Stella Dimoko Man Who Helped Cancer Stricken Wife Commit Suicide Faces Manslaughter Charge


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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Man Who Helped Cancer Stricken Wife Commit Suicide Faces Manslaughter Charge

Oh My Gosh!!!

Kevin Conners, 65, told investigators that he held a revolver to the head of his wife, Lori, 62, who pulled the trigger Sept. 6, according to the arrest warrant.

Conners turned himself in at a state police barracks Thursday and posted $50,000 bail, authorities said. 

On the night his wife died, Conners called 911 and told officers who arrived that he had been woken up by the sound of the gunshot. Questioned further by police he said he had helped his wife because he couldn't watch her suffer any more. He said he held the gun because his wife was worried about flinching when pulling the trigger, according to the warrant.

Lori Conners had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy treatments which, combined with symptoms of Lyme disease, made her very ill and sapped her will to live, police said Kevin Conners told them.

Kevin Conners also told authorities that he and his wife had done research on states where assisted suicide is legal, including Vermont, and considered going there before deciding it wasn't an option because Lori was not a Vermont resident, according to the warrant.


  1. I don’t expect any less, even when you kill someone MISTAKENLY, you are charged with man slaughter, talk more of when you help someone kill herself.

    1. Of course, it's illegal to assist anyone commit suicide.
      I understand it's hard watching a loved one in so much pain and distress, but I guess there's a law against it to check people with ulterior motive.

      They should have gone to dignitas, switzerland.

  2. This is disgusting!
    But wait o. Taking a life is bad, even a dying one; right?
    Okay, how about a whole human innocent baby in a secure womb abode?
    Let all the ladies who will shout crucify this man think about that too.

    1. Abeg shift!

    2. Oponu, always missing the point and deviating from issues.

    3. You actually have a point
      Food for thought

  3. Yonder Place, where the stars are shining bright
    Jesus Christ, He'll make all things alright
    In His time He'll make me really see Him
    Otherwise, it really wont be right.

    He's gonna put all my heart to rest x3
    ohh ohh

    He'll release me and direct me to the city up above
    Theres no more sorrow, no more pain
    There'll be no crying in this place
    The darkness fades away, no more sorrow
    There'll be no crying in this place

    1. Pls remind me again who sang this song.'s a long time

    2. Rev. Chris Okotie of Household of God.

    3. I love this song

  4. It’s a mercy killing

  5. Did he read 'Me Before You'by Jojo Moyes and decide to put it in practice?

    I think assisted suicide is legal in some parts of the world, depending on the gravity of the person's illness and the lack of will to live.

    Places like Switzerland have legalized it. I guess that's where Dignitas; an institution for such is located.

    1. Me before you..

      I didn't read the book, I saw the movie 23,000,000 times lol.
      I can recite all the words.

      Sam Claflin is soooo cute.

  6. He should have taken her to Switz where euthanasia is legal.


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