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Monday, July 08, 2019

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...

Na wah!!!.............


I'm 40, very pretty, i get to a height, boom ground zero! 

It's funny because i don't know what is happening? I keep having dreams about my sisters up till last night. They were dressed in red with black beret, backing each other with a space in between them. I went to one and was opening teeth. Meanwhile this 2 people use to be 5&6 but now sworn enemies.

 The one i was opening teeth with told me few years back that the other one took her to so many terrible places, different prayers and sacrifices. That she tied her hubby down with juju. 

We are all from the same womb, i don't know why the unhealthy competition and hatred for me. I'm the youngest, they keep saying i'm blessed, good things come my way, all this while i was still in the university, i took it as nothing and felt they are my sisters. 

I know the one i was speaking with in the dream last night, that my sister isn't good because anytime i tell her about a good thing coming, it never happens. 

I'm tired to type joor but i pray God keeps them at logger heads and release all my blessings they have both tied. A lot i should have gotten. I regret ever telling her ANYTHING. One time she was giving me back a pair of glittering shoes, i was sobbing and wanted to fight her, i kept saying,'' so its you that have holding ii''

I clutched those shoes to my chest, i was crying real hard and woke up with a sob caught in my throat. God knows why they hate me.I'm still praying for myself, as i don't have any support, my mom is weak and keeps telling me to avoid them, one time she asked me to go and beg one, i said over what, she said go and beg, I went before my blood sister, knelt down, apologized and begged her over what i don't know, i told her i love her as a sister. 

She started crying that she isn't responsible for my not being married or job loss. I told her to pray with me, she held my hand and said a prayer. She enjoys slandering me, any family friend i'm close with that wants to help she gets the person's number and calls and says negative stuff about me. That person wont reach out again. I love my sisters, why do they hate me?

WOW.......Probably sibling jealousy....Since they are both at loggerheads,it would be a great time to get them to confess what they did to you by jamming their heads
Pitch them against each other and do it skillfully so that they wont know...start from the 'weaker one'.....Study them well and you will know the weaker one...Good luck!!!


  1. This poster writes like Perxian. Good writing skills.since I've got no advice to give,decided to write this.hey Perxian

  2. Please tread carefully Poster because the people we see in our dreams aren't the ones tormenting us in most cases. Satan and his angels are authors of confusion and enjoy pitching people against each other by using the faces of those closest to them. When firing your prayers, do not put anyone's name(s) rather put 'every demonic/satanic agent tormenting me .......'. Let's be careful pls to avoid praying amiss or not hitting targets..

    1. You are right at 15.12. When I was pregnant, I saw my husband in the dream, he came to press my stomach. I didn't need a pastor to tell me that was someone else disguised as my husband.

      I hope all these accusations are not in your head or pastor said or somebody said?

      All the best

    2. Its called familiar spirits, they have been causing trouble since time inception. There was a time, I dreamt that mumc, was looking at me through the qindom with this terrifying look as if she was gonna harm me. I knew within my spirit when I wokeup it wasn't my mom. I prayed about it. Devil is a liar.

    3. Very true, i pray against the spirit troubling and i dont mention anyone's name. Any power that is working against my life, die by fire. na so i dey pray am #continuesprayer

    4. Lol. If you keep seeing the same face but you want to convince yourself that it's a familiar spirit, yimu. Ask yourself why that person is so weak that its their face being used. The poster has seen this thing as a pattern even IRL and you're accusing a non-existent pastor of poisoning her mind? SMH. When something never do you, e dey like feem.

      Poster, please stop asking some questions abeg. You don't know why they hate you; it's because you have and are everything they want. But they can NEVER be you. I SMH because you're asking what you are or what you have, that they will envy you so much. No, I don't read minds - I've been where you are. You and they are not seeing the same you; you're seeing you now, they're seeing, afraid of and envious of the future you. May God open your eyes. The story of Joseph in the Bible isn't a figment of the imagination. It still happens today. Stop telling them your dreams. Don't give up in whatever prayers you are praying and living clean; no matter what anyone has done or how long it's been, God cannot lie. His counsel always prevails somehow.

      If anyone told Biodun Fatoyinbo that what he did and hid 20 years ago will be what will start his disgrace, he would have laughed and said how can? Nothing is hidden, no matter how much time has passed or the darkness that covered an event.

      Your prayer should be that whatever it takes for your blessing to be released, God should make it happen. Anyhow God wants to answer that prayer, is His business. Even if your sisters kill each other as a result, don't panic. And I'm sorry to say your mother knows more than she's saying. Face God and face your front; your victory has come.

