Stella Dimoko Emir Sanusi's Son Prince Adam Graduates From UK University


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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Emir Sanusi's Son Prince Adam Graduates From UK University

Emir of Kan's second son, Prince Adam Sanusi, recently bagged a degree from the University of Portsmouth.

Congratulations on the 2.1............
Gov Ganuja has weakened this man and he is so quiet now............


  1. Replies
    1. Guy finer than his sisters

    2. By my calculation, this boy entered the UK college about the time Osinbajo became the VP. This goes to confirm that the elite had written off the project called Nigeria. Yaradua daughter came to deliver her baby in the US when her father was the sitting President and husband: sitting Governor. It makes me wonder if theee is any hope for Nigeria again. Almost 2-3 kids of Emir of Kano have graduated in UK university in the past one tear and still all what poor and innocent Nigerians can do is to make noise on blogs and twitter. I weep for Nigeria and pray for God to redeem the youth from this senselessness.

    3. Anon it’s not only northern elites that have written off infrastructural development for naija. It’s all them politicians and high class profiled Nigerians. The earlier the low class/poor man pikin realize this the better for us. We are ones that can fix our country and we can only start by breaking the barriers they have created amongst us using ethnic, religious and class sentiments. Let us unite, fight them and build the only country we have.

  2. Does any of their kids school in Nigeria?
    Will this one ever look for job?
    Isn't a job waiting for him in Nigeria?
    What a shame.

    1. What a shame how? Shame that he studied abroad or shame that he was born as lamido's son?

    2. Not shame that he studied abroad nor lamido’s son ! Shame that none of their kids ever study in any Nigerian instructions and shame that you lack common sense understanding. Ndi ara, not everyone is hungry or poverty mentality! Olodo

    3. @Ebby
      Shame that the elites generally do not care about the Nigerian institutions or society.
      Shame that their health, kid's health, schools etc. are procured abroad at the expenses of
      the government/collective wealth of the Nigerian citizens.
      Shame that his dad was squandering 2 billion as budget -he said it himself when it was published that
      it was 4 billion.
      Shame that this monies are contributed/deducted from all the LGA that make up the Kano emirate while the
      people of Kano has one of the highest levels of poverty in Nigeria.
      Shame that the common citizens under his "rule" are almajiri kids on the street and deceived to only receive
      islamic education from iliterate malams as good followers of their religion.
      Shame that it was even a Southern President who ever tried to put these kids under formal education system
      and these very people worked against him and kicked him out and ordered those kids to stone him when he went there
      to campaign.
      Shame that people like you do not understand the contraption called Nothern Nigeria and how things work there
      and when some of us that live there try to educate you, you do not appreciate it!

  3. He has nothing good to say so he should keep quiet and marry his underage girl in peace.

  4. When they start posting congratulatory messages of their kids graduation from Bayero University Kano, call me from the plates I am going to wash-nonsense. this is the reason Nigerian Universities suffer

  5. Part of the missing Kano emirate council funds (3.4B naira) dividend.

  6. Congratulations to the Emir of Lamp and the young primce


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