Stella Dimoko Saturday Spontaneous Post/Happy New Month


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Saturday, June 01, 2019

Saturday Spontaneous Post/Happy New Month

#juneishere #juneisawesome #itsanewmonth #blessedmonth #halfyear #thesunnevergoesdowninjune #hotday #saturdayisgreen #ohwow #ohyeah #ohjune

OMG OMG OMG.....................June!!!

Its time to get in the Summer mood if you live Abroad!

If you are still where you were this time last year,please remember that...
Sometimes we win..
Sometimes we learn....

It is a beautiful new month and one of my prayers is that peace will elude those with wicked hearts......Peace will elude those who come under anonymous in the comment section to spew really hateful comments and when i delete,they begin to ask and make me look like someone who eats comments for a living...

Have a great start in the new month and spread love...

Happy Birthday to those born in the month of June....
Happy Birthday to those born today!!!

Kisses to all....


  1. May doors of Good News Open up for YOU this month, in the Name of Jesus. AmenπŸ™πŸ™

    Happy new month Special People😘😘

    1. Happy new month everyone.
      This month is special to me because something good will happen for me and I’m already hyper excited even though it’s towards the end of the month anyway but entering the month already makes it easier to look forward to.

      Side chick darling, how are you dear?

    2. Amen
      Happy new month soso baby

  2. This is june
    Pray you are in tune
    With all around you
    Wish your month is blue

    May you never lack
    Your enemies will never see your back
    May their eyes be black
    Cos all of them God will sack

    I pray you joy
    I pray you enjoy
    I pray you shout ahoy !!
    I pray you a boy

    May you celebrate
    All the days and jubilate
    Love in your home hibernate
    Your enemies will hallucinate

    Taaaa!!! June we don enter
    With happiness we sidon for center
    Na our year be dis no banter
    For baba God na our lead hunter

    Shout hallelujah !!
    Cos our case no need lawyer
    The universal ruler
    Don decree our success for our matter. Good morning.

  3. We all need wisdom to understand the things we can change or influence, & things we simply can't:
    1) your parents
    2) your height
    3) your siblings
    4) your true friends
    5) your true love or spouse
    6) sensible and fit children
    7) death
    8) peace
    Live your life without paying any heed to nos 1-8.
    They are outside our control...
    Money, happiness, 'friends', education, societal status, even some degree of health, house, cars, marriage (even if in name only), religious group, etc are all within our influence.
    Have the wisdom to know the difference...

    May the Amighty give us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change...

    Happy Sunday/New month, Fam...

  4. Happy new month people ����‍♂️
    May the grace of God locate us wherever we are.

  5. Romans 8:28.

    “All things work together for good for those that love the Lord.”

    All things means even our mistakes, God knows how to work it all for our good. You may be in a complicated situation, a problem where it seems there’s no way out because it seems too complex, but God has it all figured out. Stay Focused and let God in.

    God bless you

    Good morning. Happy New Month.

  6. Amen to your prayers dear Stella.
    This month of June I decree joy unexplainable to everyone especially to those that are depressed and to those that think that they are depressed.

  7. Happy new month, everyone. May June be nice to us all. P.A Beloved, kindly help me check the issue with the data giveaway. I have been checking but it has not dropped yet.

  8. Morning fam,its a really cold morning,kids can be awesome sha,woke me up since 4:30am ,my head heavy pass a bag of beans now cos sleep really dey my face,my bambino will a year in 4days,God has been awesome,enjoy ur weekend

  9. So I met BV Sandy Yo and her husband and OMG pictures don't do her justice! Her young hubby is so cute 😍😍 and I was so happy for them. If you see them both ehn you go just corner one side and blush😍 Okuru okarisia na abo!
    I told her I can't stand beside her abeg because her height is highly intimidatingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚...

    Sandy I just want to tell you this morning that you are blessedand I'm so happy for you!!

    Good morning and happy new month everyone

    1. You met her young hubby. Are you saying she's by far older than the hubby?
      Ajuju n'ese okwu.

    2. Wow! Sandy Yo is married!

      Congratulations Babygirl m! Wishing you the best of marital blessings

    3. Sandy is married????!!!!!!!

      Good morning Fan

    4. Haha. No be small okwulu okarisia na abo. Thank you dearie.πŸ’žπŸ€—πŸ˜˜
      The circumstance that led to our meeting is still really baffling me wallahi. Smallest world indeed!!!
      Cant wait to get my sexy waist beads. Do am well o!!πŸ˜‚
      Happy new month everyone.❤

    5. Lolz... Of course I go do am well na(marketing strategy)😊
      That your big sexy ukwu must bring me customers😍😍

      Anonymous 09:00 I honestly don't know who is younger between them πŸ˜›πŸ˜› Oh yes he's very young ooo And HANDSOME too.. Go and die!

