Stella Dimoko Former Rapper Olamide's Signee LYTA Says He's Sad And Depressed


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Sunday, June 02, 2019

Former Rapper Olamide's Signee LYTA Says He's Sad And Depressed

Former YBNL signee, Opeyemi Babatunde Rahim, popularly known as Lyta, has opened up that he is sad and depressed.

On Tuesday, Lyta, 21, during his interview with an online TV platform, NaijaLoaded TV, announced that he is in pains due to his misunderstanding with his record label (YBNL) honcho, Olamide Adedeji aka Olamide Baddo.

“I am depressed and tired,” said the singer who hails from Kwara State but grew up in Ajegunle area of Lagos State.
I think Olamide misunderstands me. I see him like my father because if not because of him and God I won’t be famous like this.”

This follows reports that Lyta has been axed from YBNL. And as if to confirm the authenticity of the news, Olamide unfollowed him on Instagram.

Not to leave fans on a dark-side, Olamide had earlier addressed the issues he had with Lyta, whom he signed from the street. Olamide said that Lyta purposely requested that he wanted to leave and even though he knows the young act was lying, he still wished him well and received his blessings.

The ‘oil and gas’ crooner, noted that Lyta was not pleased with the record label’s decision of promoting two or more artistes to maintain equality.

According to Olamide, every label with many artistes has a calendar that they follow in order to maintain equality and it seems Lyta was not cool with that.

“If one keeps pushing just one artist only, how would the label and every artiste sign under it grow?” Olamide questioned.

On why he unfollowed him on Instagram, Olamide said he did not want negative vibes around him.

“If you know me too well, you will know I don’t want negative energy or bad vibes around me,” he said.
Bad energy or pity face affects me badly and I can’t help but scrutinise my page to avoid any issue.”

Contrary to this comments, Lyta in the trending video said: “Yes, so many people are always showing interest in signing me.
But, I don’t really give green, until my dad called me that there is a guy that always want to sponsor my music.”

The singer, who got instant fame after he was signed into the YBNL record on February 15, 2018, said problem began when he informed his boss about the deal and expected a fatherly advice from him.

He said: “When I message Olamide to inform him about the deal, he just said ‘if that is the best, I wish you goodluck.”

Lyta said that since the incident, his musical dreams began to fade as sadness took the place of joy in his heart.

“For the past few months now, I’ve not been doing anything, no music for my fans.
Everybody has been commenting ‘you’re not doing nothing. You’re only changing hairstyle. The thing is, I am depressed and sad,” he said.

For eight years, Olamide’s YBNL imprint has become a hub for young musical talents. They have produced superstars like Adekunle Gold, Lil Kesh, Davolee and Temmie Uvwasa.

The record label owner, Olamide, once said he is just helping youngsters so they can have a smooth ride in the highly competitive music industry.Lyta also expressed gratitude to Olamide for taking him off the streets.

“If not because of him, I would’ve ended up being Islamic cleric (alfa) or repair generator. My greatest achievement is getting signed to YBNL.”

He continued: “I don’t have any deal with YBNL but I used to get paid for shows, sometimes 80k, 60k, to 50k. But when I dropped my songs, ‘Time’ and ‘Selfmade,’ I didn’t get anything.” His videos included the cover of ‘Ire’ by Adekunle Gold.

According to Lyta, the only reason why he is doing music is to take care of his mother’s blindness.

“My mom is blind and I need to take care of her,” said Lyta who started his music career at the age of 12.

“And I am the only one who can take care of her for now. My dad didn’t have much and my brothers are also trying their best too but people are seeing me as superstar but I don’t have anything because only me can’t take care of my parents.

“I didn’t know to exit YBNL will be a big deal like this. I thought, if I informed Olamide about the deal he would just pray for me and support me.”

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  1. There's something about this our mouth.. I pray it doesn't put us in trouble..

    Same with me too..

    Patience n perseverance is key until you can stand on your own..

    I think he should use this little fame to try n bounce back.

    Wish him luck

    1. Someone should pls sign this boy, I don't wanna hear of suicide.

  2. When I see or read about people talk about being depressed, one thing comes to mind, UNFULFILLMENT. When you are unfulfilled in life, there are possibilities and tendency to fall into depression. I hardly see one living a fulfilled and successful life falls into depression easily.

    Though loss of a loved one may cause one go into depression but to a little percentage of people and not all the time.

    Most people who are depressed could either be as a result of failures in career path, business, love life,even abandonment or humiliation.

    One thing I will advice people in life is that, if you are opportune to lift anyone up, please do, for most depressed people end up committing suicide.

    We can only rise by lifting up others.

    1. What are they talking, what are you saying?

    2. You talk too much crap sometimes. Try and talk less and listen more. Not everytime typing long thesis

  3. Thesesyounger generation are always impatient, for how long were you signed under YBNL that you were too eager to inform Olamide that you had so màny people who were ready to sign you on. Young man ,you used your own hand to destroy your career. Oya na were are those you claimed had showed interest in you?

    1. Don't mind them! They want to blow overnight. Or they have just one hit and become stupid. Where is the person he says wanted to sponsor his music? He should go to them na, afterall he is now free to take up their offer.

    2. The boy probably wanted to manipulate Olamide & ended up getting hurt instead...
      It's possible there was no such deal proposed & he made it up, so Olamide can recognize his worth/value...

  4. Lol. Some of these wannabe stars in entertainment think behind the scenes work is easy. They think that any amount paid to book them is all theirs. It's like they don't know the company that projected them and is still doing so, has bills and associated costs. Even when they find an honest manager or label CEO, greed and listening to those who don't even understand any facet of the industry won't let them be great. By the time they wander in the wilderness small, they are always wiser.

  5. Your father killed your music career. Olamide Badoo prayed for you by wishing you were so much in a haste to be independent. Next time learn to be patient.

  6. If you don't want sniper please swallow your pride and apologize to Olamide he will forgive you. He is a nice guy.

  7. Even 2baba paid his dues to Kennis music,

    1. He really did. At a point I was vexing on his behalf thinking, why can't they let him go?

    2. Yes ooo, those ones really cheated 2baba. Kennis Music 419

  8. Olamide, It seems Lyta is using this medium to beg you to take him back, I am sure Lyta has learnt his lesson. Please it is not too late to give him a second chance.

  9. Olamide, It seems Lyta is using this medium to beg you to take him back, I am sure Lyta has learnt his lesson. Please Please Please it is not too late to give him a second chance.

  10. Lyta is not depressed, he's saying that to be manipulative. He was being impatient and greedy and it backfired on him now he wants the public to feel bad for him.

  11. Lord pls deliver all that are being depressed

    Hot mum


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