Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 258


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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Labour Room Drama 258

This is the longest Labour room drama ever and it is worth the read...............

Hello Stella, I am coming today to share with you and the BVs my pregnancy and delivery experience for the labour room section. Oya let’s begin…

My period started acting quite weird but since I’ve just decided to give keto diet a try, I thought it was one of the side effects and also I was going through the stress of exams. One day, I just decided to do a pregnancy test to make sure that I wasn’t missing any thing and I immediately got a positive result. Within seconds I went from being pissed to laughing and crying, I just couldn’t believe I was carrying a life in me ( I had a miscarriage a year and half before). I quickly went online to calculate the possible due date of my little one and to my greatest surprise, it was on my birthday. To say that I was over the moon was an understatement, that is how I nicknamed that little one my twin. lol.

Funny enough, as soon as I figured that I was pregnant, morning sickness started (me that went for weeks without any symptoms). The simple taste of water threw me off. From the huge foodie that I was before pregnancy, I went on a forced fasting: couldn’t eat anything that I will not throw up and couldn’t drink anything. I lost a good 10 pounds during my first trimester and to tell the truth I didn’t know that I was going to make it alive bases on how the whole thing started hahaha. Lucky me, as soon as the first trimester ended, every symptoms ran away. 

The remaining part of my pregnancy went beautifully, no pain or excessive tiredness or binge eating. It was so great that people didn’t know I was pregnant unless I’ve told them. I had a very small belly and was exercising as usual until days before delivery.

However, I had some interesting cravings like asking hubby to go get me ice cream at 11pm . Poor guy will go and I will just have few spoons of it and be like I am done. On day I even cried because I wanted a burger. Hahahaaa. Other days I was in the kitchen cooking 3-4dishes at the same time because I wanted a little of everything. Loll

Fast forward to the end of my pregnancy, it was found out that I was still thrombocytopenic (my platelet count was quite low) and my doctor was very worried about it because if it were to drop lower, I wouldn’t be able to get the epidural if I wanted to and if C-Section was required it would be done under general anaesthesia. I therefore spent the last few days on steroids prescription to make sure my count stays above 85,000. I was very thankful to see that with the drug, my count jumped to 115,000. I knew I was safe for whatever may happen.

From about a week before my due date, i started having some contractions but at the prenatal visits, the doctor kept saying that I was nowhere near dilation. She suggested things like nipple stimulation, sex, and walking to start things going. But me that wanted my baby to come on my birthday, avoided all of those so I don’t give birth before my time. Lol. 

My birthday came and at midnight I started shedding tears because my contractions were still not regular. The morning at 8am, I started nipple stimulation and before you know it within 15min, my contraction were very regular with 7 minutes apart and I kept them that way for an hour. I was so excited that I called my Dr office to tell them what was happening and they asked me to come in to see how far I was dilated. I quickly woke up my hubby to tell him to get his bag ready because we might go from the Dr office to the hospital. I told my mother that my contractions were stronger and that she should get ready so we can all go. Her reply was that I was rushing and that my water didn’t break.

 I went into the bathroom to clean myself and apply some light makeup since it was my birthday ( while the contractions were still going). My mother entered the bathroom to hiss at me that if real contractions were catching me i won’t have time to do anything ( mind you that I have very high pain tolerance). I told her that it is not because of contractions I should go out like a mad person and that she can stay home and my hubby will come carry her if I need to get admitted to the hospital. She said no that she wanted to come. 

Once we got to the Dr office, I got checked quickly only for the Dr to tell me that I was still not dilated. To say that I was disappointed was an understatement. We left the office only for my mother to be repeating on the way home how she told us that we were rushing and that i think contractions are joke. I just ignore her and when we got home, i went to rest because I knew that once it gets more intense, I will need all the energy possible. At 5pm, I stood up to go to the kitchen to cook some small things that I can eat at the hospital if authorized. 

I packed them and hubby and I we gave the apartment a cleaning because we knew we will be going to the hospital soon. The contractions were still going and whenever they started, I would stop what I was doing to go bend on the sofa ( it was my way of coping) and hubby would come rub my back. My mother would pass saying things like : pele young couple, see husband rushing, or just hiss and laugh. 

