Stella Dimoko Mrs Fayemi Of Ekiti Decries Expelling Pregnant School Girls But Letting Boys That Impregnated Them Continue Schooling..


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Friday, July 12, 2019

Mrs Fayemi Of Ekiti Decries Expelling Pregnant School Girls But Letting Boys That Impregnated Them Continue Schooling..

Wife of Ekiti State Governor, Mrs Bisi Fayemi, on Thursday, decried the practice of expelling pregnant girls from schools while allowing boys that impregnated them to continue their education.

Fayemi, who expressed her feelings during a meeting in Ado-Ekiti with wives of Coordinating Directors and Community Development Officers of the 16 Local Government Councils in the state, described the measure as “discriminatory.”

She stressed that all girls had the right to education, regardless of their pregnancy, marital or motherhood status. According to her, pregnant girls face all kinds of punishments, including discriminating practices that deny them their right to education.

She expressed the readiness of the state government to implement relevant laws, including the Child Rights Act, Gender Equality and other laws, to protect the interest of children.

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  1. So how would they prove that a particular boy impregnated them?
    This kind of reasoning cannot work in Nigeria. If they allow a pregnant girl at
    school there will be too much distraction both for the girl and others. Most girls
    will see it as "normal" and getting pregnant will become a fashion. Girls should
    not allow boys sex, that's the simple message.

    1. Can you hear yourself? So the girl should be asked to withdraw while the boy continues his education. That is absolutely wrong. After all, they both engaged in the act. instead, both should be punished equally.

    2. @12:06
      One has the evidence of having had sex; pregnancy and that is the girl
      The other one says, he did not and in most cases, multiple boys had had the girl.
      So how do you prove that in Nigeria?
      Who allows the sex, isn't it the girl? If you want to face the truth you do, but
      if you want to keep arguing, it does not change a thing.

    3. @11:42 &12:12. Not all teenage girls have been had by multiple boys, instead its usually the other way around, you all place responsibility on the female alone forgetting the male, thats the foundation of the numerous cheating men in Nigeria. You asked "who allows the sex, is it not the girl?" The answer to that question is a resounding NO, the boy allowed the sex by wanting to stick his thing in a woman and the girl allowed the sex by also wanting to be poked. Let both parties be punished, plus thank God for DNA testing so any boy that denies being responsible must pass the DNA test or face the music

  2. She really made a point there and I agree 100% with her. Our negative vibes and unnecessary discrimination have caused us more harm than good. If the pregnant girl wants to continue her education why not allow her and if the school has a policy on immoral behaviour then the male/s must also be dealt with accordingly. Selective justice has been taking us to the backyard since time immemorial.

    1. @Mrs E
      And supposing the male is in a different school as most school in Nigeria
      are not mixed. You write his school to suspend him too even if he says he is not
      And you think that in Nigeria, it is to the girls psychological well being that
      she goes to school with teenage pregnancy?
      Let's redouble our energies toward making the girl child realize that she has
      everything to lose if she becomes loose. That the teenage years are not the years
      to experiment with sexual intercourse. That is the preventive measure which
      is better than curative.

    2. @anon 13:32,preventive measure is excellent but the first lady of the state is talking about when the preventive measures has failed. There is something called plan B. Whether as a teenager or full blown adult pre marital sex is WRONG as stated by God. But do we all abstain? Should anyone's life come to a halt because pregnancy occured from failing to adhere to the commandment?
      Should the unborn baby be killed?
      All I'm trying to say is that everybody will not obey the rule,hence plan b

    3. Anon13.32 I totally agree with you.Who gets pregnant after sex,the GIRL. Who goes through nine months journey? If the girl is not READY for motherhood,she sholud have her legs CLOSED till marriage! if not that 'GIRL'who refuses to close her leg will of necessity always carry the burden plus shame alone!

    4. 13:32 it is talk like yours that keep giving boys right to continue to misbehave...if a letter or report is made to the school then the boy should be questioned and interrogated...truth will come out. if you suspend him for that period he will spill. till boys are also held accountable they will continue to lie and get away with it...till schools take it serious nothing will happen. this is a matter of the deed has been done so how do we tackle girls should be expelled for getting pregnant and the boy go scot free. if she has her baby she can return except if she insist on changing schools

  3. She's right on this. If the pregnant girl has the willingness and courage to continue with school, she should be allowed to. Else, whatever the 'punishment' that's meted out to the girl should be meted out to the boy as well. They've both been careless, not only one of them should pay.

    To the Anonymous saying the girl has been had by many boys, and only her carries the evidence, then all the boys who have 'had' her should be punished as well if the girl is to be punished.

    Being pregnant as a teenager is punishment enough add to that the many complications that her life will become, we should not also truncate her education midway.

    Can we stop placing the burden of sexual purity on girls alone? Can we begin to include the boys in this high standards too? Can we teach the boys too to observe self control and respect their bodies as well?

    Left to me, I'll place a huge importance on safe sex in my teachings to the teen aged girl on sex education. If she must be sexually active, she should know her options to prevent STI's and unwanted pregnancy. #Reality

    1. I thank God that I was born in this generation. Things are changing.

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