Stella Dimoko Boredom Eliminating Post


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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Boredom Eliminating Post

Keep the baby......................


  1. Na wa for this life oohh.

    It can be so unfair sometimes. That is why I TRY NOT TO JUDGE anyone because I haven't walked in their shoes.

    The BV whose son threatened to kill her if she does not show him her father, how did it go?

    I remember she said she was raped by highway robbers and became pregnant, instead of aborting it she kept it and now the young man is acting unruly.

  2. She will not only keep the baby but she will throw baddest, baby shower, baby christening party, and tell a mouth opening testimony at her Church.
    And her husband will adopt the baby.
    E O D.

    1. Hehehehe Na so abeg,he must shut up his mouth and collect the child as the mother would if he had brought home a child from a sidechick outside.

    2. keep the blessing o, her hubbys family must have been making fun of her not knowing their son is the problem.
      Aunty collect the blessing with two hands.

    3. 🤣God sent her husband by force.

  3. Replies
    1. If I'm the husband's show, it will clearly show he's impotent, but las las she is removing it, ain't raising the child of an amu robber. We'll adopt, or go to a sperm bank.

  4. It's better to remain barren than keep such pregnancy.

    1. If she could get pregnant then she's not barren. So she doesn't have to keep the pregnancy. Just find a different sperm donor.

    2. Hmmmm. It is her choice. If she wants to keep it, fine. If not, then she should get rid of it. I would get rid of it. I ain't carrying no rape baby for nine months not to talk of labour. Jeez 🙄

  5. On no account should a woman shoot off 😯😯😯
    The baby in the womb is an innocent baby
    Abi the baby for inside belle rape am???
    Baba God say im hate HANDS that shed innocent blood
    Prov. 6:10-16
    Make una leave pikins alone na eh? 😢😢
    The rapist na wicked person, na Satan inspire am -yes, yes
    But the pikin for inside womb, na another soul all together na.
    Like I said, my cousin never cease to thank God for using me
    to make her no shoot off her pikin. She was raped by a friend.
    She went ahead to marry a nice guy and had three kids.
    The boy wey she born from that rape, na the most successful and
    talented of all her kids.
    Make una Naija girls leave pikins alone na. All of una wey
    dey "miss period" flush am out, all of una sabi say na
    so so innocent bloods full una hands so.
    If you no want the pikin, born am, plenty married ladies want am na...
    I no fit shout o 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

    1. I trust you. You go say make them leave am.
      But if Na you, you go fit?

    2. @Charity
      So wetin you take me for?
      Say all my yarns here na Pharisee yarns?
      Kpachakwara anya gi o.
      When e come to babies and marriage/eternal life, I no dey joke o

    3. But ur cousin was raped by her 'friend', not a robber...

    4. @20:23
      And so?
      Friend or robber,both are thieves/robbers. Both are rapists
      the worst of mankind. NObody who takes the dignity of a woman
      should be called "a friend". It is wickedness!
      The friend is even a more dangerous criminal.
      You are at ease with a friend and he swoops on you and tears your cloth.
      For the robber, your first instinct is to run or attack.
      If you are a rapist, repent.

  6. The precious baby is always welcome.
    But how about the woman that armed robbers stopped she and her husband
    on the road to their village. They tied up the man and began to rape the
    wife in turns and the woman was "moaning with multiple orgasms"

    1. Moaning 😂. That the end of her marriage.

    2. @Happy toto
      Where you waka go since?
      E don tey o

    3. This mean ANG, how you go dey add. Toto to person name? Is that the name on his profile? You re just a bully & a hypocrite!

    4. @23:08
      Thank you for your rant.
      The person I greeted is not complaining, is she?
      If she doesn't like what I called her, she is free to complain and
      I will take it up from there.
      All the names you've called me on this blog, have I complained? So run away 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

    5. I have always said it that the person beyond that moniker is a pervert and sex starved nonetity.

    6. I’m here trying to connect the preaching and the cringeworthy nickname. Time to choose a hustle.

    7. @Kiks and the anonymous

      I apologize if this offended you. I do joke, I am human.
      And to Happy Tutu my apologies.

  7. The armed robber rapist is bad
    But the abortionist "barren woman" is the worst of the worst.
    One robbed/raped, the other one murdered an innocent soul; a fervent
    blood sacrifice to Satan the murderer from the beginning.

  8. Marry the robber and keep the baby,she is destined to marry a rapist.

    1. Who on earth will want to marry a rapist and a robber that matter. This is a painful situation for the couple and taking a decision to leave the pregnancy or abort it will be difficult only those involved can understand the pain,
      God remember all waiting on you for fruits of the womb.