At 7pm, I went to the bathroom and lost my mucous plug with some blood. I told my hubby and concluded that our little one would be coming soon. I immediately went to sleep again to save my energy. At 1am, I felt a strong pain that made me wake up in tears. I tried to contain myself again and kept track of how the contractions were coming for an hour. Once I was sure that they matched the 5-1-1 rule, I called my doctor to let her know and she asked that I go to the hospital. I woke hubby up and went to tell my mother. Only for her to say that we want to disturb her again when my water didn’t break that. I told her that my Doctor asked me to go to the hospital. That’s how at 2am we were on the road to the hospital.

 I felt every bump on the road and was so thankful that i didn’t wait for the contractions to get worse before doing that otherwise it would have been hell.
As soon as we got to the hospital, I was admitted because they were expecting me. I got admitted in the room with a jacuzzi like I wanted because I was trying to go all natural. They made me change into the hospital gown and two residents came to check how dilated I was to report to my Doctor since she wasn’t there yet. They told me I was 3-4cm dilated and that normally at that level, they send people back home but they would go ask my doctor what to do. I told them that where i am , I cannot take the bumps on the road again and that they should find a solution.

 When they left , I turned to my hubby and told him that it seems like they want to see my madness in that hospital that morning, just because I am speaking calmly, they think I am not suffering abi, that I will show them pepper if they ever try to send me home. Hubby started laughing and told me To not worry that I will be fine. The residents came back and told me that the doctor agreed for me to be admitted. My assigned nurse came to take my vitals, do some blood drawing and install my IV hep lock for later use if necessary. By the time, all that was done, it was 7am. I was then allowed to enter the jacuzzi to ease my pain. I quickly put on my bikini set and entered the jacuzzi, already picturing myself resting there. 

Low and behold, I entered that thing and my body felt more stressed. The vibration and all were making me so uncomfortable but I forced myself to stay in it because I was convinced that after some time I will get used to it. Lies!! An hour later when I decided to get out of it, I was shaking so bad that my head was spinning. Nobody told me before it put back my hospital gown and continue to manage my contractions like i was doing before. At about 9-10am , my Doctor came to check me and said I was 5-6 cm dilated. She told me how I was doing a good job, she suggested i use the exercise ball to increase the contractions and if everything continues like that, around 6pm I should have given birth. Now looking back, it seems like my village people started clapping at her statement. The result of the blood test too came with my platelets at 93000 compared to 115000 couple days earlier. Hmmm

All this time, my mother and hubby had finished the food I brought and my mother was complaining about not be comfortable to sleep. To kill her time, she was chatting people on WhatsApp and taking picture of herself. In the meantime, hubby was still rubbing my back when contractions would start. Mind you that by then , I have been having contractions for more than 24hrs and my last meal was the day before around 5pm. 

At around 3pm, the contraction were even more intense and I was almost crushing hubby’s hands whenever they started. The doctor came to check and said I was 6-7 cm dilated. She suggested that I was injected with Pitocin and I asked for something to reduced my pain since I didn’t want epidural so they gave me Tylenol through IV. That latter one didn’t do anything even ...


I was continuing to bear the pain. My mother started complaining about how she said that my water should break first and that she was super hungry that my hubby should help her grab food. I told them both that he couldn’t go anywhere because he is the one who massages me when contractions start and that they have both eaten the morning while me that I am in labor , I haven’t had anything since while I am getting weak. Hubby said that i should let him go because she is older and I asked him if all she cares about while her daughter was in labor was food then there is an issue. Mind you that the way my mother was sitting, even the nurse came to ask me if she was my aunt or mother in law and I had to give excuses that she was tired because she just came from Africa.
Anyway back to me, the Pitocin increase my contractions to 8 cm and right there they got stuck. 

Even though I was still bearing though the pain, I was very weak and contrary to earlier, I couldn’t rest between contractions anymore. At 5pm, I asked for my doctor to come in and told her that I wanted epidural because i didn’t think I would make it alive to 10cm. She told me that i was so strong, that I’ve come all the way to 8cm so I can finish but she still asked the nurse to do a blood test to check my platelets so they can get things ready in case i really want the epidural. My people, platelet count result came back with 84000. That’s where the whole story changed ooo.

