Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Seres - Married To A Street Dog


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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Iya Ibeji Seres - Married To A Street Dog

It is what it is!!!

I got criticized a lot last week because I didn't say anything about my neighbor's adulterous ways.

 I have written about him when I was still being featured in IHN.

When I moved into that compound I thought I would never be friends with him. I used to wonder why my other married neighbor would allowed his wife close to him.

For every unknown female that steps in to that compound before they ask for directions we would point to his flat. He was the street dog.
I had written about how he got one of his numerous girlfriends pregnant and almost denied it because according to him how many times did he do it with her. He was practically forced to marry her.

Today I want to talk about his wife and how she feels about being married to a street dog. I call him that because there is no single lady on the street he hasn't asked out.

Just this last term his children were driven from school because he didn't pay their fees. So he told me he went to meet the school head who happens to be his ex and pleaded with her. He said he told her that these could have been their kids if she had married him.

Like I said no single lady in that area had escape his advances. So when the wife came we became friends as well, she started telling me about those people on the street who gossip about her, and she wondered what her husband must have told them about her. But after a while she developed thick skin. She doesn't really care about his ways, she said she had made the mistake of her life and she will life with it.

There was this time that they needed someone to be living with them, that became a challenge because the man said he prefers underage girls. Please keep your swords he doesn't do children. 

There was something he told me which I have found out to be true, he said Iya beji I don't do children and married women. He said if his wife gets any grown up person he can't tell what would happen.

As per say person no dey bad finish after living in the compound for a short while I understood why my other neighbors liked him so much. He goes out of his way to help people, if there is electrical, water, security problems in the compound he is the man. At a point even when things go wrong in our flat my husband goes and fetch him I had to tell my husband you are a man too o, did I mention he is also funny?

So BVs I do not support his ways neither do I condemn him, if his wife has accepted him who I be?

The good thing now his that he has taken his manhood off our street, he does his runs outside to respect his wife I guess.

But Stella you wey dey act surprised no be you dey tell us to drink water and mind our business?


  1. The plight of womanhood...
    He'll be bringing STIs home oo

  2. I don't know why I always look forward to your post every Saturday...I always do enjoy every bit of it...

    Maybe because I be ibeji too sha.

    Kudos iya ibeji!

    1. Oh you are a twin 💁🏿‍♂️how I love twins ☺️

    2. Ejire ara isokun... I love twins also.

    3. Slutty yes ooo

      @anne K you dey do me make I spray you money..

    4. Bigbanty , It's not ONLY YOU. I love reading her post. I don't think I ever missed any. I never comment (I've been on this blog for 4 years now, my comment posts here all through is not more than 5posts) to any though but I always look forward to reading her post.

  3. He went to beg his ex to allow his kids cos ‘these could have been our kids’ OmG!! Somone hold me!

  4. Iya ibeji, you have no right to confront a cheating man, are u his wife or relative? Abeg no mind those saying u should confront him, have they finished confronting their cheating bfs n husbands? Drink water n mind ya business pls.

  5. Abeg drink water and mind your business
    If the wife is not complaining,then it's not our business

  6. Iya Ibeji, let the man be.
    If his wife feels comfortable with his cheating ways, that’s fine.
    Some women prefer to poke their noses in other people’s affairs when they themselves are cheats. Some of them enable their husbands molest minors.

  7. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 when the man wan do children and married women, he will go;
    "Iya Ibeji, I don switch gear, make I begin do married women and pikins"?
    And the "small girl" the wife will bring as helper will remain a small girl
    Ajuju ka m juru gi o -Na question I ask give you.

    See there is something we do not understand. Once one opens the doors of
    one's life to devils through sexual immorality, the person is no longer on
    the drivers seat of ones life. You can't tell the driver where to drive you
    to as you don't even know the way. It is a silly,macabre dark world!

    So Iya Ibeji, you are being taken for a ride. You do not know or understand the
    human being. Study the Scriptures and do so.

  8. And Iya Ibeji, if you are not careful, one day the "street dog" will
    tear you and chop and you will not even be able to write a chronicle.
    🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕 Rabies.

  9. yours is to keep advicing him which you have done before, he decides whether to take the advice or not..all in all you cannot come and go and kii yourself

  10. Iya ibeji, I Dont understand why a grown man's unbridled. Libido is your roblem


    Must be a funny guy to use that line for his ex the headmistress . I laughed at that.

    Remember him in adura. U


  11. Forget that i no dey do underage talk......a street penis no get boundary

  12. The Man has so shame discussing his ways with Iya ibeji because he knows his name is already the talk of the street. He, that is down need fear no fall. Glad he took it off his street.


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