Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 110


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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Service Year Boulevard 110

Interesting Service Year Narrative.....................

My NYSC came like a testimony, getting admission was a big problem for me, plus delay in school. I just thank God for seeing me through school.

Before the NYSC came up, my relationship was in turmoil. (I will send my chronicle later).

I loved the guy in question so I was thinking of serving close to him or his state which is Kaduna.
I chose KD, Abuja, Rivers and Ogun my very last option. I stay in Lagos, so I wanted to go far...

When the callup letter came out, I checked and gbam! It was Ogun, I had mixed feelings, I didn't know if I was happy or sad. All my plans on working on my relationship just crashed like that.

I just encouraged myself, got prepared for camp, went straight to Oshodi, took a bus going to sagamu....

Oh! I will never forget that day, I was on my period, i was so irritated.
The sienna I entered from Lagos to Sagamu dropped somewhere close to d camp, the driver told me to take bike from there to camp. I was thankful and crossed to the other side of the road.

Saw a bike man by d corner and asked how much he said 800, I was like how much did I pay from lag. I priced to 600 and started the journey. Before I could say jack Robinson we were at the camp gate.

See provocation, I quarrelled with d bike man, that I can't pay 600 from that place to the camp. The man said agreement is agreement, I almost cried because i was broke that period. A journey of 100naira, I paid 600.
With all the anger and annoyance I joined the queue for searching before entering the camp.

OMG I don't know what devil took me to this particular man, he scattered my bag all in the name of searching, my undies and pad were on top the bag, but this man no send. He brought out everything from my bag. I was like, sir there is nothing there, but kept on searching till he found nothing.

My bag couldn't zip again, number 2 frustration. I had to drag my bag open inside the camp, straight down to the hotel.

I got a space in the hostel, block C. Did my registration, and settled in. I must admit Ogun has one of the neatest camps in Nigeria.

The first two days in camp was boring for me, waking up early and going to that parade ground was a big work for me. I got used to it anyways.
I didn't really make friends in camp, was just myself and sometimes in company of one of my roommates. One fateful day, I met a girl in Saeed class, we sat together, gisted and lo, we became friends, same platoon which made it perfect.

This my friend is always in the company of guys, so she brought me out of my shell.
She introduced me to Mami groove, from slim bar to the rest of them.
Her friends were even in my platoon I didn't know, very cute guys, both foreign and local students.

Before you know, we formed a click,
Like play like play I was in love, lol.
It was a crazy experience. I fell in love with this guy, tall dark and handsome, very masculine and sweet guy. We were always together that in no time we became an item in camp. I didn't like the attention but couldn't help it, we had all the fun in this world... Mami was the spot at night, stadium during the day, parade ground early morning,front of clinic midday.
"Love birds" you can say that again.
I stopped going to kitchen . He became my meal ticket, lol.
He will take me to the saloon to make my hair, paint my nails, I will also follow him to get his haircut...
We were inseparable. Gosh

On faithful day we got talking and I asked him of his age, even though this guy look older and matured Than me, he said 25..

My heart sank, old woman like me lol. I was already thinking of marriage ke, and I'm 29..

Reality downed on me, I remembered my relationship, that I forgot, I Started feeling bad about everything that happened, I never imagined myself with a younger man, I don't like d idea.

One morning after parade, I called him and told him that this relationship won't work out, due to the age difference, he cried right in front of me and I felt like entering the ground. I kept distancing myself but this guy refused to let me go. So I just allowed him as my camp boyfriend.

We continued our love till it was time to leave camp. We already made plans to serve in Abeokuta together, did the runs in camp, everything seems okay.

Little did I know that my relationship with this guy was irritating my platoon Inspector.

That faithful day in the stadium, people were collecting posting letter, some were smiling, others crying, my boyfriend collected his own, it was Abeokuta, when I collected mine, I wasn't seeing Abeokuta. I was seeing Ogun Waterside. Hot tears rolled from my face.

Waterside, the most deadly place in Ogun, soldiers threaten us with waterside whenever we fucked up in camp.

I cried from stadium to state coordinators office, nobody answered me. My boyfriends was trying to calm me down, I was devastated.

Last last, I told him to join his fellow Abeokuta Corps that I will join NCCF bus going to waterside.

Ogun state is actually big, we started the journey from camp, got to ijebu ode, continued part 2 from J4. Everybody in the bus was crying. It got to a point we were seeing bushes all through for over 30mintes.

The main crying started when we got to ibiade and they said that is the most developed part of waterside. No light, nothing.
We finally got to Abigi the local government, we went straight to family house, they encouraged us to stay and serve our Father's land bla bla.

