Stella Dimoko TB Joshua's Prayers In Nazareth Saved A Young Man From Killing Someone


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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

TB Joshua's Prayers In Nazareth Saved A Young Man From Killing Someone

The official Facebook page of T.B. Joshua shared the touching testimony of a young man living in Switzerland who says the pastor’s prayers during his Nazareth meeting saved him from killing himself or someone else.

The testimony titled, ‘Deadly Demon Defeated’ reads thus: “The rage intensified. As did the confusion. A cruel voice whirling dangerously within. ‘Why don’t you just kill someone, so you can go to prison and be ‘safe’ in there for the rest of your life…’

“Milan, a Bosnian living in Switzerland, faced a terrible predicament. Medical doctors diagnosed ADHD but Milan knew there was something far more sinister at work - an evil spirit. “I couldn’t keep any job or relationship because of this spirit,” he explained. “There was this force that followed me wherever I went. When I got angry, I would feel like I needed to kill - either to kill myself or kill someone else and spend the rest of my life in prison,” he vividly depicted.

“Mr Simikic tried his best to calm the rage within - visiting various ‘healers’ in search of spiritual help and psychiatric hospitals in search of medical help. Nothing seemed to work. “Becausez I was a danger to society, I was stopped from even driving my car,” he recounted. Normalcy seemed nothing more than a distant dream.

“When Milan learned about the Nazareth Meeting with TB Joshua, he reached an internal resolution - ‘If TB Joshua can’t help me, that’s the end of my life.’ Despite his initial skepticism, nothing could prepare Milan for what followed when TB Joshua prayed for him. “I fell down and physically felt as if some spirits were leaving my body through my mouth,” he explained. The curse had finally been broken! The burden was lifted at last!

“When I woke up the next morning, I felt normal for the first time in my life. The heavy, negative force disappeared,” he excitedly testified. “I want to advise anyone facing the problem I once had that the solution can only be found in Jesus Christ,” he exhorted others. Truly, a million thanks are not enough!”

Several other testimonies from the event were similarly posted, including that of an American lady who stated she had always been sceptical of faith-healing but after receiving prayer from Joshua and experiencing a miracle herself, “she is now a believer”.

The two-day event in Nazareth made headlines worldwide, attracting the attention of international media such as the New York Times and Reuters.

Tawia Acheampong is a writer based in Ghana


  1. When religion is this much heavily publicised! Something is wrong when a church, pastor or miracle is this much heavily publicised. Same for that other Apostle


    1. Bad belle. If na baba lawo now you go say the man deh very powerful.
      Is the bad mouth not enough for you people? What you cannot do and someone else does it ,pls if you cannot applaud just throw your face for one corner . Theres no miracle to big for God to do if we can only believe.
      The more people criticize him the more grace upon his life.
      Can you please show me one babalawo that has been relevant (powerful) for 10 years back to back ? God has been using this man for over ten years now man yet people still condemn him.

  2. God is faithful.

  3. till im kill person. better take your medications religiously

  4. I pity you. be prepared for more demons..if you know you know

  5. Essah this much publicized religion is better than your blood thirsty religion. They win converts through love and the demonstration of God's power not by threatening to kill them.

  6. I'm glad people are beginning to see these "pasmonsters" for who they really are. Mr delivered, I'm inviting myself to your funeral because it's around the corner. A combination of bad manners, poor upbringing and despicable choices is the recipe for disaster ..ADHD my foot.


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