Stella Dimoko Actress Biodun Okeowo Says Acting Does Not Pay Her Bills + Hands Out Epic Advice...


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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Actress Biodun Okeowo Says Acting Does Not Pay Her Bills + Hands Out Epic Advice...

Yoruba curvy actress Biodun Okeowo has had enough of people saying every actress progressing out there is as a result of a man.....She says ''Acting will give you name, recognition, often more access and in some cases very supportive fans'' but not money....

'' Many times I have been asked if acting is what pays my bills, I'm here to tell you the truth!! It is not.
The money most of us collect is not enough to foot all our bills, especially those of us with huge responsibilities, reason some of us started paying attention to businesses years ago. That is why someone like me have done less movies and focused more on businesses that is more profitable.

Acting will give you name, recognition, often more access and in some cases very supportive fans. My advice is as you come into this industry or continue in this job, have a legitimate side business, build quality relationships, become a serious minded business woman and expect less from any man.

I have had people talk about men making women in the industry rich and I wonder what man can make you rich and help you sustain wealth like a business will do.
So my advice again, focus on yourself building legitimate businesses, all the rest will just be an addition. If you are lucky to meet a man who adds more to your wealth, all well and good, please grab it with both hands. There's nothing wrong with addition, ogun subtraction ni ka ma ri (may we not encounter subtraction IJN)...
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  1. This woman is extremely hones and realistic, plus she gives reasonable advice.

  2. She just came to justify she is into legit business not the other way round....madam get a seat and shut the hell up... Se it is the millions you are being paid that give you that mansion..... You think there are not enough ladies out there doing the same business and can't even yet buy a plot of land...nobody is expecting you to admit there is a big God somewhere,we know as e dey go.

    1. Ode oponu aiyerada. Simple comprehension you don't understand. Go and read what she wrote and come back to apologise @anon 10;36

    2. stop fucking small small dirty igbo smoking boys una no go hear....boys go dey fuck una dey chop una money on top then you come out and pour your frustrations on other wise ladies who fuck men with class and money...she is not the cause of your fustrations. if you do not know that her kind of business can build you a house i pity you..

  3. I agree with her completely

  4. She said the truth we already know sha!!!

  5. You just earned a fan, very reasonable comment. May the lord bless your hustle, amen.

  6. She's right on this,ogun subtraction ni ka ma ri...if a man comes as a helper fine if not face your business.


  7. I have found a new love in Nollywood o! Her name is Biodun Okeowo. Keep the truth coming babe. I'm loving you like kilode. Soar higher!

  8. She has admitted the truth jare.I'm now in love with you for being truthful.Not lying about how you started from one room,suffered,and built the business and can now build and commision two mansions simultaneously,all within 5years,as if we are kids.To all story tellers,keep decieving yourselves.
    Biodun I will visit your Spa.

  9. Biodun, it is not as a "result of a man" it is due to a lot of men, plenty of men
    innumerable men.
    You do not need to tell us that acting does not pay your bills. We already know that one.
    You have not been able to say what pays your bills because you can't. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    1. una go dey beef others. go and find your own plenty men na? na your pussy use it wisely

  10. Abeg,leave her boo. Even woman get hoe and chooses how she wants to deploy it to achieve results. Mary settled for HG; the harlot used her harlotry to save her family from the fall of Jericho; some woman na aristo cum 'big god' food (at least we know where our National budgets dey go); while some dey foolish 'love' small, small boys with 6packs and empty pocket. The one wey dey pain me pass be women wey no fit assist their friends with money to start legit business but can pay a man monthly salary for sex, marriage and companionship. If Ms Okeawo decide to use her thick ukwu to build mansion, she no try? What of you wey don dey the business so tey you continue am even while married, you never still see N100k inside to rent shop. Biko, B girl, carry go.

  11. Is it not on this same internet we learnt how Dino Melaye gave Bisi Omo Logba logba 70m years ago? What about Bimbo Thomas wine shop valued at 50m? If 70 or 50m cannot set you up for life you have spiritual problems. Ordinary no name oloshos on codedruns are collecting 30k per hour e go come be celebrity fine girl wey no go see better money?

    We see these women around town and who they roll with. We know Mercy Aigbe is gubernatorial level. We know Faithia went to Dubai claiming she was going to a movie set which cause her beef with Saidi Balogun till date. Even Funke Akindele scammed one man knowing full well he was married, collected his money married him for a week and was claiming she couldn't cope.

    Make we hear word abeg. You're convincing only idiots. Nobody will beat you even if they see a video proving you make money by partying thighs. Don't be insulting public intelligence abeg


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