Stella Dimoko Boredom Eliminating Post


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Friday, June 28, 2019

Boredom Eliminating Post


  1. Clothes, perfume and gadgets 不不不不不

    1. Your house must be a gadget warehouse

      My old Mum's upkeep e no easy

    3. I no even see money not to talk of wetin dey eat am up. The little one wey I get, na Data dey chop am

    4. Building a house

    5. I spend my money on ashawo joint. 3k per ashawo. sometimes I do 2 rounds.

    6. Clothes, perfumes, shoes, bags. In fact, material things

    7. Yaba left eacapee28 June 2019 at 21:48

      My drugs.
      Judging from my reasonable comments of late, i can hear ppl say theyre working...

  2. Replies
    1. @Perxian
      E get anything for (Pharisee) market wey them
      dey call extravagance?
      Ajuju o
      Okay, make I guess...mmmmhhhheee
      Extra = spare
      vagance = this one sound like oyibo name for tohtoh oo
      I get am?

    2. Luxury items

    3. Luxury items

    4. ANG, you didn't get "am". 不不不

    5. My fertility treatment. It is so dishearten never wish to walk this road to have children.

  3. My daughter am giving her my all

  4. Replies
    1. We all have one....
      Break it down.

  5. DATA and FUEL .. .

  6. Mmmmm DATA 唐唐唐.Cause I must always be online to attend to mails

  7. Food
    Helping those in needs
    Family too join

    1. @Cutest Pat
      That ya number 2
      biko explain kowatasia inugo?

    2. Abeg come and help meooo, I need help

  8. Data and food

  9. Too much responsibilities. Just like you never started at all

  10. Fuel, Toiletries! Just can't get enough of my toiletries!

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  11. Replies
    1. It is well dear...
      Your testimony is loading soon in Jesus name. Amen

    2. God that did it for Hannah will do yours sooner than you expected. Keep trusting in him.

    3. Don't give up, God got your back, you will testify soon.

    4. Settled in Jesus name Amen.

    5. You will sing a new song soon

    6. You are a Mother of many nations, a Queen to princes and princesses. God will do exceedingly above your request. Amen

    7. There is a couple in my church everytime Pastor asked those trying to conceive to come out they came out ( I think they were married for 6 years ) she took in and birthed a boy, 2 years later another boy followed pastor walked past them and said you'll have a girl in Jesus name, they rejected it and said no Pastor we are done.
      That's my prayer for you. You will have as much as you desire and you will tell God e don do thank you.Your mother gave birth to you, you too will birth your own

    8. I am so here for your testimoniesssss!!
      You will see what God has in store for you.
      Can’t even contain my excitement for your good news❤️

    9. Your testimony is here already olori

    10. God got you. It will surely end in praise

    11. OMG.......Love Lives here
      You all are so amazing and beautiful
      Iphim my in law for life....Its here
      Thank God for this family ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    12. You will carry your twins soon in Jesus mighty name. I pray same for myself too

    13. Oh my dear,the struggle is not here at all. The process is so expensive you can't even imagine. I still get gbese for hospital wet I never pay and another procedure is hanging again. Its well, we will testify!!

    14. God will do it soon Olori. More people are praying for you than you can ever imagine. I can't wait to receive the good news of your twins.

    15. Omeh sis, looking at the money for that procedure
      Hubby was like should I use this money to get you a car. The side eyes I gave him ehn. Is car a baby.
      September is almost here, I must carry to term.

      Omeh sis, Omah and everyone trying, it's draining I know, God will show up for us soonest. I believe

    16. Sis,God is not man that He should lie. Your babies are here, believe it and it's done. Get ready for your testimony.

    17. Olori darling, that's the spirit, keep on keeping on. We went through real tough times before we had our first two angels, the last one, the third, came effortlessly. We weren't even trying, in my heart I was done with child bearing. I shared my story here when I came back from my "hiatus".

      At the risk of recapitulation, I will share a portion of my story. You see, my sweet, doctors had told me that I could never have kids unless with medical intervention and true to their words we had the first two through medical intervention. God blessed us with a boy and a girl, so we really felt like that was just perfect. Less than 3 years ago, the same "chic" whom the doctors said couldn't have babies unassisted, was almost 6 months gone and I didn't even know I was pregnant! How could I be? There were no medical interventions because we thought we were done.

      Guess what? Our little prince who just celebrated his 2 birthday recently, was conceived supernaturally and we weren't even praying for a baby. I had him at 39 years. Now my darling, do you think the God Who blessed us with this miracle, a miracle we didn't ask for, will not bless you with the miracle you've been praying day and night for? Of course He will. Yours may even sneak up on you the way ours did us.

      Don't ever be discouraged, daring, I pray God will supply the funds you need to cover medical bills and even extra for the fun of it. Keep seeing yourself and hubs as parents of beautiful, healthy children.
      e-hugs and kisses.

