Stella Dimoko Edo Gov Obaseki Draws Battle Line With Adams Oshiomole...


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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Edo Gov Obaseki Draws Battle Line With Adams Oshiomole...

Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki has apparently drawn the battle line against the immediate past Governor and All Progressives Congress, APC, National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole in a trending video online.

In the video, Obaseki said he had endured so much as a governor, as he had not been able to nominate one person for a federal appointment which he said were made at the central everyday.

He said they called him from the Senate all the time whether he was aware of a particular appointment or not and that he had always kept quiet in the midst of the provocation.

According to him, “I endured so much as a governor, as governor I mean I have not been able to nominate somebody for federal appointment and meanwhile federal appointments are made everyday, they call me from the senate and said are you aware of this? I keep quiet.

Watch video here:

“I cannot be governor and not be governor, I should be able to make decision, I made decision that are in the best interest of Edo State. Even within our politics, isn’t it ironic that in a state where you have one party ruling and has all 24 seats in the House of Assembly, we have this kind of crisis and at the centre, we have our own person who is supposed to superintend this?”

from pmnews

*This Oshiomole dey worry people oh...ah ah


  1. Stella,u won't understand,
    Adams want to dominate Edo people..
    Talking anyhow like a fool..

    1. God will not allow Adams dominate Edo people. He should go and rest and face his young wife.

  2. Obaseki should brace up to the situation and give oshiomole a good show down.
    What oshiomole will never take, he is doling it out to another.
    Oshiomole never had any person who he served, why should he be looking for
    Enough of this nonsense.

    1. Obaseki is a good match for Oshiomhole. This isn't Ambode you know neither is it Lagos. Obaseki even won him in court recently over the house of assembly brouhaha as I read somewhere. Sometimes I wonder if it's the same Oshiomhole of NLC or another. Gov. Obaseki have every details to nail him over his embezzlement during his tenure. I just believe he is according him that respect.

  3. Oshiomole na 'Nnunu'(Bird) em dey fly naa, na their way.

  4. No be small worry, Stella. With him okproko head. Over sabi na im dey worry am.

  5. What do you expect when an outgoing governor imposes his anointed as against the peoples wish to succeed him? It takes a courageous man to fight back when the interference have gotten to its peak and become so worrisome, just the way Obaseki is doing now.

    I said sometime last week, that Obaseki will likely abandon ship with the ruling party if things degenerate so badly that the party can't handle.

    It will be so foolish and political suicidal for Obaseki to handle Oshiomhole lightly. The earlier he dismantle every hold and structure of Oshiomhole in the state, the better for him. I don't think Oshiomhole will still have political relevance with the government at the centre. They have used him in achieving their aim in a fraudulent and shambolic election. I doubt if the presidency will heed to his rascality anymore.

  6. Oshiomole the agent of devil... see him face like wetin juju man hang near ovia river

  7. The fight of the century. I shake my bumbum and perky breast. Thank God I'm alive to witness this.

  8. Enugu:
    Jim vs. Chimaroke
    Chimaroke vs. Sullivan vs. Nwodo
    Sullivan vs. Ugwuanyi
    Orji kalu vs. Theordore Orji
    Theordore orji vs. ? fill in please
    ??? vs. Ikpeazu
    Odili vs. Amaechi
    Amaechi vs. The present Governor

    Tinubu vs. Fashola
    Fashiola vs. Ambode vs. Tinubu
    Ambode vs. Sanwo
    Brewing: Sanwo olu vs. Tinubu vs. Ambode

    Fill up the rest/your states...
    This is classical Naija politricks. Fighting to finish to
    finish the collective wealth of Nigerians.

    1. Thank you.
      Tinubu vs Amosun
      Tinubu vs Ajimobi

    2. Annon 21:13, God bless you,. Wondering what all the long epistle is for,this is Nigeria, same way it is happening in Edo state is the same way it has happened in every part of the country. It won't stop now and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. Last last Oba of Benin will call both of them to order... The man is highly respected... P.D.P or A.P.C all na to enrich themselves, they don't really give a hoot about the masses or people that voted them in.....

    3. Abeg stop all the hype- Oba of Benin is highly respected in Benin, but this one pass his power. That's why he recently left his palace to go and beg Buhari in Abuja to intervene this "Former Ugliest Governor in Nigeria" vs "Current Ugliest Governor in Nigeria" wahala.

  9. Obaseki should have a man talk with oshiomole look straight to his eyes and state his grievance, I am sure Adams will listen. Decamping from apc or going head to head with Adam will have him(obaseki) lost his political relevance. He should watch the tide cos its difficult sailing against the tide. That's a sailors talk

  10. He should shut up. When he agreed to the deal Oshiomhole gave him to be Governor why didn’t he complain? Now he’s flexing. Ask Okowa if he’s aware of anything too. After all Ibori is his master.

  11. Adams who fought against godfatherism wants to be a godfather? Tony Anenih is watching from his grave

    1. Fake fight. Someone that was IBB’s boy for a long time.

  12. Adams Oshomole have you forgotten that as NLC president the majority of Nigerians believed in you? You have become a terror to your own people and it's disheartening.

  13. It is easy war. He can declare that Oshiomhole's house is on a government reserved land. Before Oshio will get to court, bulldozers show up the next day and do the needful. That way Oshio will permanently run to Abuja. That's how gangster governors cut the excesses of their godfathers. Ambpde is a disgrace to manhood.

  14. Everything that has a beginning
    Has an end
    Except GODs faithfulness

  15. Gbas gbos.
    Obaseki is actually trying to help Edo state o, they should free him to work


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