Stella Dimoko FG Defends Ruga Fulani Farm Settlements Abd Says Initiative Voluntary For States


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Monday, July 01, 2019

FG Defends Ruga Fulani Farm Settlements Abd Says Initiative Voluntary For States

The Presidency on Sunday defended the controversial initiative to create Fulani herders settlements known as Ruga around the country, saying that it is to put an end to the insecurity arising from farmers-herders clashes.

It also said that contrary to claims by some state governments which is observed cannot explain to their people why they are unable to pay salaries, the Ruga is not being built in states that do not want it.

A statement issued in Abuja by Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant to the President (Media & Publicity), said 12 states have applied to host the settlements and they were enough number for the pilot scheme.

“Beneficiaries will include all persons in animal husbandry, not only Fulani herders.

“The Federal Government is planning this in order to curb open grazing of animals that continue to pose security threats to farmers and herders.

“The overall benefit to the nation includes a drastic reduction in conflicts between herders and farmers, a boost in animal protection complete with a value chain that will increase the quality and hygiene of livestock in terms of beef and milk production, increased quality of feeding and access to animal care and private sector participation in commercial pasture production by way of investments.

“Other gains are job creation, access to credit facilities, security for pastoral families and curtailment of cattle rustling.

“Stripped of the politics and howling that has attended the recent comments, there is no government plan to seize state land, colonize territory or impose Ruga on any part of the federation.

“Government has made it clear time and again that the programme is voluntary.

“So far, twelve states have applied to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, making lands available for the take-off of the scheme in their states. This number is sufficient for the pilot scheme.

“Unfortunately, some state governments that have not signified interest in the scheme and, therefore, are not on the invitation list have been misleading people that the Federal Government is embarking on a scheme to take away their lands.

“Mostly, these are state leaders that have no explanation to offer their people for continued non-payment of workers’ salaries. It is true that government at the centre has gazetted lands in all states of the federation but because the idea is not to force this programme on anyone, the government has limited the take-off to the dozen states with valid requests.

“We urge states to join the Federal Government at the centre in encouraging all sides to these conflicts to make efforts towards finding a peaceful resolution.

“As we seek a permanent solution to these unwanted conflicts, efforts must be made to ensure that no innocent person faces any kind of deprivation or loss of right and freedom under our laws.”

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  1. Stella thank you. I have been waiting for you to post some news on this. This is NO joke, unfortunately everyone is preoccupied with COZA and soon it will be bbn. Pls I need you to use your platform and your good network as a journalist to get people talking about what is happening in Nigeria

    1. East and South governors have told them, since North have land and down here no land but grass.
      We also farm here, get your cattles down here sell to us and buy our grasses back home to your ranches.

      This way there will be the job creation you are looking for no fighting and blood shedding later. It is the future implications from these fulanies to us which we have seen happening to people who accepted them earlier we are avoiding.

      But no, the president of the North and fulanies will never accept that ideas. I hope and pray this won't be the last straw. When you push a man to the wall he falls back at you.

    2. Hope the 12 states that have applied to host the settlements are all in the north. If possible core North. Make una dey kill una selves there

    3. Hope the 12 states that have applied to host the settlements are all in the north. If possible core North. Make una dey kill una selves there

  2. Breaking News: Federal govt budget $11b to lobby SE/SS for land for the Ruga Settlement

    According to the intelligence report received a few hours ago. Our agent said that the Federal budget about $11b to lobby SE/SS states for a land for the Ruga Settlement project. The states include: Anambra Abia Imo Enugu Ebonyi others are Akwa Ibom. Cross River. Bayelsa. Rivers. Delta. Edo. The states will share $1b each. It is said that the federal govt have three options to get the required hectares of land needed from the two regions.

    According to the report the first will be to lobby (Bribe) the influential people in each state to help convince their people on the need to have Ruga Fulani settlement in the state and also influence or force the governor to release land for the Ruga project. The states will also be lobbied with ministerial appointment, board members into choice govt parastatals etc.

