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Friday, June 28, 2019

Mrs Dee's Corner -Weight Gain And Childbirth

It seems weight gain has become synonymous with childbirth, what with the eating for two during pregnancy and eating to have enough breast milk for the baby. 

The problem starts when the baby has been weaned and the gained weight takes time to shed.

Out of twenty women, only a paltry sum of four remain exactly the same as they were before giving birth.

I used to weigh 75kg when I was single but it didn't bother me a bit because it was proportionate to my height (I am on the tall side). After my first babies, it moved to 82kg and I was still hoping to snap back to my pre-child birth weight when boom!!! another goal was scored.

The birth of my second babies came with an extra 8kg and I couldn't wait to get rid of the excess fat after weaning them.

I've tried to shed the extra fat through eating fruits, skipping dinner and avoiding fatty foods but right now I'm still fluctuating between 88kg and 90kg. I never knew it could be so difficult to lose weight.
It is not easy for some but easy for some!!!


  1. In my case i loosed weight like so fast. I was looking like a skeleton because i was eating suffer for food from when he was a baby till 2yrs. Luckily for me i got a job, went back to school and when he was 4 my body weight came back beautifully and i have maintained it perfectly since then till now.

  2. Weight loss takes time, besides it’s a gradual process.

  3. I regret listening to my Dr. I remained d same , infact lost some, I didn’t do anything extra but later found out tru d Dr I wasn’t feeding well
    Had terrible joint pains and very cold feet , went to complain, he listened and said I didn’t need any medication but Food.
    I ate nothing, then came d vitamins and d weight gain.From my normal 74/75 b4 baby to 70/72 after breastfeeding to 80kg !!! Been trying everything to lose it, just 2kg off in 2months so far. I hate dat Dr. although all d complains disappeared
    It’s Genetic for some, others hard work , some extra extra extra hard work but with consistency d weight will reduce

  4. This is actually the opposite for me. My first and second childbirths brought out my best look. I usually don't eat for two during pregnancy and breastfeeding as always directed by doctors.I don't add weight during pregnancy (except baby weight).after delivery and breastfeeding,I lost more weight than I weighed before pregnancy. No gym/exercise, just natural.

  5. I'm here trying to add a little;now that I have weaned my daughter.

  6. Just try it for one week you'll have a flat tommy. To loose weight is very easy but with too much sacrifice. Just take away every carbohydrate or sugar from your food for one month and you'll be looking like HIV patients not mocking pple with HIV. Eat vegetables,Okra soup and vegetable soup without any swallow. But you can have enough chicken , fish and beef or snails. You can be having pepper soup. Eating cucumbers,cabbages etc. Note you can take pepper soup or lick soup until you've filled your stomach and when you're hungry again you can go back and eat. I tried it and it worked perfectly well.

    Chinwe Uba

  7. I never gained any weight during pregnancy aside the baby weight, I lost weight while breast-feeding and I eat like ikan (termite). E no dey work for everybody jare.

  8. To maintain ideal body weight during breastfeeding,eat right,avoid fatty foods,carbonated drinks and reduce high carbohydrate foods.Remember that your caloric intake increases during breastfeeding and so don't expect to still maintain ur pre-pregnancy weight.Most mothers shed weight more after the baby is two years,not referring to those that conceive one year or six months post partum

  9. Mrs Dee and those that added weight, you are lucky. Some people don't add any weight instead they lose weight. In my own case, I lost weight because of suffering. Too much thinking and lack of enough food can make one look sick during breastfeeding. That is how I look now. People see me and ask 'Aunty Eniola what happened?

    1. Enter your reply...
      Is well with you and your baby. Hunger in breastfeeding is what I dont wish my enemy

  10. I never added weight during both pregnancies. After the birth of my first, I was still a slay queen. It was difficult to believe I had a child. After the second child was when I added weight. Her pregnancy was really stressful and I was so skinny.


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