    5. You are too sensible. God bless you.

  3. God have mercy 😨
    They both planned to pull you down.
    Now God wants to expose them.
    They will soon confess and once they do, stay very far from them.
    All that was stolen from you will be restored back to you in a million fold. Evil 🦹‍♀️ sisters.

  4. Your sisters are witches in the same coven and their common enemy is YOU.
    Forget all that drama,they are not fighting,they are United!
    You need to avoid them and fortify yourself!
    Even your mum is a suspect.Please stop telling her 'things' and be careful of the kind of advice you take from her.
    Just cut off from all of them so that you will know the source of your problems.
    You cannot be 40,pretty,unmarried and jobless at thesame time!
    Something is definitely wrong somewhere!!!!

    1. I pray God to restore you back in million folds because this is beyond sibling jealousy

    2. Best comment so far. You hit the nail on the head pinky.

    3. Gbam,pinky you've said it all.. They are not fighting it's all pretence just to deceive you.. Flee from them, go very far, don't let anyone know about your plans no matter how small. Wicked sisters from hell...

    4. Please take the advice of pinklady, then change location, be distant for a while. Change and use your second unpopular name.

    5. Confirmed witches.

  5. This is me right now. My siblings don't like me and most times I don't even know why. If I ask them for anything,you will see them calling each other that I'm asking for help bit that we are not okay o,just that things are somehow for me now. When other ask for help they do it willingly and even tell me. I have decided to leave everyone of them alone. My mother is late but God know she contributed to it. Why the hatred till date I still don't kniw but I know God will turn things around for me. Poster just pray an ignore them

  6. This is serious.

    Ordinary siblings rivalry is somewhat normal. But this spiritual dimension to this is scary.

    May God help you out of this.🙏

  7. Avoid all of them including your mother like the plague, keep your own counsel and go into deep fasting and praying. You need to cut off the head of whatever demon is behind all your misfortunes. Remember that Cain killed his brother Abel out of jealousy so this is nothing new. It is now time to seek God wholeheartedly and ask him to destroy whatever it is that is holding you back.

  8. This is a diesy situation. I can't say for sure if they are the ones tormenting you but again they say the spiritual controls the physical. Go on your knees and pray to God to give you breakthrough. Going forward don't share a testimony that is not very much matured to anyone. Cheer up, it will definitely end in praise. Good luck

  9. This is sooooo terrible. Mine is a case of my mother disliking me for God knows what. I work hardest at home and give her all I have but she hates to see something Good coming my way . I have anything good it pains her . It has created enmity between us and I still pray that the Lord will touch her heart. I remember being suicidal because of my mum.

  10. This is terrible terrible terrible. Make sure you pray harder each night and before you start your day too. Pray that god will loose all satanic holds on you

  11. This is serious.
    Keep praying

  12. I'll read comments. It is well with you.

  13. I don't know how and why siblings get jealous themselves. Never, I love my siblings with everything I've got and I Would rather go hungry than see them broke. I will never wish them evil.

    1. Someone loving their siblings is not story. The thing is do the siblings love back? Afterall, Joseph never hated his siblings yet...

  14. Please, take the advice of @Anon 15:40 and Pinklady.
    Life is spiritual and the negative force of an envious heart can do you much harm. Imagine when that is combined with diabolism. Take this from someone who has experienced the same.
    God has been merciful enough to reveal the source of your problems through your dreams.
    Get into prayers and fasting, go far away from them, cut all ties, keep very important information to yourself.
    *God appeared to Joseph in the dream and told him to take the baby Jesus to Egypt* when Herod sought to kill him. You would wonder if God is not powerful enough to keep His son from human enemies. He sure is....but it wasn't yet time for Jesus to die. He needed to grow,fulfil God's purpose and his number of years on earth.

  15. Dear poster. if you think it's spiritual locate the nearest MFM close to you, you can enroll for their weekly deliverance.
    if you have someone who attends MFM ask them for water of fire and use it violently.
    Next month power must change hands is targeting delayed marriage, if you cant make it to Prayercity visit any viewing center nearest to you.

    thank you.

  16. Poster stop eating late so you can stop having these vivid dreams. Only drink water in the 4-6 hours before you go to sleep.

  17. Dear poster, please try to attend Tuesday healing and deliverance service at Dumamis Intl Gospel centre. Make sure you be on a fast before the service. God will perfect all that concerns you.

  18. Witchcraft alert !
    Please cut off from them and be prayerful . God will surely restore all that they have stolen from you . The shiny shoes you collected represents your marriage , God will surely make way for you.


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