Stella Dimoko Actor Blossom Chukwujekwu Talks About The Challenges In Nollywood


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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Actor Blossom Chukwujekwu Talks About The Challenges In Nollywood

 Nollywood actor Blossom Chukwujekwu became a movie become fans’ delight since he played a romantic role in a movie titled, ‘Flower Girl’ in 2013

The actor who has won many awards, which include the ‘Best Supporting Actor Award at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards’ in 2015, talked about the challenges in the make-believe world called Nollywood..

It's been more than a decade since you delved into the Nigerian film industry, any regret so far?

No regret at all. This is where I’m supposed to be. I was born to be here and this is my belief. Even though, I stumbled on it, when I found out that this is what I am supposed to do, I followed it. It has not been an easy road. It’s been very challenging but also rewarding. You have to know what you want, work at it and never reduce the size of your dream and make sure you improve your attitude, discipline, skills to mark the destiny that you want. So for me, I have no regrets.

How profitable is acting to you?

At least, it pays my bills. Though, I don’t do acting alone. I am a businessman and philanthropist. And again, it depends on the value and standard you set for yourself. The value you place on yourself is what people will know you for.

But, are we really growing as an industry?

Absolutely, we are. Production qualities are increasing. We have slots in many film festivals around the world, the numbers of cinemas are increasing, at least we have about 40 cinemas in Nigeria but it’s still not enough. But gradually a lot of investments are also rising. Nollywood is a profitable industry, it is about 7.5 billion-dollar industry, which is bringing 600 million dollars into this country every year, employs over one million people. Yes, we call them crappy films but those movies have put us on the world map.

I give kudos to stakeholders who are investing in this creative industry. Are we growing? Yes. We are not where we used to be but gradually, we are progressing.

Piracy is a bigger challenge. What could be the solution?

First of all, structure. We need a proper distribution framework and that is where the government comes in. There are so many factors that will help create a proper structure. There should be a standard in which you release a film, there should be a box office, festivals and all that. But the truth is, there is piracy everywhere, even, Hollywood, and Bollywood have issues of piracy but the point is they have structure.

Piracy is not the issue of the industry. What I think is the problem is that, all of us need to unlearn and relearn, so that we can be able to accept and create the distribution structures that we want. If there is no structure, piracy will continue to rise. It is only with distribution that the art and craft of filmmaking becomes a business. If there’s no proper distribution structure there is not business of film.

Looking back, any cause to reject a role?

If a role doesn’t align with my direction, then there is really no need. It is not about the money but maybe the poor script, low standard of production and other factors.

Are you of the consciousness that at a time, script might be not coming as its flow now?

That’s not in my consciousness. I can never have that in my consciousness (laughs). Have you not heard that actors don’t die? As old as you get, you will get scripts that match your personality. You have to be smart also to branch out to other areas like distribution, production, etc. I have a business mindset. If I wasn’t into acting, I probably would have been in Alaba market selling spare parts (laughs).

How do you handle your fans, especially females?

Actors or musicians are nothing without people supporting them. The fans are the ones who spend their hard earned money to buy your CDs, see your movie at the cinema and even pray for you. For female fans, you must always treat women with total respect. I love all my fans.

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  1. Very intelligent responses. I love this guy any day. Best of luck man.

  2. Lol. Fine boy no pimples. Igbo boys and business are indomie and egg. Imagine a fine boy like this in alaba market selling spare parts? I'll buy his own first lol.

    Ps-i like his wife. I don't know why people don't. I only wonder how she washes her kpekus (in stella's voice) with the length of her nails

    1. It’s because she’s not the pretentious “good girl” Nigerian men like. She goes out, she talks A LOT! She’s sexual, she’s a free spirit.

      They like the ones that pretend to be good. So yeah that’s why they hate her. I only dislike her because she’s not composed 😂

  3. I love this dude. One of the few actors that delivers and emote very well in the new nollywood...

  4. Handsome guy that was unfortunate enough to marry that toy.

    1. He actually enjoys and loves her posts.

    2. He loves female chucky? She married him, he knew movie industry is not that vibrant and the girl was on his neck, she practically chased after him. He loves the way she loves him and that is it. She is loud, uncouth, attention seeker, not beautiful,just there and don't know when and how to keep quiet.

    3. Anon I pray today that someone you love treats you exactly how you wish Blossom treat his wife. I dont even care so much about Red but some of you are pure evil!!!!

      You could have listed the issues you have with her without being a twisted psychopath!

  5. If only he can stop cheating on his wife he can focus and regain his career. It’s really not by force to marry who you don’t love.

    1. Na WA. How do you know that?

    2. Why will he stop cheating? Do you know what it takes to be married to such a woman? She married him, chase after him and man fell for her gifts and attention. She is from a good home so she paid for almost everything. She is not pretty, female chucky and loud. He will be tired nah, it is not easy. Let him cheat and i wont be surprised he impregnate a woman out there.

  6. Brilliant in his craft!...I like his movies.


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