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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 1365

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you...


  1. Number 2 is a huge fat lie.
    I know of more than one
    A lot of cases in Nigerian
    does not get reported or make its way to the hospital.
    I also know many who are mad because of marijuana.

    1. Brother anybody who died probably mixed other drugs, weed cannot kill you...and whether the person mad, e no concern the fun fact

    2. The way some of una dey argue ignorantly and with boldness ehn. Lawd!

      Marijuana alone did not kill those people. They most definitely ingested other substances before Marijuana happened.

    3. @Rage
      Your name says it all. Marijuana is the fuel for your rage.
      Talk about the ones you know and allow others to talk about their
      experiences too.
      Aren't you the ignorant one?
      Nothing else was mixed. The metabolic abilities of individuals
      differ. That is why someone will consume a bottle of beer and nothing
      happens, another will do same and become drunk.
      This is basic physiology. The western world has decided to make money
      through weed that the companies themselves are sponsoring researches to
      credit marijuana. Do you know how many researches that has been carried out
      that will make people abandon sugar and would have made governments all over the
      world ban refined sugars?? But the giant soda companies sniffled those.
      For instance, do you know that refined sugars exacerbates menopausal osteoporosis
      in women? Go to Youtube and type "the secrets of Sugar -the fifth estate" and watch.

  2. Good to know, I can now smoke my weed in peace and not scared of overdose 💃💃💃..I can mix some in her vegetable soup also. .she no go die

  3. @2 what of madness! lol

  4. of a hunter becomes the hunted. What an irony of life.

    1. You always crack me up... The first time I saw your comment of a non existent fact 3, I almost thought I didn’t refresh well if not for other people’s replies. You be real native doctor o.

  5. They said death and not madness.

  6. Marijuana that rendered one of my uncle useless. He left his good job at one of the major seaports in the UK. It damages the brain nerve. Please don't be deceived .

  7. Marijanas is a depressant. It doesn't kill except it's mixed with toxic substances. It doesn't go down well with alcohol and kills when taken with mushrooms.

    1. Marijuana a "depressant?"
      Go and read again.

    2. Anti depressant you mean

  8. No now I don’t agree with fact no 4.


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