    The second option will be to buy hectares of land from each state through a third party. We also learnt that the govt has met with some influential people in the affected states to begin looking for large hectares of land. Some traditional rulers are said to be involved the deal.

    The third option will be to take land by forcing it on the people. This, they have done in Benue state. They will do it by creating chaos and division and disagreement among the people of the states. Which may lead to arm conflict. The government will then declare state of emergency and inviting the army and forcefully take over the states and create Ruga settlement for the Fulani

    The intelligence reports also revealed that Buhari travel to Saudi Arabia immediately after the inauguration was to finalise the South west land deal with Saudi Arabia planned to hand over Buhari for the Ruga Settlement. You may recall that I once mention that the Fulani already got all the land they wanted from south west through Saudi Arabia

    Bellow is the excerpt

    Arab world headed by Saudi Arabia bought hectares of land in this state for Bio Fuel Agriculture. The states include: Ekiti, Ondo, Osun, Kwara, Kogi, Benue, Gombe, Bauchi, Zamfara, Kano, Kaduna, Nasarawa and Plateau, but now we know why they bought the lands. They bought the lands for future Fulani settlement because of desertification in Fulani states and countries in Africa and also for expansion of Islam. This is the reason the Fulani herdsmen cannot be stopped because they believe they are grazing on their land. The states mentioned above are the states Buhari govt wants to create Ruga settlement.

    This game started long ago. Buhari was ordered by the Fulani world Council to make space for settling the Fulani as desertification encroaches. It is also in tune with their age long propensity for conquest, violence and political domination. It also is in tandem with radical Islam's jihad, which is being spearheaded by the same Fulani. Remember also his pledge that Sharia must be spread.

    The Fulani attacks will bring two results. Gain more territories to resettle the Fulani and spread Islam and Sharia. The Fulani world Council is using prominent Fulanis in Nigeria like El-Rufai, Buhari, etc. to create a conducive atmosphere to resettle Fulani of West and Central Africa in Nigeria. Remember Buhari has been the main patron of the Miyetti Allah group since 1998.

    These attacks started two years later in the year 2000. The first organisation that visited Buhari in Abuja and the first meeting Buhari held in Abuja after one month in office was the meeting with the OIC. The meeting was attended by all the heads of state from Muslim countries. No journalist was allowed to cover the meeting and what was discussed in the meeting has not been made open to the public, as we speak. Fulani and the Arab world colonisation of Nigeria is about to complete

    1. Lol... Unfortunately or fortunately as the case maybe to parties involved...
      IGBOS don't have kings (that can do that to his people)...

      Nwoke Wu Eze na obi ya....

      We don't depend on Kings or influencial people to eat, so it can not work and the fear of umunna won't let anyone give out land without the others approval.

    2. Ruga initiative is just the continuation of the Jihad, Nigerians open your eyes!!!

    3. Please spread the news! We are still sleeping. Gov Umahi of Ebonyi has sold his people

  3. All na wash. If I want to start a business , I will rent shop for it. So they have to rent land or buy land for their business not taking people's land by force. Christians be watchful, if you know you Know

  4. Which 12 states have agreed biko

  5. Side eye at Ruga or Fuga. Next is Emirs, next amalgamation, next Born to rule, Next landlord becomes tenant or evicted. Small small agenda is unfolding

  6. So how are they settling other people in their 'private' business?

  7. With all the evil Fulani herdsmen has been perpetrating ,Benue state for instance. Which state(s) in their right frame of mind will agree to Ruga or whatever it's called. What is the assurance that they'd stop perpetrating their nefarious acts once they settle in all the states? I just hope all these agenda isn't geared towards usurping as rumoured. God please help us in this COUNTRY!

    1. Leave God alone and stand up for yourselves.

  8. This country sef people should not agree to this nonsense called Ruga they want to claim our households same way they did in Ilorin.

  9. If anyone thinks this RUGA thing is a new plan, you're on a long thing. I said before the elections that certain agreements have been made in the dark concerning Nigeria by wicked and unreasonable men and women; it was like I was scare-mongering or being overly religious. The date you get a positive result on pregnancy test isn't the date you got pregnant; it's the date you find out. RUGA was actually decided two years ago.

