Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 109


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Monday, June 17, 2019

Service Year Boulevard 109

 WOW what a success story!!!!

It was during my training in a fashion school that my name was uploaded on the porter for service, truth was I wasn’t really ready owing to the fact that I was already busy with something else and funny enough I was yet to complete my training. I was torn in between registering for service and wrapping up my training but I chose the former.

It’s no news how we all want the choicest place when it comes to service, places like Abuja, Lagos, Rivers, Ogun and the other complimentary states, lol.
So in a bid to get a place that is top notch what we may like to refer to as “happening place” I opted for Lagos and I paid heavily for it. With all anxiety fully packed up in my tiny chest I was eager to see where I was deployed to when the call up later was out.

With mixed feelings I checked the portal and boom I saw Akwa Ibom, my heart was not broken into two it was shredded in pieces cos I didn’t see this coming and I won’t even lie it did make me feel sad.

Amongst the multitude of corpers who came to Akwa Ibom I belong to the category that came clueless, naive,vague not knowing what to expect however something made the difference.

I may not have known my left from my right or just what I wanted but I trusted the process and without mincing words I did trust God.

I learnt a thing or two and I would be liberal to share.

First I learnt that, Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
Hitherto I mentioned I did undergo training on how to sew, little did I know that in camp an opportunity would come, the SAED facilitator in camp who was supposed to anchor the tailoring class wasn’t learned and thus couldn’t communicate, they asked, can anyone here teach? I shyly raised my hand and that’s how I became a SAED facilitator, at the end I was asked where would you want for your PPA, that was a slot with no financial constraints, I chose MOW and yes I got it, it didn’t just end there I got an endorsement letter to become a SAED facilitator and I’m thankful I did get a skill.

Secondly, I learnt how to recognize opportunities, I wasn’t myopic by any chance. I had difficulty in finding a house after squatting for a while. This here was a major problem, rather than give in into complaints or murmuring I laid it up in my heart to turn this issue to an opportunity, I didn’t want the next corper going through same stress so I became an agent. 

Female agent huh? Yeah that is what it is, success is not gender inclined it takes guts to succeed.

Thirdly,I learnt that it was okay to change the narratives.

I didn’t want to be a regular corper, so while still at MOW I continued sewing privately at home for customers. For all the times I taught in camp, I had corpers register for post camp training and this here was a big deal for me having over 10 students and yes man did cash out , hehehe.

Lastly I learnt it’s okay to multitask, I was deployed to Julius Berger from Ministry of works it didn’t bring to a halt all that I’ve been into, rather it made me even tougher I built systems and was able to duplicate myself in others such that even in my absence in any facet I could affirm someone could stand it for me and be able to deliver.

Having said all of this I would love to say success is a road under construction,it is relative and it has pointers, nobody has absolute success outside God.
In Summary whenever you go to a place know there’s a blessing and it has your name on it.



  1. Dear Ugo, i am still waiting for your service year boulevard, this here should be in the testimony post.
    I would like to know what your first impression of the camp was, how you made friends, how you coped with being camp facilitator, how you met the person you were squatting with, if you learned the language, if you loved the culture...

    1. Lmao @testimony post
      Y'all are so hilarious .I didnt partake in nysc and I don't regret well at least not yet .

  2. You write so well, I enjoyed reading your story.

  3. Well written narrative, sounds more like a proper graduate, just the way it should be. Not like some half baked graduates that cannot speak basic english language or differentiate between i'm and am or taught and thought. Congrats girl, wishing you beat of luck in life after NYSC

    1. 😂😂😂
      Your first line was hilarious .

  4. Lovely ...Its always great when you allow God to order your steps

  5. FYI people lobby to come to Akwa Ibom. It is one of the best states for corpers. You did not include the part that you may not have wanted to go back to your state after service in your narrative. That is what your coleagues do. I was almost insulted up there as an Akwa Ibomite. I am proud of my state.

    1. Sorry o. I'm sure that wasn't his intention. Don't take it personal.

    2. FYI I'm serving in Akwa Ibom and I can say it's peaceful but staying back is out of it for corps member because there are no jobs in this state. I mean zero jobs. Sorry people insult you. Akwa ibomites are peaceful but promiscuous. Your men will see a lady with a ring on her wedding finger walking with a man and still woo her. The ladies here like giving free cookies. Many of them sneak into our lodge to sleep with male corpers and leave very early in the morning. More so, Akwa ibomites are lazy lazy and lazy. Business na wa but drink and women na A1. I rest my case.

      P.s - The state is very peaceful and I'm grateful.

    3. Isoko Bae, if I dare say the things you just said, my generation unborn would be insulted.

      😂😂😂😂. I served here and have been here for yearsss and you got it just right!
      This is same for most men in the oil producing states.

      The level of entitlement is out of this world.

      But like they said, the truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

    4. I love you both.
      I was married to one and everything you said is so true. Their men are lazy. Very lazy. The men and women are strong as**wo plus their juju things is out of this world.
      Their entitlement mentality nko, you will cry when they start that entitlement mentality ish.

  6. Enter your comment...same here.i dated iyaloja then ,though she was just 35 and I was 27.we both married with a lovely twins.i never go back to lag till now .mt 4th building is on going.

  7. So inspiring. If our millenials had this thought process, then there's hope for the future.

  8. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  9. Such a wonderful write ex Ibom corper. Experience greater exploits dear.

  10. nice one you may never know what is in store for you where you will be posted. Opportunity comes in unexpected places


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