Stella Dimoko Former Minister Of Transport Amaechi Says Nigeria Is Used To ''Chop I Chop'' Politics..


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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Former Minister Of Transport Amaechi Says Nigeria Is Used To ''Chop I Chop'' Politics..

Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, a former Minister of Transport, has said that what is being played in Nigeria is ‘Chop I Chop’ politics.
Amaechi said that this when he fielded questions from reporters on the state of the nation.

He said that the fact President Muhammadu Buhari was “trying to stop the chop I chop kind of politics has not been easy with politicians.”

According to the former Rivers State Governor, “As much as I can, I am trying to avoid issues that would hurt people. The politics we are used to in Nigeria is what I would describe as ‘Chop I Chop politics.’

“So they gang-up against the President in PDP because the free money is no longer there.History is the study of past events to discuss how to deal with the present and the future.
We are not even blaming Goodluck or Obasanjo but we are stating the history. I was part of that administration lest you forget.

“What we are saying is that if the money that was kept in the savings was utilized for these infrastructures, why would President Buhari ask Rotimi Amaechi to go focus on Lagos to Ibadan rail line? So we are compelled to start afresh.

“Majority of infrastructures in Nigeria was built in General Yakubu Gowon’s regime, a bit of it was built by Obasanjo and the 3rd mainland bridge was built by General Babangida.
So tell me what else we have done as a country? Port Harcourt -Enugu road bad, Lagos – Kano road bad, Ibadan – Lagos road bad.
So assuming the blame game they accused us of is true, we are not blaming and not working.

“I drove on Lagos – Ibadan road to Abeokuta, we are completing it. By the time we finish Lagos – Ibadan railway to Abeokuta,it will become an alternative route because the number of people that died on that road is unimaginable.”
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  1. Pls make una just work the work

  2. Oga Rotimi people are complaining because they were tired of Govts that were not performing and Nigerians needed, wanted badly to change things. APC came along with a plethora of promises. Based on those promises they were voted in. The blame is because APC failed to deliver on the promises they made. And we sincerely hope that in this second tenure we would stop reading things like this but see action from you guys. It is surprising that the previous cabinet was dissolved on 28th May. It's 11th June, no cabinet yet. I'm even surprised that you are still talking. Are you still the Minister in charge of Transport?

  3. Says the group admin.

    We hear you. Just do the work you all were voted in for. Start it and finish it.

  4. Is he now a former minister? Pls somebody should explain i don't understand.

    1. Yeah, the cabinet has been dissolved. The country is waiting on the Presidency for a new one. Hopefully, Amaechi will come back to Ministry of Transport, he's such a hard worker, i admire him...

    2. Anon 12:33 Thanks a bunch!

  5. APC always making childish remarks, from their Oga to their gate-man

  6. Without chop i chop government, who is Rotimi Chibuike Amechi? You all spewing rubbish because you are part of this monumental disgrace of administration, forgetting the roles you played in the previous chop i chop government. Hypocrite

  7. Rotimi, you chopped too! You haven't done anything when you switched over. Are you trying to say you want to change? From being the speaker to the governor, you didnt do shingbii! You became a minister and still didnt do jack, just commissioning projects that were awarded, signed and mobilization paid by the Goodluck Jonathan Regime, You cant accuse or insult Jonathan because you have opened the books and seen GEJ meant well for this country, that is why the Grace on Him is Disgracing everyone who fought against him secretly or otherwise.

    I'm a fan of performance that are measurable. I also believe in succession planning that is what is working for Tinubu, my grouse with Jagaban is the amount of wealth he is gathering. I voted for Babatunde Fashola and was glad i did. He started running his mouth how electricity can be fixed in 6 months. Today Fashola is worst Minister of Power!

    APC vuvuzelas you can start with the insults, no difference between you guys and IPOB. I will always say this, If things are working why will i not applaud the people in power. My father is not a politician, my boyfriend isn't neither do i have a Big god in politics, so all i need is for this POLITICIANS to fix things. Stop stealing money that might become a CURSE and work for goodness sake!

  8. Ds Amechi is shameless tout who thinks dt all of us are timid to undstnd who he is. So shameless dt he was seen beginning Buhari to consider him for a second term minister. So ds blame game is part of d lobbying.

  9. Enter your comment...dem dem


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