Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series -High Fever Hallucinations..


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Saturday, June 01, 2019

Iya Ibeji Series -High Fever Hallucinations..

This is very serious!!!

High fever and some malaria drugs can make you hallucinate.
My friend's son was sick and then one night he went to his mum's room and woke her up then the following conversation ensured.

SON: Mummy you know I love you.

MUMMY: I know baby, how are you feeling?

SON: Thank you for being the best mum in the whole world.

(She said at this point she started looking at him with side eyes)

SON: Mummy I will always love you and...

MUMMY: (Cuts in) hey shut up, you better shut up before I sound you. I will beat this high fever talk out of your system. See if they are calling you, you better tell them that that time is still very far.

I don't know about you but this really cracked me up, So I asked her why she shut him up, abi someone cannot tell his mother how much he loves again in peace?
She said it felt like he was saying goodbye to her, like final goodbye.

She said he tried to say those words again another day and she told him, you want to try yourself again abi? Try am. Thank God the young man is fine and he has stopped his "love" talk.

One time my husband had fever and he was just talking about Boko Haram and Channels TV, so I quickly called his best friend to come and see o so when they sermon me to village square I will have a witness.

*High fever is very very risky.please if you know anyone who has high fever and is hallucinating,take them to see a doctor fast...high fever can kill!!!


  1. Very funny and scary.
    Is that how serious high fever is?
    Never experienced it before?

  2. 😂😂😀 this really cracked me up

    I’ve not seen anybody hallucinating when they are sick, I’ve only heard about it.

  3. Kikikikiki
    So hilarious and serious
    High Fever is very bad... It makes some go insane

  4. It happened about 15years ago,our neighbour then,papa chiamaka had high fever and he laid down in front of our building,we all lived in face me I face you,on this particular day there was no light so most of us came out to receive fresh air.
    One of our neighbours has 3 goats, the goats were coming close to him and this man stood up and started arguing with the goats,he said to one of them.. if I die I no go be goat,I no be your family, I see you dey look me na today i go kill you...
    His wrapper fell off and we called his wife and they took him inside,the wife told us he has malaria and high fever.
    When he got better,the children started teasing him by saying..papa chiamaka family don come ohhh,it took serious beating before they stopped.
    All the adults always have this cunny look when they are the goats.

  5. Fever with hallucinations:encephalitis or sepsis...either way serious baaaaad news

  6. A serious 'brother in the Lord' in church was conversing with some unseen beings and people were egging him on thinking he was casting and binding.
    It was after the program when people saw him still gisting with 'dem dem' that they realised that all was not well.
    Alas, malaria don touch niggar brain!

  7. I was once admitted for high fever.i was hallucinating and talking gibberish about how Osuofia killed Patience Ozokwor with a Lion.My brother narrated all these to me when I got better and I couldn't believe it

  8. Mine happend in boarding house,I had high fever and I woke up and didn't realise I was sleepwalking,meanwhile there were several cases of ogbanje tormenting us,students being pressed and all sort.
    I didn't know some of my snrs and jnrs saw me,according to them, I walked like a zombie and I went back to my bed.
    Next morning they summoned me and morning devotion was all about me,some lied I had horn and some said they saw snake with me,they all made up stories on me.
    They told the house teacher and she saw my condition and took me to hospital and my parents came.
    I was home for 1week and when I came back I acted along,I will stand and make sure one very wicked snr then was watching me,I will start to incarnate rubbish,all the remaining terms I was spared the rods,punishments and no one argues with me,anything I say was always on.
    Looking back I just smile.

