or looking for man..anyhow!!!

    As for me, I rather live with a cat, dog in my house, than a man who is not fulfilling for me.
    I'm one of those women who choose happily to be unattached, single, not desperate & with 0 tolerance for any type of relationship that is unhealthy & unhelpful for my life.
    I'm 48 yrs old, very much content to be single, blessed & without a man in my life, other than my son & grandson.

    *** as the statistics shows that most "single men" out there r very ..very useless, unworthy & bad news for any woman has self respect & dignity.

    1. Many, you r a grandma already now. No be your set the post dey refer to abeg.If I were you, I would happily be single too

  19. And boys? What's their population?


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