Family house drama, no sitting with brother, no wearing of Short, some many golden rules. We endured for 2 days before we left.

Meanwhile while others were submitting there posting letter I didn't, because i wanted to relocate, little did I know I have been stamped for waterside. All efforts proved abortive.

I came back to waterside after 3 week, went straight to my PPA. When I got there I started crying again but the principal was so nice, calmed me down and called the other corpers to welcome me. Very small village with one school. Ahmadiyya comprehensive high school, Oni.

To cut the very long story short. I met with the school authorities, very nice people, the lodge was very okay. The villagers are so nice, they value and appreciate corpers. Throughout my stay in Oni I didn't buy garri or vegetable. Fresh fish from iwopin and ebutte Oni was readily available, my students don't fail to supply, fresh palm wine was like water to us. Though the place is very underdeveloped, I had peace staying there, no light put we manage to buy fuel everyday.

Ijebu people can be very fetish tho, but God kept us. This made me closer to God. Thank God for NCCF. My coming to waterside was an advantage. Am Happy that I went through all this journey in my life.

Ehen, my camp boyfriend moved on, we still talk occasionally, I got into another relationship.
We are both happy. He even sent me 10k yesterday, lol.
I will never trade my NYSC experience for anything.




  1. I miss NYSC was fun.
    I am definitely coming back to this world 🤣😂🤣😂 life is beautiful.

    1. Aunty are you a ghost?

    2. Grand aunty, I am not a ghost.

    3. Scarlett, formerly Troll18 June 2019 at 14:38

      Slutty chic come back and read this ya comment o 😌

    4. Grand Aunty?

  2. LOL. You are a sucker for companion, you don't like being single. Awww.

  3. this tory make sense whalai...esp the crying part. jst laffing lyk a crazy fellow in class

    1. Me too. There's something about this SYB. I laughed all through. Quite an interesting tale

    2. More interesting than yesterday's

  4. Nice story, compiling mine, #KrossKopa

  5. See me smilling uncontrollably, you just reminded me of my service days..

  6. Very Sweet Chronicles, reminds me of my NYSC days, i should send mine soon, met my hubby then, he was working in that town..... you are a good writer.... try and develop your writing skills.... bless u

  7. ómó Ogun ịse yá. My service days in Abeokuta was the beginning of good things in my life

    1. Wow. I served in Ogun state too. Sagamu to be precise.

  8. Scarlett, formerly Troll18 June 2019 at 14:33

    Poster I gbadun your story o
    Reminds me of mine
    Not too much to talk about tho
    Just that the stolen forks were outta this world🙄

  9. Nice story, you sure can gist

  10. Interesting experience. I was posted to Nassarawa and when posting letters came to leave camp I saw doma! I didn't hear about doma throughout orientation period, it was Lafia,keffi,akwanga,mararaba. I put my crying gele and was looking for doma vehicle same time. As I was entering the bus, I was crying loud like someone who just received 10 hot lashes of cane, the major koko then was because most remote areas have no mobile network. Other corpers were trying to comfort me (nice people), I missed the sweet jollof rice served to us by nccf when we arrived because of the cry. When I ate the leftover that was warmed the next day, I felt like fighting the guy I gave my portion the day we arrived as cry no free me. Airtel network entered the town before we passed out

  11. Lol... Corpee, you just reminded of my camp experience in fanisau jigawa. It was fun too, although I redeployed to Lagos state... And it's quite boring I haven't made friends at all... And I work in a school,as a class assistant

  12. Wow , I enjoyed yyour story, I felt like I wrote that up there because i also served in Ogun and the camp was so neat with excess water.though I served close to the border idiroko.

  13. How u take know say na one of the neatest, you go the rest?

  14. Your story is quite funny. My service year was almost uneventful, was always in camp clinic sleeping, attending to corp members or gisting. Post camp nko? Na soso hospital work, the 1 year practically flew by.

  15. Enter your comment.
    one of the best service story have read on this blog. lol, poster go like love o. Ogun corpers are simply the best
    ise ya, Omo Ogun ise ya

  16. I have no nysc experience. I was breastfeeding my bby then. So I was forming married woman

  17. Lol... See me laughing like a jackass.

    Poster, you just took me down memory lane. I enjoyed my service year.

  18. I enjoyed your story ..good writer i didnt want it to end

  19. Wow...this is just my nysc story everything is so similar...I'll probably send mine to Stella.
    I served in Ogun waterside as well "iwopin" precisely.

  20. Omo Ogun ise ya #proudoguncorper

  21. The part " everybody in the bus was crying cracked me.

    Chinwe Uba

  22. Enter your comment...I'm currently serving in ogun waterside, I can relate to your story


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