      Pipi darling good morning

    6. ANG, Ajuju adighi ese okwu eeh but my hubby actually looks younger than his age. Hes three years older than moi by za way. I nwere ajuju ozo?? Lol
      Yes o, I am @Blogbrity and Pipi lee. Thank you guys.

    7. wow!
      this is so sweet.

      Sandy yo! God bless you Nne and yours tii, happy married life

  10. "Anonymous30 May 2019 at 20:26
    My friend left COZA broken and shattered. I don't have anything to say but I know that ALL (emphasis mine) Nigerian pastors are evil."

    Imagine going to church and being broken and shattered! Very strong words. For her to be shattered, she probably was consistently abused by a man she considered "the next thing after God". She must have stared at him in awe while he bruised her. She held on as if in a trance as he bludgeoned his way.
    Unfortunately, this is the lot of so many Nigerian women. Their so-called pastors have made mincemeat of them. It doesn't stop at taking advantage of their bodies. These girls are made to go through psychological manipulations that ultimately leave them in ruins. They're left with below average self esteems. If they dare make their woes public, they will be accused of being " demon possessed ", whatever that bullshit means.
    Biodun Fatoyinbo has destroyed so many souls. He is adept at psychological manipulation. He is smart. He has mastered the art of silence. He refuses to address sexual predatory allegations against him. He has left so many girls shattered. Many have embraced atheism after going through hell in his hands. Many quiver at the mention of " church" because of him. Some have been guests of psychiatrists because of him. Many have left town because of him. Others have embraced alcoholism. One lost her job as she couldn't concentrate after the abuse he subjected her. As I write this, so many are still being destroyed by him. Your daughter might be going through this. Your sister that recently became a victim of mood swings might be going through this. Yet, their fellow women will come online to support this sexual predator! They have the nerve to support this sexual terrorist. If there is undeniable evidence against their cretin of a pastor, they switch to the victim and blame them instead for tempting "a man of God"!
    Religion is indeed a scam. It makes you a moron. It deprives you of common sense. You find yourself defending things you ordinarily would have condemned. Religion is cancer.
    Biodun destroyed a very promising young woman. In a bid to find succour, she rushed into marriage with a perennial gigolo of an OAP. She consistently sustained that sham of a marriage until she bought sense and left. She's still damaged. And everybody pretends all is well in these abattoirs called churches? I still await the day the wrong breeze will blow Biodun to one of my loved ones. On that day, he will meet his Waterloo.
    Most of you that condemned him should save some punches for your own pastors. They're all birds of a feather. They probably aren't sexual deviants like Biodun, but they're all ferried by the same boat. Your Adeboyes, Oyedepos, Enenches, Adefarasins, et al are all enemies of state. They're all criminals that should be in jail if we were in a decent country.

    1. Yaba left escapee1 June 2019 at 09:32

      Joel Osteen is in a decent country, driving his newly acquired benz freely....
      I lost my respect for that man after he refused to open his church for the Houston flood victims.

    2. LMAOOOOOOO Who has your 'respect' helped?
      Has your own respect helped even you?????
      Always talking as if you are having multiple seizures in what exists as your brain.

    3. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. ahhh Ese Walters is divorced ?

    5. @Yabaleft,i was in traffic yesterday and wanted to buy books,immediately the guy showed me Joel Osteen's book,my mind flashed back to the victim's of the hurricane and how he refused to open his church to them.

  11. side chick mode wife did not appreciate me.

    1. And u think the sidechick will??Hope u have enough money cuz without money no sidechick will look u twice.Was once one n had to end the rubbish cuz if u want chop frog chop one wey big.....

    2. You be mumu!! Don’t worry agbacha Γ³sΓ³, aguo mile.

    3. Lol...anon, there are side Chic's that will gladly bang him for free, let him just be calling them even though he's off duty Like that πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  12. Morning bvs and Happy New Month. Please, which is better to sew stylish top and wrapper or skirt and top? I have a big wedding to attend next month and I want to slay. The material is lace with stones and Crystals.