    18. Iphie my Peach,"how you doing?" *in Wendy Williams' voice*

    19. @olori, God is waiting for that perfect moment to do his work.
      Congrats in advance babe ❤️❤️

    20. I am so overwhelmed right now 梗

      Ronalda,you don't know what your words mean to me. I have saved it....God bless you so much

      Sluttychic ♥♥♥♥
      Mimi love
      20:22,I really appreciate
      Blessed Princess
      Shuga darling
      Amy A
      Perxian my queen
      Madam B ❤❤❤
      Anne K
      Stella Maris

    21. Olori dear,you'll laugh last ,I mean laughter of victory,and your joy will know no bounds. I wish my self same.Cheers 予

  12. Replies
    1. @Blackey
      So no mending of broken (Pharisee) beds?
      Ajuju ajuoo
      But why you go carry ya (hard earned money) buy hair
      abi you carry isi mala commot for womb?
      Na only ajuju I ask o

    2. Good creams are really expensive ‍♂️

    3. Yes o very expensive.

      Nwuye herod, make I carry natural hair upandan ?

      I no dey break bed again o, I demolish it

    4. @Blackey
      Okay so you carry supernatural hair okwa ya?

    5. Body care is expensive!!!
      Organic products

    6. wether d cream expensive or not...2 days sun will revert the complexion to factory reset.

  13. My Children welfare and extravagant buying.

  14. Saving up for my rent, fueling my car, buying huge amounts of data and helping people who I assume might be in need. I give out a lot of money. I rarely buy anything for myself asides food, data and fuel. I just find myself giving the rest out.

    1. Save some for yourself. Before you know it time has passed and you may have nothing to show for all your labour.

    2. Oh..yeah! They have any personal savings! But the spend their money on charities, paying school fees for other people's children school fees. Buying aso ebi & fashion things for parties & buying nonsense things. When they r sick or dies then there will be gofund me burials upandan!!!

      Ndi ara!!!

      Nigerians r the most disgraceful people when it comes to money. Always scamming others & trying to manipulate someone with disgusting tricks for either to waste lives, valuable.time or money doing nonsense things.
      Witches & wizards full everywhere without notice board showing on top their head.

  15. Human hair and shoes o, me sef I'm tired of myself, I don't know how to stop. I just keep buying and buying.
    I have over 25wigs and lots of shoes.
    Sometimes I'm think it's my village people that don't want me to have akojo (savings)

    1. I wish you know where those "human hairs" are coming from
      You will not approach it with even a long pole.

    2. Me that is on low cut no get pass 6 wigs at a time. easy sis, try to dey overlook somethings make you fit save.

    3. 18 :29 go n yansh down, where is it coming from n we never die finish? Na spirit hair? Ajuju

    4. @Blackberry
      It is not meant to just kill you but to keep you on a life of "round about"
      if you understand.

    5. When you people can't afford quality you start talking shit

  16. Replies
    1. hahaha Shuga girl fabrics to sew, same whatsapp

  17. An extremely comfortable lifestyle

    Charitable deeds

  18. Nothing is "eating" our (DH/I's) money. But we spend money on things worthwhile; Food and clothing and charity.
    For if we have food and clothing, let's be content...(google it). More than a tenth of our monies go to charity; Widows, orphans, persecuted Christian missionaries who left all
    to follow Christ (Deut. 14:28-29, 26:12-15,Acts 1:1-6, 1 Tim. 5:3-6).
    What else...Ahaaaaaaa
    lotion for my smooth nyansh

    It's a pity that a lot of my friends;
    Naija girls spend them monies for;
    1. Brazilian/Peruvian/siren's hair
    2. Fake nails, (vulture feathers) lashes.
    3. Fake nyansh
    4. Champe/mid thigh skirts and those akula clothes wey them carry razor cut through say na design?
    5. Fake/pumped/ballooned boobies -you go dey wonder if na weather baloon
    them carry for chest? 毋
    6. Amu rubber/aka dildo -open handbags come see porn shop;different fork
    instruments for drilling... Phewww!
    7. Tatoos/cleaning of tatoos
    -today na "James I love you", James dump am "Ayo you are
    bestest", Ayo dump am "David you sweet..."

    1. ANG, it's me,your baby boo.

      I guess you're the Anon that talks about regular fasting. I need tips. When/how to fast? Also need tips on the midnight prayers too.


    2. You people cannot just answer question without writing Epistle

    3. Talk wetin dey eat your money no talk about anoda group.

    4. Same bible says "don't judge". Do your charity and leave others to do what they deem fit with their money(right or wrong). Leave judgement for the most high....

