Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 115


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Monday, June 24, 2019

Service Year Boulevard 115

Off to serve but it didnt really happen!!!!

Hi Stella ,finally decided to send in my experience on service. Well let me call it camp experience since i didn't finish it.

I was posted to Borno state. 

When I told my parents, my mom broke down in tears and said I'll never go. There's this girl in my congregation that I never liked. Let me call her ND. She was also posted to Borno. When Mom heard it, she was a bit relieved that I'll be going with someone I know. I tried to avoid going with her but we still ended up together. In fact my parents picked her up, drove us to the park and waited till we bought tickets for the same bus.

We were in the same room in camp and ended as good friends.

 My stay in camp taught me never to take anyone for granted. We never know where help may come from. ND whom I never liked really helped me especially when I fell sick.

 I fainted on the parade ground on the second day in camp and she took care of me from that day onward till we left camp. We camped in Katsina state cos of security reasons. The cold there can kill. I kept on bleeding from my nose from the second day till I left camp.

After my fainting experience I promised myself never to go out for morning parade. I had funny roommates who were lazy like me so we bought a padlock for the door. In the morning we'll all pretend to be dressing up then when people start leaving we will lock ourselves inside. The door was a bit broken close to the handle so we can bring out our hand, lock the door and remain inside. When the soldiers come they'll see that it is locked and they'll go. 

We then sleep and wake up when it is time for breakfast. We called an electrician who fixed a socket for us so I never went to mammy to charge my phone. I also had a boiler so I never bath with cold water.

I can only be seen on special occasions and when I come out, I join the Red Cross and sit down. It was automatic redeployment for everyone so I put my hubby's state. After camp, I got married and left the country so I couldn't finish my service. During our passing out, my Father in law went to get my certificate.

I wish I completed it cos I feel bad when I hear people talk about their PPA or CDS. Didn't get the chance to experience it all....

*See lazy person making wish LOL..its good it happened this way for you cos you may not have like where you were posted to...
That cold making nose bleed happened to me when i travelled abroad for the first time during Winter,I even started crying and bleeding from the airport cos i wore linen up and down and i froze as soon as i got to Austria...OMG.
So which Country you dey? *side eyes*


  1. I didn’t have strength to do parade things.
    I was always in the room pressing phone and doing amebo.
    My camp was so dirty.... to eat was a huge problem for me.
    I only attended CDS once 🧐

  2. Really short but unforgettable for you

  3. Wish I can share mine. The only problem I had was all those devil incarnates in the name of men that will troop the camp every weekend in the evening looking for innocent ladies to devour. God please protect every innocent youth corper.

    1. Please mention the state so we can advice others against going there

  4. Wow interesting, it was always fun then to dodge those army coming for morning parade.

  5. I can relate with the locking door from inside in Katsina camp hostel. My friends and i did that too, it was almost the end of camp before we realized this foolproof method worked though.

  6. lol..I enjoyed camp in sokoto 1991...the only problem was when I saw my posting to one LGA that I had heard so much about, see cry that day.. long and short I never went there. I went to the office of the state Director everyday for four days begging with serious crying for him to change back to the capital birnin kebbi. He got tired of me and asked them to post me to the capital. They brought me back to the state capital wey be like village then sef. I did my one year and returned back to lagos sharply. it was fun and I enjoyed my service year. our allawee then was 350


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