  13. Happy new month guys.

    Today's weather na 'no commot for bed weather'

    I honestly don't feel like standing up from here but I have to be at school for lesson, ojota to pick up herbs that hopefully cures liver diseases and then finally LUTH. God help me

    1. It is well, we are praying for the little boy.

    2. It is well with little Josh
      I prayed for him midnight.God will perfect his healing in Jesus name.

    3. My honest advice Eka joy, please do not give herbs to the little boy.

    4. Joy, the herbs caused the initial liver problem. The liver worked too hard to process all the herbs he was given initially. That baby is too young for herbs please

    5. Swag, at this point, we have no choice. Better to do something than just watch the boy die

    6. Herbs????

      That's what caused the liver failure in the first place!

    7. A person who already has liver problem taking herbs again? Big fat NO!!!!!! The liver as a primary detoxifier has already been compromised, that's like adding gasoline to buying flame. Please tell them to abort that mission right away.

  14. Good morning and happy new month to everyone.

  15. Met SP today,nice one.
    Gdmorning Stellz and BVs,wishing us a blessed and favour-filled new month.

  16. Chioma is heavily pregnant. I just hope she's the final bus stop.

  17. Ah. Chioma is heavy o. She don chop belleful.

  18. So truly, Chioma is pregnant for Davido/Peruzzi?

    1. which one be Peruzzi again nitori olorun when she no kolo

  19. Chioma ooooo I hope Davido won't dump you after you put to bed. Why get pregnant before marriage proper?

  20. Mama Mia, it’s obvious you are a spoiler and can’t think objectively.
    This is a forum for people to socialize and air their views without any restriction.
    So if in your wacked up mind you have such imaginations that I am looking for a partner in this forum, better think again because I am happily paired.

  21. Good morning guys. Happy new month.

  22. Happy new month everyone

    May this JUNE bring forth good things and excess blessings/congratulations our way AMEN πŸ™πŸ½

    Have a lovely month people

  23. lol stella you have vex, happy new month everyone

  24. Happy new month to everyone....this is my birth month. June 12 precisely!! I'm so glad I made this month in good health. In some years back, the whole month of June was always sickness, fainting like chicken,and hospital admission for me, but God changed my story.
    I have good health now. Hallelujah!!
    Stella, I'll be glad if u can post my pics on June 12.

    1. Thank God for your life! Afflictions shall not arise a second time.

    2. Thank God for good health
      Happy birthday in advance

  25. Good morning bvs,raining day here,have a nice day all.

  26. Happy new month... Happy birthday in advance to my daughter. June 26th

  27. Up and thankful this brand new month.

    Good morning and happy new month to everyone.

    Congrats Buggies on the latest addition to your nomenclature.

  28. For the anon that asked for concoction rice recipe.
    Local rice
    Smoked/fresh or dry black fish
    Boga and crayfish
    Salt/ Maggie/palm oil
    Per boil your local rice and set aside.if you have meat stock, that’s fine. If you don’t, still okay.
    Put the meat stock/ water on fire. Add your palm or veg oil. Pour your blended tomatoes and all.
    Add your salt and maggi.
    Allow to boil out for some mins and den pour in your per boiled rice, fish, meat etc.
    When your concoction rice is done, reduce your fire and leave it for like 15 more mins. By that time it would have gotten very dry and then start burning.
    I love the burnt part πŸ˜‹
    There are different other methods of cooking concoction rice.

    1. Nice
      As u chop this one ehnn, sleep straight up, especially as e Dey hot

  29. Happy new month! This is a month of good news and great favour. Amen

  30. Good morning lovelies

    Happy Rainy month of June
    May God come through for us all in Jesus name

    1. Happy birthday Tobo G,
      May God bless your new age 🌟

  31. Hello everyone, good morning.
    The anon that asked about consistency in keeping a journal, I don't really have much tips but I make sure to pick something out of my day's activity to write down. It could be an event I witnessed, a story I heard told by someone, an observation etc. To be honest, it's not easy, could be tiring and time consuming. In my case, writing is easy because I must have thought about my entry all day. I write every night, either before going to bed or past midnight when sleep elude me.
    I'd advise that you make an entry before you hit the sheets, no matter how little. Kudos.
    Happy New Month my good people.