 The anesthesiologist came into my room to give me a “Grammy speech” on how I was a strong woman and that unfortunately with the way my platelets have been dropping, it was too risky to give me an epidural blablabla. I kuku said well done to my village people and face whatever life was about to offer. At 6pm , doctor asked me to break my water so it can accelerate the dilation. That thing was so uncomfortable!!! Despite that, dilation didn’t go anywhere ooo. At 8pm , I started begging the doctor to do a c-section because iI was very weak. She reminded me how they would have to put me asleep to do it because of my platelet issue and she told me how she doesn’t think that it would be nice for me to not see my baby for the first hours after I birth him because I would be sleeping. 

 She said she was going to go concert with the night anesthesiologist because she felt like I was so tensed due to having been in labor for so long that my body was not relaxing enough to continue labor. He asked for another blood test to be done and since God is always faithful, the count was now 87000. He came to tell me how he wouldn’t risk the epidural even though there is an improvement but that he will give me some type of anesthesia in the back to help reduce my pain.I quickly told him that I would take whatever he gives me because I couldn’t keep up anymore. He came back with the nurse to hold me still and told me that drug was only good for an hour and that he hopes I would have completely dilated by then. Jokes!!! It was 9:30pm by then and the drug made me go to 9cm but I was more relaxed.

 The drug wore off only after 30min and I started begging the nurse to go tell the anesthesiologist to please come and give me 10times the previous dose. They both came back and the anesthesiologist said he could only give me two times the dose which should help for two hours. I started praying God that this baby come within that period . By 11:30 -12am, my doctor came to check me and while doing it she had a disappointed face. Right there I died thinking that things were still the same and will never get better. Only for her to start laughing that she was joking and that I am at 10 so it’s time to start pushing.
Omo, I wish somebody had told me that the whole championship of pregnancy lies at the pushing part. 

 All those prenatal classes will be telling you about all the techniques to deal with contractions but nobody tells you about the pushing. They gave me instructions on how I should wait for the contractions cycle to start before pushing and once it starts, I would push all in until she counts to 10 which is going to be repeated 3 time before the contractions end. Right there, I remembered what I have been seeing in movies. I told myself that I would push one time and my baby would be out. Village people clap for yourselves again! I was there for a good hour pushing with my husband holding one of my legs while the nurse held the other one and they kept telling me how the baby was already there. During that period i was really feeling like hurting my hubby for getting me pregnant. 

Why is it women who carry all the burden? Like why???? I would push only for them to tell me that the baby is almost there and he has a lot of hair *side eyes*. My Doctor was also massaging olive oil on my perineum and around my jay to help them stretch and avoid tearing. Mogbe, as in why me?? Anyhow at 1:01am, my bundle of joy came to life. I won’t lie saying that I was over the moon. For few seconds my soul had left my body and I swear I was seeing a light in front of me until I heard a voice asking me if I wasn’t gonna hold my baby. 

That was my doctor ‘s voice and it brought me back to life only to see my baby be handed to me. As he was put on my chest I was very excited to meet him but too weak to show any emotion; still, I was holding to him so tight, admiring him and not believing that he was mine. Then, I heard the doctor asking for needle and I was like “ kilo shele?”She told me I had a tear and she needed to sew me back. I could care less at that point because I was holding my baby already. All this while, my mother, all through the pushing, was still sitting on her chair with her face turned away because she didn’t wanna look. Then when the baby came she stood up trying to come take him from me. I didn’t want her to touch him after all her behavior but I was too weak to fight anyone at 3am .

 I was ruled to my recovery room and despite being tired I couldn’t sleep because I was just scared something might happen to my little one. That anxiety continued for up to 10days after giving birth to him as couldn’t stop waking up to make sure he was breathing and fine 9 newborn have a tendency to stop breathing for couple second because they are not used to breathing). We got discharged after two days and we were all very excited to go home because hospital beds are real punishments. Unfortunately for me, 3 days after coming home, I was back in the kitchen because my dear mother would wake up yelling about how she was hungry meanwhile there was plenty food to cook in the fridge. I was still very weak from childbirth but since I was nursing, I needed food so I stood to cook. Having been back to that stress so early, didn’t allow me to heal well and even though I am 2 months post birth, my tear is not healing properly. I just tell myself that I at least got a beautiful baby out of the pain. 

To those out there who have supportive mothers who cared properly for you during pregnancy and postpartum, consider yourself blessed oo.