    5. Lotion for smooth yansh...hahahaha better add money for repairing ya broken bed.

    6. @Sassy
      Which "other group" you see there eh?
      I dey talk am as im dey kawai!
      Awusa asuoo!
      And you go always dey read epistle okwa ya?
      Ajuju k'm juru gi...
      I been don dey look out for where all those monies dey
      wey you dey gather from ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️
      Abi them dey my list up there?
      Ajuju n' ekpo oku

    7. Ajuju 云I don’t have money yet o, still struggling

    8. @Mystique
      Ordinarily, I won't paste quotations on a BEP but just cite, but it looks like you
      want to know more:
      1 Corinthians 5:12 What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church?
      Are you not to judge those inside? 13God will judge those outside.
      “Expel the wicked person from among you.”

      When I write "Pharisees", I mean those who stay in churches and chant
      "God, Jesus" but their lifestyles totally deny him. And how do I know?
      By what they write here of course. Today, someone is writing about
      how "sweet Jesus is", the next day, she is telling us how "sweet
      doggy(fornication) is?" 荊荊荊
      Sometimes I joke,but other times, people know when I am serious...

    9. @Blackey
      You wan sabi the lotions wey dey make nyansh smooth?

    10. ANG answer your baby boo up there oooo

    11. @18:29
      Sorry I'm just seeing your good yarns.
      Yes, fasting to discipline the flesh and get closer to God.
      Let's divide it:
      1. The regular fasts: no food but water -train yourself in it (e.g. 6-2pm, 6-4pm, 6-6pm) Matthew 6:1-15
      2. The partial/fruit fast: Assorted fruits(banana,mango, pawpaw)/vegetable (raw like carrot,cabbage etc.) that's also
      called "The Daniel's fasts"; see Daniel chapter 1,2 and 3. Plenty of water is involved
      3. Dry/total fasts: No food/water - as long as the Lord gives you strength and as you've trained yourself (1 Timothy 4:6-8)
      4. The supernatural fasts -the kind Jesus/Moses did lasting up to 40 days -only the Lord can lead one into this fast and it is not
      common. Matthew 4
      The length of this fasts depend on your practice at it and God's leading (Isaiah 58: God's chosen fast)
      Tips: cut off refined sugar and sugar drinks/coffee/tea (anything with caffeine, also kolas) just to avoid
      headaches and body pains/nausea etc.

      God's Grace in your spiritual journey in Christ. Amen

    12. ANG's baby boo28 June 2019 at 22:59

      Thank you very much.

  19. 1.Home expenditure.
    I just moved in to a new apartment and there is always something to fix! if it's not plumbing,it is carpentry.
    it's quite draining.

  20. Feeding
    Basic Amenities
    Responsibilities yi no ni
    Oti poju

  21. Data.
    Sowing seed.
    Ice cream and Cake

    1. Where do you sow this seeds?
      Very important.

  22. Ankara, cos I am learning how to sew, so once I see money next thing I am off to the market to buy ankara for practice.
    Data because I always download and watch youtube videos for styles and how to make them, especially those I don't know how to make yet.

    1. It’s fabric consuming.
      Learning to sew takes so much time and money.
      All the best babe ❤️❤️

    2. I tell you @ Stuttychic, really time consuming and draining, especially since I have just my off days. But I love love it. Thank you

      lolz @Mom Ella our whatsapp group is growing,even in my Place of Work and Learning everybody keep teasing me, always looking out for the name of any fabric I see.

  23. data, clothes and comfortable lifestyle

  24. Hmmmmm...
    aw come no 1 az mentioned Bet9ja and its siblings

    1. Anybody wey dey do dis one, him one leg dey village already

  25. School
    House rent
    Utilit bills
    Mobility expenses
    Personal care

  26. Holidays...I'm more about experiences rather than physical things so going on exotic vacations is my thing.

  27. as for me, no money for anything to eat. just praying for this job to clique so I can be buying nice things for my kids .hubby has tried enough and I'm tired of subtle insults

  28. Alcohol and cigarettes.

  29. Saving. Does that count? saving 75 percent of salary. I m going to splurge on clothes this month. starting to look tatty

  30. Food
    Assisting family

    To be sincere, must of my money goes into savings, i am addicted to saving. I dread being broke, so i save more and spend less

    1. It's good to save, but not at the expense of your comfort. What's life anyway. You need to attend a funeral to know there's nothing to this life.
      Dead men don't eat, u know..

  31. i save 60% of my salary and spend the rest on needs/want

  32. Mine is on self development, whenever i have extra money, i start looking for how to develop myself, I'm not into makeup, and wig, i have just 2 wigs, I just got some extra money from a PP, and I'm thinking of PMP, all my mates have car, but buying a car is not even on my agenda now (I'm in the construction field), any clue on a certification?

    Thanks in advance

  33. Data and bags

  34. People mentioning data everywhere, do u spend more than 10k on data in a month? Hian.

  35. Perfume
    My siblings
    Designer sun glasses

  36. To be true, mine is cosmetics, and l am into aromatherapy too.
    The problem is l don't stay on one brand, and l do not finish using one before buying another and another.
    People think l own a cosmetics corner.
    I will make over this one too.
    Person go just dey waste money.


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