  9. Nawa for this kind question oo, na to kuku keep the baby naa.

  10. then it maybe she was never barren the husband was the one with the problem ..but will allow the woman to be running about looking for solution for 20 yrs

  11. She should leave the pregnancy, the baby is innocent, besides that could be her only chance to being a mother.

  12. See how women suffers. The man has been the impotent one not the lady. It is a sin to commit abortion so the baby stays

  13. I am sorry I cannot have an armed robber's baby. What kind of disgusting lineage is that? One day the truth will get out and then what? Please read up on children produced from rape.

  14. Terminate what nah? She should keep it as her testimony.

  15. Even if outsiders don't know...
    Children are a gift from God (although this pregnancy might remind her of the traumatic experience all through) and the baby is 50% of her. The child might not look like her husband (or her) and might raise eyebrows. The child may be a son and the husband will deep down, feel bad about handing his legacy to another man's son; as well as see the child as a confirmation of his fertility issues.
    The woman will rejoice to show the world she's not barren and will (after recovering somewhat from the trauma) proudly flaunt the belly.
    It's a dicey situation; especially given that the man may not have owned up to his fertility issues.
    However, children are a GIFT from God and He destined her to bear this one. The baby is an innocent in all this, so she should reason with her husband to keep the child. Who knows? Her womb might be touched and she'll bear her husband's own seeds as well.

    1. 'her womb might be touched...'

  16. She should keep the baby and dedicate him or her to God. Again robbery may not be in the blood of the robber.

  17. Mehn I'll never advocate "shooting off"... but the memories will always be fresh once in a while when she looks at that child. Let her do whatever gives her peace of mind.

  18. What a dicey situation! Abortion isn't an option,it's better she keeps the pregnancy.... To think I know someone who suffered same fate,just that she wasn't barren,infact she's a pastor's daughter. The boy would be so grown now.

  19. She should do whatever the hell pleases her and gives her peace of mind.

  20. How was she "Barren" and got pregnant?

    1. She had just gone to see T.B Joshua before the armed robbery?
      It is a miracle .

    2. Nne nawa ooo.

      Miracle indeed.

    3. Apparently, she wasn't barren...
      Her hubby might have been the one with the ish...

  21. Eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Ndi Pharisees full market today o
    Are these the same Naija girls that send
    thunder and nkita ara to my smooth nyansh anytime
    I dare say make them no shoot off or strangulate?
    Una hypocrisy don dey wear skirts o 😯😯😯
    Or is it because Sdk said that the woman has been barren for 20 years?
    Okay let's say all of una don chagharia repentance come make Jesus Lord
    of your lives.
    Praise the Lord!
    Odimma, ka anyi n' elenu ....


    1. We don chagharia oo! Halleluyah!
      Who go crave pikin for 20years & not chagharia with this kind miracle so?!

  22. Keep the baby and nurse him or her with a good heart..

  23. 😀😀😀😀😀 it shows that her husband is incapacitated of making a baby. The man will gladly accept the child in faith while still continue to pray for his own to come.

  24. Rape is a terrible experience. Was raped by armed robbers. I kept wretching and was continuously slapped as long as it lasted. For days their stench could not leave my nostrils. If I had gotten pregnant I wouldn't have kept it because the child would have been a constant reminder. My marriage crashed after the incident, it took me years to put myself together.

    1. Wow! I'm so sorry about this, dear...

    2. Warm hugs
      Sorry dear
      May you heal and become whole again
      May peace and joy like a river be your lot
      Oh Lord hear my prayers for your daughter, in Jesus Name, Amen

  25. It's left for her to decide. God forbid it happens to me but in my sane mind, I'll rather adopt a child than keep such a child. It's not even about the child being a bastard. The trauma of the rape is the deal breaker. I will never get over it anytime I look at the child.

  26. Heaven forbid I keep such abomination! A child conceived out of rape and armed robbery is cursed! Tufiakwa! A mistake, an abomination, a curse and a disease! Mba! If she can get pregnant from rape then she can get pregnant from sperm donor. Go to a sperm bank and select the finest sperm. The history and biodata of the donors are recorded. Abort the abomination please. Don't think about yourself, think about the child too. Do you know the psychological harm and distress that comes from knowing how you were conceived. People that say keep the baby have never experienced rape. It is disgusting! Just so you know, there's research out there that shows criminality may have some genetic link to it. I would rather remain childless than have such. There's too many options these day for her to think my only option is to keep an abomination. Rapists and armed robbers should be killed not celebrating father's day. Alu!


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