  9. Wawu
    When they "sermon" [sic.] you to village square?
    Shuoooorrr, Iya ibeji don turn to village evangelist?!
    Ajuju ajuoo! 😜
    So wetin go be the title of your sermon when they SUMMON you
    to the village square? 😊😊😊😊

  10. My friend 5months old baby died because of high fever,she said she noticed her body temperature was more than 40degrees and the baby was shivering,our of ignorance being a new mum,she took blanket and coverd her baby,she slept off because she hadn't slept for 2 days caring for her sick child,doctor told her it was just fever but it got worse and she plan going back when its daybreak
    She woke up to see her child had stretched and died right under her nose, she screamed and called us,we arrived and consoled her.
    Painfully she refuse to believe her child was dead,she didn't let go of her corpse, she bath,put her breast in the dead child mouth and back her baby,the second day the same and all ready the smell started,we had to forcefully inject her to sleep and took the child for burial.
    Her husband leaves abroad and that child was like her ticket.
    She is presently in Poland now and has 5 kids.

  11. Mine was I saw a ghost watching me,I screamed but no one believed me...up till now,was I hallucinating and I didn't know?but me am sure I saw a ghost.

  12. Can someone explain to me,why do I always see a tree and I will get a perfect art from looking at it,it's either animals or old people or very scary look,all these always have a complete features,why does my imganitions go so weird? ???

    1. Kai this was so me when I was younger. So scary. I can only say I think it is normal, at least I think so since I never experienced anything bad afterwards, I was just scared of the dark.

  13. Stella please it's not only fever that causes hallucinating,poverty, 9ja hot sun,you will see people subconsciously talking to themselves,and if you mistakenly reply them thinking they are talking to you,oh gosh ..with confidence they will say ..I am not talking to you but with myself.
    Soliloquy is differ ohhh

    1. Yes O you are very correct cos I soliloquy slot.At 40 masters degree holder,no child(ren),no job and pretty though on the big size. I pretend to be strong so I talk to myself a lot and do nasty things in life he process. God is my strength and I believe he will answere soon

  14. I remember when my kid bro came back from school with very serious high fever. It was so bad we thought he would die.
    His hallucinations were terrible. According to him, he was seeing funny creatures(half bird, half woman and other things) by his bed side telling him ish like let's go, don't listen to your mum. He saw so many things that I'm happy to have forgotten self. At a point he got tired of fighting and was just looking at the creatures till they get tired and disappear.
    It was really terrible that we were crying self. He took so many injections plus prayers for him to come back to normal. Thank God we didn't loose him.

  15. I remember when dad was really sick, high fever,, he started hallucinating saying he is seeing his dad(my grandfather) pouring water on his dad,saying all sort of things, I was so scared, we had to rush him to the hospital..

  16. My elder sister was a regular customer of high fever. Once when she was sick she took this nail cutter and brought out the sharp edge saying she wanted to kill some people, we all ran out of the house and left her before our second born went back to calm her down and collect the nail cutter.

  17. Hmmm... I’m reading comments and laughing but it’s really not funny. I had high fever growing up. I was left at home when others went to church. I woke up, flung the door open and ran out. I think I went to three houses knocking and shouting for them to open. I think it was the third house a kind hearted woman opened and let me in. I sat down and told her some people were after me. She understood I guess, calmed me down and gave me water to drink and told me to go back home. I went home and acted as if nothing happened when they came back. It was days later that someone told my sister they saw me on Sunday and I chased them. That one told my mom and from that day if anyone is sick no church for her. I wonder where that kind woman is sef. God bless her. Imagine if I had ran into the house of a pedophile.

  18. This post just has me laughing. Me I'm the chairman of hallucinations. Several episodes from childhood. I remember it scared my parents so much.

    I remember one particular episode I got up at night, took a bowlwithbowlwithbowater from the kitchen and a knife to the parlour. I dropped them on the table then sat down to keep watch. After a while, my sister woke up and saw me then went to call my parents.
    When they asked me I mouthed gibberish about not letting them Cross the water. After a while, I left my family in the parlour and went to sleep.
    Woke up in the morning and was asking why the bowl of water and knife were in the parlour. No one answered me.
    I kukuma carried them to the kitchen by myself.

    My elder sister still has a funny name for me based on my hallucinations


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