To every pregnant women out there, I wish you a blessed journey by God’s grace.
To those praying to get pregnant, may God grant your wishes as you are reading my story.

Big kiss

*Please what is the 5-1-1 rule?


  1. congratulations. But your mum no try at all, i rem when my sis was giving birth, if not that it was my sis husband hospital they would have pursued my mum, cos she was praying, turning around the whole hospital, calling all the pastors she knows. And not helping you out is all shade of wrong

  2. Congratulations Toyin . Thank God that it ended in praise. As for your mother, it was even better for her not to be around. You ended up baby sitting two babies

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Congratulations Toyin Mama baby
    I don't like when people can't help when in labour
    When my Auntie had her last, she told them it's me she wants. Cos we will be doing everything together. Same with my friend. Thank God it all end in praises.

    Please what is the nipple stimulation for??
    Does it help in labour??

    1. Nipple stimulation may trigger labour. It contracts the uterus. Doesn't work for everyone though.

    2. OK thanks cyclone 👌

    3. It worked for me o, right after the nipple stimulation and sex labour started.

  5. Congrats Toyin. I know your mother loves you but if you love yourself and your baby, send her back to naija asap. That's all I will say.

    1. 5-1-1 rule is when the contractions are five minutes apart, last for one minute, and have been that pattern for one hour. Straight to the hospital

  6. If your mother behaved like this for you, then your brother-s wife, should be preeeeeeepareeeed.

  7. God bless you Toyin. Congratulations on the birth of your little miracle! I’m sorry your mum wasn’t supportive. Mine wasn’t either. It only makes us stronger. Stay strong, much love

  8. Awwww you write very well. Congrats. Please send your mum back home.

  9. Thanks for scaring the shit out of me.
    I’m due next month.
    Lord please take control

    1. Dont be scared. Renew your mind. Declare and confess what tou want for your delivery. I have had two babies and both are testimonies of Gods faithfulness in keeping to his promise.

  10. Congratulations Dearest. Thank God na your mom and not mother in law ooo. It's like she wasn't happy for you. She's among those village people you keep mentioning.. in fact she is their leader.

    1. As innnn... If it was her MIL now, she for don swear for her finish. Loools. So sorry about your mum not supporting, some mothers are like that.

  11. I pray for safe delivery to my sister also, her journey of nine months will end in praise.

  12. If it were your MIL, we all would have started cursing her. I think you ur mum is just a spoilt mummy. But, let her know that she scored o out if 100 oooo.
    I trust my mum, she would do everything except breast feed the baby.

    Congrats on your baby.
    Next time, time it for hubby 's birthday .

  13. Congratulations Toyin, kisses to your lovely baby. You didn't tell us the gender. I really enjoyed reading your story.

    1. It’s a boy, she used he and him for the baby. Read the part where her mum was trying to take the baby from her after delivery

    2. She said a boy.(and he was put on my chest) My Dear Luiza bekee wu or bu Agbara .
      Who did the nipping stimulation?

      Chinwe Uba

  14. Congratulations, some mothers can be selfish, my mother is champion. I have stopped worrying about her siiiince!

  15. wow! what a read. Thank God it ended in praise. No wa to this type of Mom

  16. My first time making a comment on this subject. May God bless all women starting from my beautiful wife. Amen.

    I am so blessed with a wonderful soul but my MIL is worse than a witch.

  17. Wow! Thank God it ended in praise. Please for your peace of mind ,send ur mum back to Nigeria,its better to be alone than have someone that is not helpful stay with you.

  18. thank God for safe delivery. God is great. I pray that God changes your mum.

  19. I pity ur brothers wives if she cab treat u like this to the extent that the hospital people noticed. Better dont crucify yr sister in laws if they complain of her.

  20. This reminded me of my mum almost 9 years ago when she came for my son's omugwo. I ended up baby sitting 2 babies.... Up all night because my baby wouldn't sleep, before my mum would wake up I had bath the baby. Was still going up and down making bread fast, launch and dinner and still caring for my new born. I was so exhausted that I hit postpartum depression. I didn't bother inviting her for my two other babies, didn't want to deal with her executive omugwo

  21. I learnt many new words 5-1-1, Executive omugwo etc. Congratulations on your safe delivery. Next time. don't invite your Mum.


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