Stella Dimoko Actress Shan George Shares Her Health Status Online


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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Actress Shan George Shares Her Health Status Online

Nollywood actress Shan George has shared her health status on her Instagram handle and encourages others to go and check up theirs...........


  1. If it was positive she wouldn't have posted it.

    1. Cossy Orjiakor did it first and this one is about to turn it to an internet trend. I lost absolute respect for Shan after her Regina Ned Nwoko rant. I couldn't belive she wrote that and I kept hoping she will come out and say her account was hacked or something.
      The anger, the hate, the choice of words...on a girl younger than your last child? She has right to her opinion but...Kai...her manner of expression was disappointing.

      I wish her continued good health and vitality.

  2. So if the hiv and hep B were to be positive, will she share?
    Besides this is just a lab form that anyone can collect and fill.
    Again, hiv has a window period.

  3. I bet she wouldn't have posted it if she was HIV positive

  4. Will she post if anyone was positive?

  5. Would she have posted it if she was positive? Ajuju nese oku.

  6. "I be clean babe make una come o, I no carry dutty".


    1. Chai!! You is veryyyy wickedt! Issa marketing strategy somtin. Na this one dem dey call "To whom it may concern".

  7. Mtcheeeeeewwwwwwww

  8. Must everything be posted online? Who told her others are not doing theirs?
    Strategy for new clients mtchwwwwww

  9. Na wa o! Everything must be posted on the gram

  10. Na the age 41 I see, how Shan?? You are older than Regina Askia who is proudly 50.

  11. What if it is for some publicity, or its a trend or it is Shan copying Cossy? Does it really matter than the awareness she is trying to pass on about your health? Gosh the level of ignorance is apalling.

    If you can afford it, go do the fucking health check. It is for your health . Know your f**ing status. As a matter of fact b4 you switch to the next gbenshing partner, go clean up by going for all the above blood work and add pap smear for you ladies, get treated as required and as can be treatable. Be nice to declare your health status to any would be partner if you carry any thing that would jeopardize the other person's health.

    **Note H.pylori is a very stubborn bacteria in the stomach. It is the cause of most ulcers, starting with rΓ©curent heartburns, excessive belching, indigestion, stomach pain when your stomach is empty etc. It does lead to stomach cancer! if it goes unidentified & untreated in the long run. Spread thro saliva, vomit, contaminated food/water, feces.

    Hep. A & B affects the liver so bad. Starting with low grade fever, joint aches, malaria like symptoms and **jaundice.(yellowing of the eyes)** etc.

    ~Hep. A is gotten from food, drink contaminated with fecal matter, sea food polluted with sewage. Pls wash hands after toilet use. Easily spread thro food, sex.

    Hep. B passed thro blood, semen & other body fluids (beware of oral gbenshing)
    Leads to liver cancer.

    Wise up people, not every post is a gossip post that you must comment sh*t. Some are informative & educational.


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