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Friday, July 05, 2019

Mrs Dee's Corner -Seizing The Phone..

I am very guilty of spending more time than is necessary on my phone.

Before I was married to my husband, he had seen me countless times engrossed on my device and pretending to be listening to what he had to say, and even though it annoyed the heck out of him, he was never so vexed to the point of smashing my phone. He would instead resort to monosyllables replies and one word answers and I quickly got the drift that he was angry and sincerely apologized.

When I read of stories where men threaten to seize their wives' phones and actually do, smash it, ban them from using the internet, I find it really absurd and difficult to grasp.

How do men treat a full grown woman as if they were their daughters or servants?

I have learned to reduce the time I spend on the internet and reading to a minimum but I told my hubby that I cannot stop completely because it is my own way of letting off steam. I am not the outgoing type, I do not drink, smoke nor keep late nights. He should please allow me to enjoy this one 'vice' in peace.


  1. Irs better i press phone o. or i start eating everything.

  2. Mrs. Dee, that "one vice" don dey scatter marriages tey tey.
    Of course some foolish horsebands dey go market for social mmebi dey find (Naija) girls wey open dem tohtoh dey
    sell market.
    What goes around comes around.
    First of all, as I don dey yarn tey tey for here, if you have any school
    age daughter and you want her to concentrate in her studies, cease the
    phones or allow her have one
    that is not internet enabled.

    Plenty Naija wives are still hunting for "fiance" o. Abi you no dey read am here?
    Some dey hunt for those wey them go elope with go Sweden... and them get
    temerity to write sdk ask for
    "opinion (permission) to travel"
    Naija girls isn't it?

    1. Why you dey make noise?

    2. Wetin I do this veteran side 🐤🐤 chikito bikonu?
      So I no go drink water togbo iko for sdk blog eh?
      May God have mercy on ya veteran soul inugo? 🙏
      Make I yarn you Veteran, you go preach the gospel
      of Jesus Christ in this world.
      Jee detuo ya...📣📣📣📣

  3. Sic. spanner
    The thing wey I yarn up there na
    SEIZE ya school age daughters' them internet phones o make them no press nsogbu
    bring for ya doormut.

    Ahaaaaaaam, I don yarn mistake well well

  4. Pressing of phone when communicating with someone isn't ideal. It shows disrespect and again lost attention to what you are being told. At that point communication is lost as feedback won't be readily available. This doesn't mean the other party should smash the phone of the person not paying attention. The best is to walk away or keep mute and watch the person apologize.

  5. I sometimes forget I have a phone, nursing a baby is not an easy task at all. Hubby do complain if I'm too engrossed in it.

  6. Maybe because as a customer relations personnel ,we have been trained to always be with the phone. But when at home,I try to reduce usage. But with business again, hubby understands. Some customers will chat you up past 11pm.

  7. It's so annoying to be communicating with someone who is engrossed with their phone. Let hubby allow u but u too reduce it. Social media madness is too much.

    I am guilty but I do a lot of business with and from my phone. I guess the mantra should be moderation.

  8. Surprisingly or should I say annoyingly women are even more attached to this gadget with internet than the men...the men are more matured and coded with/in the use of it( please correct me if i am wrong). Women need to tame this 'vice' that is now a daily cause of havoc/damages in homes.

  9. Browsing is my hobby. I love to read up things online, people see me and think I'm a social media freak but re usually gobsmacked when they get close to me and notice that the only SM I use is Whatsapp.

    I remember hubby always saying that i give more attention to my phone than him. I refresh SDK more than 50 times a day, but nowadays( especially since I had my baby), to even meet up with SP and IHN na war. Mostly I read when baby is sleeping or late in the night.


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