Stella Dimoko Police Tells Parents Accusing Doctor Of Ritual That Rats Ate Their Dead Baby's Ear


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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Police Tells Parents Accusing Doctor Of Ritual That Rats Ate Their Dead Baby's Ear

Police have disabused the minds of Mr and Mrs Solomon Igwe, who were alleging ritual practice against a medical doctor, over the mutilation of the ear of their dead daughter in a hospital in Anambra State.

The newborn child had died at the private hospital in Onitsha, Anambra State in 2015, but its parents later discovered that one of the baby’s ear was mutilated, while also alleging that the doctor in charge, Dr Oliver Umeh, may have used her for ritual purposes.

But a police report on the matter, obtained by DAILY POST, has exonerated the medical doctor, saying the missing ear had been eaten by rodents.

The incident had led to mass arrest of staff of the hospital, while several petitions had also been written to the Inspector General of Police, the Nigeria Medical Association, and even wife of the governor of Anambra State, Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano, by the parents who hail from Ebonyi State.

But the report by the office of the Inspector-General of Police stated that rats actually ate the baby’s ear at the hospital.

The report added that police investigation revealed that the parents capitalised on the discovered severed ear and became suspicious of the cause of death.

It further stated that both the first and second post-mortem examinations conducted on the insistence of the father of the deceased baby revealed that the ear was apparently removed by rodents, hence the serrated edges of the defect left behind. Histology also shows that the defect arose after death.

The parents had earlier demanded for the sum of N10million from the hospital as compensation for the severed ear, but the hospital management petitioned the IGP.

Part of the report read, “In the course of the investigation, statements of parties to the case were recorded and the scene of crime was visited. Detectives also viewed the corpse of the deceased baby.

“An autopsy was conducted on the remains of the deceased baby, but the parents contested the outcome.
This occasioned the parents of the deceased baby to arrange for another pathologist, who conducted a second autopsy.

“In the course of investigation, it was established that Mr Solomon Igwe and his wife, Bridget, brought their five-day-old baby girl to the Victory Children’s Hospital, Onitsha, as a referral case from St. Mary’s Hospital, Okpoko Onitsha.

“It was also revealed that 45 minutes after their arrival, the baby died in the presence of the parents while on admission, but the parents could not collect the corpse on that fateful day, but on arrival for the collection of the corpse the following day for burial, it was discovered that the deceased’s right ear had been severed; they alerted the police.”

Consequently, this evidently resolved the contention as to the cause of death and the severed ear.
There is nothing of evidential value linking Dr Oliver Umeh to the alleged crime in the course of investigation as no enough evidence abound on the allegation linking Dr. Oliver Umeh to any crime.”



  1. Replies
    1. Yea.I was about 20 when my grandma died.I remember very well that my mom instructed me to stay by side and be chasing away rats while she rushed down to the mortuary.. On enquiry,she told me that rats used to eat dead peoples eyes and ears..that's y in ignoland during wake,you see umuada with the corpse. They are just chasing rats away according to my mum.

  2. Stella, these rats are really dealing with us in this country. The other time they chased Mr President out from office, and now they have done this. I hope we won't wake up one morning to read that rats have stolen our mace.

  3. Jokes apart .The rats living in that area at Onitsha are big!! This is the possible scenario. Meanwhile the doctor is a very good professional,he can't indulge in such nonsense. Maybe the dead body was kept near the bin cos of lack of space .The hospital is just a four bedroom apartment.

    1. Victory no dey okpoko

    2. Stop spreading falsehood. Victory children's hospital is a four storey building and the entire buildings is used as a hospital and living quarters for the medical director

  4. To think that a hospital is so dirty and careless to allow rats to chew off the ear of a dead baby. Only God knows the size of the rats in question because it can't be the tiny type.
    The hospital ought to compensate the couple for allowing such to happen under their care.

    1. Rats are not found only in dirty places. So says Keneth Kaunda's
      Zambia Shall Be Free. RIP to the poor baby. Comfort to the parents

  5. Rats ate my tooth brush one time. As in removed the cover, ate the brush and everything.

  6. My kid sister just informed me yesterday that rats ate a butt oil (olive oil) i kept in her lodge in Umuahia.This oil is in thick plastic container oo..I'm still shocked.So nothing is impossible with rats.

    1. i totally relate to this. rat ate my olive oil one time, in the process the rat fell inside the bottle... infact my mum kept insisting its witch rat.

    2. i totally relate to this. rat ate my olive oil one time, in the process the rat fell inside the bottle... infact my mum kept insisting its witch rat.

  7. AHH! Rats could be so brutal, reflecting on what happened in the village back then, rats will eat the foot skin while asleep. Former English soccer star Gary Mabbutt once. said he was forced to end his South Africa trip early after a rat ate his foot and chewed his big toe “down to the bone” while he was sleeping.

    1. Those days in boarding school after visiting day, some students complained about rats eating their legs and I wondered how they still slept during the feast.
      One girl said she noticed hers and the rat was blowing breeze as it ate, until she jumped up.
      May God have mercy

    2. no that rat was by the witch be ordinary

    3. I remember my teenage years , ate meat, slept off and forgot to wash my hand. Woke up and saw a tiny rat eating my hand . The race that day was out of this world.

  8. Its very possible. I remembered when I was preparing for my jamb exam in warri, the jamb past questions that is very big. After reading at dinning table in the night, I left the big book and the pen on the table and went to bed, only to wake in the morning and I couldn't see the past questions again, we searched and no one saw it. Very big book ooo that contained different year questions. One day, we were doing general clean up in the house, I saw the book, (this was after the jamb) where rat hid it and has destroyed almost all pages.


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