  32. Yaba left escapee1 June 2019 at 08:51

    The year has gone half way already, with a few remarkable happenings in the first half...

    Someone claimed a mansion & got the humuliation of the year, i doubt anyone will beat her record the rest of the 2019.

    Buhari's inauguration has taken place.

    Peter okoye kept up his rant about his twinnie, so much energy in that vibrant young man, to dance & rant SMH.

    Ubi franklin got another lady pregnant.

    The most famous teen girl married an old man for money with her mother spearheading the whole thing, fueled by greed.

    Lekki flood is no surprise.

    The suicide rate in the country has skyrocketed, theres an online debate that sniper should be banned or price increased.

    Tonto keeps taking lion pepper soup for breakfast n dinner, she has effortlessly remained bitter & number one drama queen.

    Bv lady bug got married, well she hasnt spoken up about that title yet... lets see how the next half will turn out.


    1. Oluwa it’s half of the year Already

      Do what only you can doπŸ’•

    2. Lol
      Cossy and the green 🐍, you left this part.

    3. Wow, some people know so much!

    4. Also Chioma is allegedly pregnant for Davido. Only time will confirm that.

    5. Ladybug got married?

    6. The year has not yet gone halfway; that will happen at the end of June. So all the drama you listed happened in the first five months; I can say this will be a very dramatic year. Good afternoon.

  33. I thank God for the gift of life for me and my family. Happy new month.

  34. Its my birth month, June 12 precisely. I'm so glad I made it and so grateful to God Almighty for life, love, family, provisions, protections, guidance etc. It can only be GOD. Thank you Lord Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit. I also pray and hope for a good husband and home, I believe its my season of marital blessings. Stella darling, I'll also want to send my pix on my day,can I?? My prayers is peace, blessings and divine guidance on our country Nigeria. Amen.

    1. wow, we are birthday mate June 12. happy birthday to us in advance .

    2. Sparkle and Queen Hadufe πŸ˜‚
      Happy birthday in advance.

  35. I thank God for his Mercies, I won't stop putting praise to his name.... Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday,Thank you Lord

  36. God is awesome, he is everything for me.He has done every thing so well for me and my family and I am grateful. Just this year alone,I have heard so many news of people's death and suicides but God did not allow me see any, who am I that he should care so much for? Father, I am grateful. I decree concerning the remaining months of this year, none of us shall die, we shall not mourn our loved ones, suicide will cease, nothing will put anyone of us or our loved ones in depression in Jesus name, amen

  37. God,please,let everything work out for me, starting from this month. Whatsoever I lay my hands upon,shall come out with positive results in Jesus name. I, my chilfren and husband shall be favoured too and words % testimonies shall never leave my family.
    All my siblings,father and friends that had look down on me,shall look up to me.
    Please,bvs, say a word of prayer for me that as I have submitted my cv that this time around,favour shall locate me. Every jinx on me shall be broken. I know God is on SDK blog and I have the FAITH that my prayers has been answered. AMEN

  38. God,please,let everything work out for me, starting from this month. Whatsoever I lay my hands upon,shall come out with positive results in Jesus name. I, my children and husband shall be favoured too and words of testimonies shall never leave my family.
    All my siblings,father and friends that had look down on me,shall look up to me.
    Please,bvs, say a word of prayer for me that as I have submitted my cv that this time around,favour shall locate me. Every jinx on me shall be broken. I know God is on SDK blog and I have the FAITH that my prayers has been answered. AMEN

  39. No one like my God. So happy to be alive.He has given us victory

  40. Welcome to June my birth month. Happy new month to you all

    1. Happy new month
      And happy birthday in advance

  41. Goodmorning everyone happy new month to you all.

  42. Replies
    1. Hopefully this month no devilish advice from you.

    2. I will advice people on how to practice witchcraftπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ή
      Come and beat meπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  43. I NEED a tattoo. Where can I get a neat one on the island please?

  44. Happy new month my fellow BVs.

  45. Happy new month fam
    New doors shall open for us all in Jesus name.

  46. From Friday Night Post.
    Anon, I can't guarantee it a 100 percent. But it worked for me.
    Please google the soda douche and read extensively before trying.

    Happy New month lovelies.

  47. Happy new month to us, I pray we get our testimonies this month, Amen

  48. Happy new month. . love and peace

  49. Happy new month people, welcome to my month...


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