    Some of us don't like seeing certain things whether in the spirit or in the physical. I've had cause to be in meetings that can only have been divinely orchestrated cos I've seen and heard things that made me truly know that wickedness is real.

    Many of your pastors will not talk cos they can't. You can't eat at the table of Jezebel and speak against her. Some of your pastors can boldly do some wicked things and get away with it (for a while) cos of where they have entered. Let this Biodun matter fully unravel, you can see who his real paymaster is. Unfortunately, when Ese Walter spoke, his cup wasn't full.

    Ndi Igbo, if you know how to pray, pray hard. If you don't know how to pray, better learn. That crocodile abi na alligator dance thing they did (where some boys were made to lie down in muddy water) was a rehearsal to see what you will/can do. And the answer is "Nothing". Even when the pics and videos are everywhere. I've said this before - Nnamdi Kanu has sold you out and some of you will die of heartbreak if you ever find out the full extent. It's possible for someone to leave a country without a passport (if you know, you know). But you can't leave or be sneaked out without certain people getting to know and approving it; it is what it is. Let him keep deceiving you.

  10. Please, I'm all the good leaders, Governors and chief to reject this RUGA Agenda for our country to be at peace. What economic value are this cattle to the Nigeria government. They don't pay Taxes. FIrS your attention is needed here. What has that sector of the economy yields. Lord Have Mercy.

  11. If this really happens then Nigeria should be declared a failed state,this is clearly the beginning and the end of us,to think the federal government wants to use our collective funds to buy lands for terrorists to live amongst us is death sentence

  12. Let me be a bit graphic here,if this happens, the fulani's will raid our homes rape the women including little girls in front of our fathers and brothers and after that make us watch as they slit the throats of our husband's and son's and eventually we become their slaves. They are terrorists and should be treated as such

  13. Federal Government involving themselves in private business isn't bad but that should extend to other sectors too. Like the spare parts business that are always been chased about Upandan,why not establish a spare part hub for them in all the 36 states as well as the movie industries and other private ones too. Mr president,dearest bubu,Cattle rearing is a private business and the owners should take care of them as every other private business owner have been doing. They are not more special than others. So DO NOT Impose nothing on us.

  14. Heee! Lord have mercy on we south easterners. I just pray ovr governors till still let their NO be NO even in the face of persecutions. Not wen thez see money in $ now the tune changes. May the plans of our enemies not materialise in Jesus name. Amen!

  15. people were abusing obasanjo when he said Nigeria was in the process of being think baba has no access to some intelligence reports? Christians pray and keep praying. RUGA is one of their strategies. let God arise and every enemy of Nigeria be scattered in the mighty name of Jesus

  16. This question is for Shehu Garba: Whatever happened to the lives, liberty and freedom of countless innocent Nigerian children and their families, now in the graves at the hands of Fulani herdsman/terrorists?

  17. 100 years time, these normads will outnumber the natives and will heavily influence the muslim- christian voting demographics. Just like any other private business why can they not privately build their own ranches up north and buy in the feed for their cattle. Why use tax money from the south to build ranches for a business which doesnt even pay taxes. This government is quite bonkers in their reasoning. These are the sort of things causing problems sll over Africa. How many setglements have they built up north for the spare parts dealers who have been law abiding? So what message are they sending to these holigans? That violence pays? The law should be allowed to take it’s course. These people are armed - they should be arrested. These people have been carrying out murders on a whilescale basis - they should be arrested. These people have bee deliberately blocking roads and leading their cattle to graze not just on private lands, but people’s source of income, their farms which they have laboured on. They should be arrested for blocking roads snd, vandalism and theft brcause that is what it amounts to. If I lead a heard of goats to do the same thing, that is how I will be dealt with! Instead of applying the law what does our useless government want to do? Reward them by using oil money or tax money from the south to give violent normads permanent resudence down south. Like everyone else in the world they have to learn to fit in with the world and evolve, not expect the world to evolve around them. Now we are begining to understand the problems with electing a stark illiterate into power.


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