Stella Dimoko President Buhari Signs News Anti Corruption Law


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Friday, June 21, 2019

President Buhari Signs News Anti Corruption Law

President Muhammadu Buhari has assented to the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act, 2019, to further strengthen and boost the ongoing war against corruption within and outside Nigeria.

Mr. Ita Enang, the President’s Senior Special Assistant on National Assembly Matters (Senate), revealed this in a statement in Abuja on Friday, NAN reports.

According to him, the new law is meant to obtain from other countries, on reciprocal basis, mutual assistance in the prosecution of criminal matters including the location and identification of suspects, witnesses and other materials for prosecution of criminal matters.

He said that the objectives of the law include: “Identification, tracing, freezing, restraining, recovery, forfeiture and confiscation of proceeds, property and other instrumentalities of crime;

“The interception of telecommunications (II) (i) conversion of electronic surveillance.

“The restraint of dealings in property, or the freezing of assets, that may be recovered, forfeited or confiscated in respect of offences, and other assistance that is not contrary to the municipal law of the requesting State.

“The Attorney-General of the Federation is designated as the Central Authority for making, receiving and transmitting requests for assistance to and from other countries as well as performing other functions reserved in the Act.

“Where the alleged offence is of a political character or an offence under military law or is not an offence under the laws of Nigeria, the provisions of this law shall not apply.”

According to the presidential aide, the law comes into effect from June 20, 2019.
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*The interception of telecommunications?????OMG this is wrong and a violation of ones human rights....What is going on in Nigeria?WHAT!!!!


  1. The problem isn't all about signing or promulgating new laws, but how good and effective are these laws? Will it be binding to all or selective?

    The interception of telecommunications have been ongoing but they just decided to make it a law at this point. This is synonymous to hacking or its equivalent in invading into peoples privacy. Most politicians these days uses whatsapp call for sensitive interactions.

  2. Lol! But interception of telecommunications has been going on since. Is it because they're just mentioning it now? Even in Germany, you think any of your phone, WhatsApp and email conversations are private???

  3. WhatsApp is just the answer

    1. WHo told you they don't intercept whatsapp? What do you think happens when you here there was an outage on whatsapp for a few hours? If you use a mobile phone, a company somewhere apart from your service provider, have ALL your details stored while waiting for the highest bidder.

  4. You people really dont know whats happening underground? They intercept communication in almost every country, but dont be worried, you have no problem if you are clean

    1. No dear, they don't intercept communication just like that unless you are a suspect or under surveillance. Who has the time to intercept the millions of calls been made daily? They only intercept when you are being seen as a threat, engaging in shady deal or a corrupt public office holder and they must do that with a court order else the telecommunication company can be sued. The reason they are making it a law at this point.

    2. Oga Teejay you are absolutely correct and PMB government is also in agreement with you so if you are clean no one will touch light you. Those that need to be worried knows themselves. Ẹni tí ó bá jẹ gbi kó ni kú gbi.

    3. Teejay, your head dey there.ori e kpe

    4. Teejay, you are verrrrry naive. Who has time to intercept the millions of calls being made a day? My dear, there are people whose job it is. It's like saying who has time to attack anyone that criticises Buhari? Go to BMC and see.

      Lol @ if you are clean, nobody will touch you. It's either you don't know or you're pretending not to know that dirt can be manufactured. In the book of Genesis, Jacob mourned a son that was alive because he was told otherwise and evidence was manufactured and presented. 10 of his sons allowed him grieve for years, knowing they lied. You think such doesn't happen in Nigeria? Just pray that God covers you and no evil soul remembers you. Cos the kinds of things I've seen with my physical eyes in just Nigeria, leave matter. Is it not what is published and repeated enough times that people will believe? I've seen a death being faked complete with church funeral; even me that knew before it was planned was almost deceived when the plot started playing out. This one happened in my presence, no be say na pesin tell me or say na Nollywood film. Stay there and be saying you have nothing to fear if your hands are clean. If someone decides to set you up, even you will be shook at the lengths they will go.

  5. I hate political matters
    cause everything about most of our politicians are all lies.
    Both federal and State levels, they are not there to serve us,especially the latter.
    Our national radio stations keep on bringing topics, the next thing you will hear is.....WHAT'S YOUR TAKE/CONTRIBUTIONS/
    OPINION on this, without them preferring solutions.

    Our leaders should please make it possible for the masses to have access to them because it seems as if
    their aids(media person) are not genuinely carrying out their job descriptions.

    Stella please don't be marveled at what you just read...we're use to them, making laws here and there without any implementation.

    1. So unfortunate the Nigeria of our dream seems impossible and unattainable. Never have we gotten it right. Sometimes I just feel being black is a crime.

    2. It is not about our colour but our greed.

  6. See ignorant comment... They intercept messages in sane countries since 19forever. Good one PMB. Before you call him names, you may need to go and look at google analytics and the kind of adverts that pop up on your phone or browser to get an idea of what happens with not just your texts but voice recordings. I'm glad it is now coming to Nigeria. If you are CLEAN, you have no problems.

  7. Lol....every mode of digital/electronic communication is intrrcepted in the US....and many other western countries, so why the alarm, Stella?


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