Stella Dimoko Pastor Who Laid Hands On The Sick Dies Of Ebola Virus In Congo


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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Pastor Who Laid Hands On The Sick Dies Of Ebola Virus In Congo

The first ebola patient in Goma, the largest city in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been confirmed dead, days after he got infected with the deadly virus. 

DRC's health ministry said the Pastor got infected after visiting Butembo, one of the epicentres of the epidemic, before taking a bus to Goma. The pastor had preached at seven churches during his visit to Butembo, a town 300km to the north of Goma, and reportedly laid his hands on worshippers, including people who were ill.

Speaking at an Ebola response meeting on Tuesday, North Kivu province's Governor Carly Nzanzu said the City's first ebola patient died while being driven from Goma to a clinic in Butembo on Monday to receive treatment.

"Unfortunately, I can confirm that the patient died," Nzanzu said. "He died during transfer by road."

Health officials have already identified 60 people who had come into contact with the pastor after he became sick, half of them have already been vaccinated.
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  1. Hmm.. and he couldn’t lay hands on himself

  2. Rip sir,speedy healing to the sick in DRC

  3. What a great man. He has saved many souls from hell, especially those at point of death. His reward is great in heaven. I am sure God himself rose up to welcome him.

    Rest in the bossom of our Lord dear Pastor

    1. Highly favoured, you are funny. I hope u understand what you just wrote up there 😏.
      Wisdom is profitable, Pastors are not excluded 🀷🏾.

    2. what is funny in what she wrote? you are the one who does not understand the word of God...our Christianity is not only about us. He was still doing his work regardless of the risk and that is the greatest sacrifice. will you because of ebola watch souls perish? he already knows christ but what of those who would have died without Christ? no where in the bible did God sayour christian life will be without persecution or troubles, troubles will come but the only sure thing is we will recieve a reward to spend eternity with God.

    3. Anonymous 11:42, who stole your bread this morning πŸ™„πŸ˜? Gerraout of here jor 😏😏

  4. I read yesterday from another website that the pastor changed identity multiple times just so he could enter Goma. When he died, the nurses had difficulties trying to identify him.

    The pastor probably knew that he had contracted the deadly virus but still went ahead to lay hands on people and was in a long journey bus with other passengers.

    The WHO has declared an emergency now, what I do not understand is why they didn't make the red alert on time; because the excuse that they gave is not even tangible enough.

    1. Na wa o! What a horrible pastor!

    2. Yep. And that's the same pastor someone is saying God Himself would rise to his welcome when he gets to heaven. Oh my!

    3. mrs a judgmental amebo...think before typing...he knew he had the virus to lay hands on people that already had the virus? he wanted to reach as many people as he can to pray for them to receive Christ

    4. Then, why did he change identity multiple times @anononymous 11:45?
      Some of you always like to call people names here without trying to read to understand the person's comment.

      He changed identity because he already knew he had the virus, he endangered the lives of multiple people.

      So, stop your non judgemental I too know self from being ignorant.

    5. Eesah
      Your reply was quite speedy hmmmm

  5. oh my goodness! may his soul find rest.

  6. Rest in peace sir,,,,may u sit and right side of the Lord in heaven... amen


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